F2P Cast: Not your typical WoW Nerd (Ep 68)

On this week's episode we introduce two new hosts to the F2P cast and delve into the many recent updates regarding several well known MMORPGS. We discuss just how fun Planetside 2 is with an added vehicle and new features, what exactly is a MOBA, how we feel about Neverwinter post release, SWTOR financial success, and more. And finally, we wrap the show up with our usual collection of viewer bombs and question of the week responses on this episode of Free-to-Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (34)

HellcatM 10 years ago
My first MMO was WoW, but I got bored of it quickly, only played till level 25 or so. Then I tired many more MMO's and got bored, mainly because they were tap target games and I hated them right away.

The first MMO that I got max level on (still the only one) is DC Universe, I found it a lot of fun, but after max level I didn't really see a reason to play. A friend of mine went in and played recently for a while and then exited it. We were lost on a few things.

I'm now playing Neverwinter and I'm enjoying it a lot, I like the different quests and the fighting on it. I also like Path of Exile and Warframe, both are fun games. I also played the beta for Defiance which was a lot of fun. I can't at the moment afford to buy and sub the game so I'll wait a bit...the show is really good too. It would be nice if they went F2P. I'm looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online. I'm hearing good things about it, and also some people worries, we'll see what happens.

Golgo28 10 years ago
First mmo was EQ,FFXI and Anarchy online.though technically I could say it was several MUDS back in the day.

WarhammerzRule 10 years ago
hey guys finaly a show nice job winter and kevin welcome to mmobomb and about neverwinter u can sell glory for keys
and there lies my da bomb to neverwinter i have 2 chars lvl 60 now its sooo fast to lvl and i have tons of glory so i trade glory(what u get by doing pvp)for keys for the nightmare lockbox i got 2 chests open already and i realy dont feel the pay to win much cuz i get like 30k astral diamonds a day so i can buy most things in the auction house already so great show guys looking forward to more.

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Second 10 years ago
Sup? Haven't been here in a while. Things seem...different now. Anyway, the one thing that brought me back is the ridiculous debate of what a MOBA is. You got to admit, the acronym is a little broad. So I propose a new term: Tower Defense Battle Arena (TDBA, for short). Because basically that's what it is...wreck another dude's house on the other side of an enclosed area. But gamers are creatures of habit and I think my suggestion wouldn't fly. Just my two cents.

Also, welcome Jason :)

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Eviil 10 years ago

Woooser 10 years ago
My first mmo was Ragnarok Online, not RO2(that things crap). It is by far the best mmo I have ever played in my life and since then I've played hundreds of mmo and nothing is even close to RO. I think I'm gonna get back to playing it again maybe.

rocknrollgaming 10 years ago
Thanks Spunkify, I wasn't expecting for you to read what I have said. Its go to know that you care about the gaming community.

Thunder45645 10 years ago
For the QOTW I have to say Dust 514 actually. I have played it in a beta and it wasn't easy to play, I mean with that : No tutorials, No backstory and such but the most was when I played it. the only thing I did was dying only snipers and such also high recoil and the tanks were just something that you could own and win the game with.
Now it is small maps (no snipers), really fun, and the recoil has been reduced to the BF3 or COD style so not that much. And no tanks! The only problem is when I try to revive someone they respawn... GODDAMN SPAWN TIMES!!!! xD

Also again glad to be back in this community since like forever!

removalmitt 10 years ago
whichever comes out first and is ftp (and obviously not pants) between camelot unchained and elder scrolls is gonna pinch most of the GW2 WvW community, every patch messes up something else, they very rarely fix instead nerf or add stuff to try cover over the underlining problems

regards the show - better to try have atleast 2 guests each time to give a better spread of thoughts / feelings

Trolmaster 10 years ago
My first MMO was Nostale x))) and then Guildwars & WoW

Thunder45645 10 years ago
I probably have been away for like 40 episodes of these! I am so glad I am back! Also I have missed the entrance of the blonde girl of the MMOWeekly and the departure of Magicman! The only thing I remember was when Spunkify came to MMOBomb!

But that aside as I said I am back! So for the question my first MMO was... Tibia I think or was it Runescape? I don't know but the one that did take hours of my life it was Tibia.

Well I think that was it...


Hardmaze 10 years ago
please someone help to fix ASPECT RATIO in Star Wars The Old Republic... i play game with 1920-1080, max settings, character and envirovment WIDE stratched, someone knows how to fix this?

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hovsep56 10 years ago
my first mmo is runescape... i dint like WOW

Boozer 10 years ago
one thing Spunkify why not talk about Blizzards new f2p card game hearthstone thats coming out this summer they have been releasing alot of previews about that game, where as there is VERY few "Good" f2p card games i would have hoped you would talk about is some

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Bratwurst 10 years ago
First MMO for me would be Ragnarok Online. Great game for its time, it was very enjoyable.

Extasist 10 years ago
i only stayed for Magicman without him this is like any other mmo site, some giveaways thats all, nothing more. its never about the show, its about the man that runs the show.

ArcticTiger 10 years ago
My first MMORPG was World of Warcraft. I was at my best friend's house, and he was playing the 7-day free trial they used to have. So, I played it, and I fell in love with it and MMORPGs instantly. For a short time, it was the best game I have ever played! I ended up getting like 10 7-day free trials under different emails just so I could play more, lol. I'm so glad that it introduced me to the MMORPG genre, and it will always have a special place in my heart.

EightBit 10 years ago
Jason isn't very informative and doesn't sound too excited about anything. Give him a 5-Hour next time. He just seemed like a Debbie-Downer.

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herbalz 10 years ago
i usually don't comment on these things but I must say I enjoy the new guests. very straight forward, and informative, keep up the awesome vids guys!

iluvgamez 10 years ago
First MMO was Utlima Online and my second one was Tibia. I loved them. I had so much fun with the ppl in that game. Miss that time ;__;

Fearflam 10 years ago
First MMO for me was Maplestory. and even now i play it from time to time for nostalgic purposes.

xepo 10 years ago
1st MMO for me was FFXI

Ozzy 10 years ago
I´ve never played WOW and I think I wont played it eventhough although they gave me a free copy of the battlechest.

AirSplash 10 years ago
Great show Free 2 Play Cast, even though its very late coming. My first mmo was a weird one. It was Phantasy Star Universe on the Xbox 360. My friend Supamidget117 and I played the beta and decided to get it. We were hooked. We moved on to computer mmos. We have played almost every mmo out there in the past 6 years. My current one is NeverWinter and I'm loving it.

Bishonen 10 years ago
First MMO ? guess that would be Guild Wars 2 and RF online , played both at the same time but i did played RF on a Private server on wich i stayed untill a few weeks ago for like 5-6 years , untill Gamecampus came around and forced the owners to close the server since the server clearly had better ideas and stuff than there own server , they now use that Cooked Pistol update wich isn't RF anymore , its something else now but not RF online .

Anyways Have a nice day guys !

ishy226 10 years ago
Mounted RWARR :)

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