F2P Cast: Nine Hours on Bots!? (Ep.18)

On this episode of the Free to Play Cast Hara and Magicman two man the show and jump into DOTA 2 excitement, laugh with Family Guy Online, then turn to the dark corners of Rappelz. Bombs fly around galore as our listeners submit Weekly Bombs by the truckload. All this and a moment of customer support silence await! Press Play Now!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (32)

scheme 11 years ago
why isnt episode 18 uploaded to itunes podcast -_-

EdgeDamodred 11 years ago
NCSoft has done something similar to Galanet with Lineage II's bot problem by condensing it into one thread. The game has been plagued by bots since almost its release in the western markets in 2004. They still won't even acknowledge the existence of the massive amount of 3rd party cheat programs being used in the game.

FluffyxSheep 11 years ago
AHAHAHAHAHA 31:15 . I couldn't stop laughing at that. SOOOO FUNNY.

Azifel 11 years ago
Great show guys! to answer your question I played Fly For Fun(FlyFF) for 72 hours straight grinding to catch up to my friends. It isn't the longest i've stayed up to play a videogame but it was the longest i stayed up to play an mmo I played Skyrim for 6 days without sleep, ah good times.

Dabomb to Rusty Hearts for the mindless fun and reminding me of the Devil May Cry games.
Dabomb to F2P Cast for being awesome, funny, and informative!

Frostelf 11 years ago
my friends who are huge dota fans and lol fans hated dota 2 but it is closed beta so who can say how it will go

Inflictious 11 years ago
Well a few days away till May but i will be busy at work for a few days with little time on my hands.
So posting a little early.

love your show, till next month Enjoy!


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Ebouth 11 years ago
The longest sit on an online free game....... oh I don't remember, I think that would say something right? No, I wasn't drinking or something it was just a long time ago. I think it was on DDO for something like 4 hours stread :P. I may have to try it again after the thebomb on it.

great show and thill next time.

Xanxus 11 years ago
Yes Lol community is not very noob friendly , but at least the games is :)

John 11 years ago
Rappelz is an awsome game hacking reallly? Ya the HAD problems back on the pass i heard that they said epic 2-3? Rappelz is on epic 7 now they have improve everything i have been playing rappelz for 4years i never heard someone complaining about them getting hacked and if i did heard it is their own fault for accepting everything other people send to them

Vali 11 years ago
Longest iv sat and played a free to play mmo was 18 hour's strait for Eden eternal.

Inflictious 11 years ago
Hello Magicman & Hara,

Made me happy to hear that Hara had mentioned my Easter Video to you all and that it has not been forgotten in your busy live's.
Oh! Yes i have been hard at work editing my May edition that will hit your site very soon . hahahaha

Keep up the good work and i will always enjoy this show & site.

Peace Inflictious :)

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N1netbattler 11 years ago
I wanna give a Da Bomb to Spiral Knights. I don't know what it is about that game but I just love it.

Auston101 11 years ago
" i fell asleep at the keyboard" haha great show! ive fell asleep at the keyboard got woken up by my father playing Combat Arms.

Zero0ninja 11 years ago
Love your episodes guys, keep 'em coming, the longer they are the more hilarious it is! The longest F2P game I played was Everquest 2 when me and my friend got extremely bored one day once we noticed it went free to play, we had a lvling competition.We probably spent about 5-6 hours on it, and then we never touched it again.lol. Hera btw thanks for agreeing with me on "MOUNTED!"

father694 11 years ago
i got into the close beta of family guy and i can say its a cool game not intended for small children all in all nice game for a web browser game

neokiva 11 years ago
Hiya guys love the show as usual, in answer to your question this week the longest time i have spent on free to play mmo is actually a tie between ddo and allods online both being about 9 am to 3 am. for pay to play cause i like to be fair was WoW 8 am to 4 am first time i ever did that wound up waking up next day at 16.00 pm.

And I am gonna give a Da Bomb for ccp and eve online yes i know eve online is pay to play but I got to say it cause no one else has love the game, it consistently getting better each expansion and its 9 years old (lets hope for free to play eve online)and still looks brand new in terms of graphics playability. and before the guys get it in "while the game of eve online is fun internet spaceships is serious business!"

If you dont like the p2p then i give an A bomb to age of wushu from snail games purely because it hasn't come out yet.
and a Da bomb for magickman, hara, sejiro, brimm and selfius for bringing me the funniest hour long mmo show. keep up the goodwork

SourMochi 11 years ago
Awwww....I wouldn't mind playing LoL with you guys! Or anyone else for that matter. I don't wanna say that I'm too good, but I believe myself to be decent at the game. Bot games are no matter for me so I am more than willing to play those with anyone. My IGN is SourMochi in that game.
(This goes for anyone here...just send me a pm or something letting me know your from MMOBomb)

I also play with my friends, so don't take it personally if I don't respond ASAP. =)

Zebon 11 years ago
Florensia is a game i have one of my longest sittings in.
It was for 5 days straight, The reason why I was playing for that long is to grind my characters up and win a bet i made with one of my friends. I won £50 in the end.
But yeah Florensia is a great game big reason i play it is because there is multiple level systems Land leveling, Sea leveling and Pet leveling.


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subaruchan 11 years ago
The longest ive played a f2pmmo was aika online i played for 2 days, there was an event a race to cap level; i didn't reached cap before the event ended but i'm kind of glad i didn't (since like i said before in one of my comments to the F2P cast) because Gpotato deleted my characters and i lost my raid gear, money and time i spent on the game. And for the bombs i guess ill drop a "DaBawmb" on Firefall, Red5Studios and the community at Firerall and MMoBomb. I finally got in to the beta so i'm happy about that and the game is nothing but great and the way the developers intend develop the game is brilliant imo, so kudos for them and for us too because we rock. I like our community here, we may have some trolls but we can have a good discussion over games and sometimes change some peoples view about different games, i love that aspect of our community so give yourself a pat on your back because you are awesome.

Ben 11 years ago
lighting speed

WantMyIceCream? 11 years ago
I want to give ijji an A bomb for the bad customer service. I spend $30 on AVA by ijji last week and still didnt recieved what i paid for. I tried to send them a ticket by they wont response. That made me mad.

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SteamChaos 11 years ago
....You make me sad...DoTa came out well before WoW....AoS of before FT....and even older version of modern DoTa go back way back.

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jaxxelot 11 years ago
cool ep!

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