F2P Cast: Really? Scarlet Blade? (Ep 58)

On this week's show we welcome in a listener guest host to chat about all of the games that suddenly JUMPED into open beta or even launched in the last few days. We tackle our guest host's question about mmo pet peeves and then sprinkle in the Weekly Bombs and more!

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Discussion (99)

riyoto 11 years ago
It was in alpha when u did the review maybe u should take a look again now that its open. then OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT. because this game is not to bad. and if any 14yr old is playing then shame on their parents huh..

eric 11 years ago
my lvl 24 character suddenly dissapeared, can someone tell me what happened guys? =(

Arias 11 years ago
im sorry magic man but for once i have to disagree with you i think the gameplay for scarlet blade will amazing from what we have been shown. The classes are all innovative and new which is something that is needed in games these days

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scarlet blade 11 years ago
i think you got it wrong about this and it will have players not just 14yr olds remember its based on an anime and the fans of the anime will play it...

max 11 years ago
what kills an mmo. not progressing, exited developer blog saying " we planed for .. etc etc" and i have to wait for next month or year and that is a maybe. when its comes out its broken. and all of the followers of that game have to pay for it( server crash, not working as it planned etc). im looking at you guild wars 2. i love you but i really hate you so much since im still playing.. you. sounds wrong. whatever.

Zerynthia 11 years ago
If there is one major annoyance that every MMO does, it would have to be aggro from anything you run by. If I have to flog across the world map to get to point A to quest, why must I have to kill monsters on the way. Oh sure, you can run/ride/fly past them, but then they knock you off your feet/mount/ship/. Oh joy...

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Razer 11 years ago
Play now, my lord.

Tombs 11 years ago
The spheregrid in FF10 was exactly what I was thinking about too :)

Inflictious 11 years ago
Your a FunnyRabbit...
I understand Everything your saying..Not that i have tried Tera since going F2P today.
But way back when , When Silkroad first started letting the bots over run the game , Forcing you to pay for A special pack ..min 25$ for a month to bypass que time's..
Some day's i would leave que going ..go to sleep , Morning still in que..go to work , come home sometime's still in que.

Atleast now we have plenty of options to play something else while in a que.Back then my pc was a little to old for that option.

Wonder if adding friends is unlocked now for us trial account players !


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FunnyRabbit 11 years ago
Weekly Bomb:

A-Bomb to Tera online and En Masse. Not because I dislike the gameplay I think its a great game. I levelled up my character on a trial account to 28 in preparation for the the f2p launch. Tried to log in today and saw that I was 500 in the "Q" (query) it told me approximately 15 minutes wait time. Apparently my 15 minutes and En Masses 15 minutes are not the same because I waited for almost 2 hours before I was able to get in game. The game tries to compensate your wait by giving you a bonus exp boost when you do finally get ingame, however, the boost only goes up to 1hr so if your in the "Q" for over 1 hour then your getting nothing past the basic bonus. I expect the approximate wait time to be somewhat longer but 15 minutes =/= 2 hours come on. If your higher then 100 in the "Q" let me save you some time by saying don't bother.

CoffeeBlack 11 years ago
At this point I haven't played Scartlet Blade at all and really don't have an opinion on the gameplay other than the fact that it looks like every other WOW clone/Korean grind-splosion I have ever played. Nothing compelling enough to make me waste harddrive space on it, and the only thing I can say about the fact that it is pretty much "Fan Service: The Game" is that I do find it funny that the gameplay trailer shows some of the classes dawning giant robot mech suits and the only thing part of their body that isn't covered by the armor is their breasts and mid-rift; you know, the one place that you might want to cover when going into combat aside from your head. Other than that, it is sexist, though I'm not really that offended by it as so many other games have done it for both sexes at this point that it really isn't that shocking. Unless their attacks involve concussive breast blows or shooting photonic beams out of their vaginas I can't see any reason to complain that much about this game, let alone a reason to play it.

I'm gonna give a DaBomb this week to the new Warframe update, 2 new Warframes to unlock, Frost and Nyx (freezing abilities and psychic abilities, respectively), new weapons like the double axes, new environments in the form of the asteroid mining bases, new ways to get around including wall running and zip lines on some levels, and a new revamped skill tree that expands and on the old one and allows each player to get to max rank on their warframes the way they want to, rather than just having people fill up the skill tree to completion and have the exact same traits, except for mods.

As for my pet peeves, I have 2 major ones that can kill a game for me, the number one aggravation being a core game play experience filled with nothing but grinding for hours and hours to make any progress. I have had this problem ever since my first free 2 play mmorpg experience, years ago with FLYFF. Back then there weren't a lot of free 2 play games available in the US and the few that were free 2 play were Korean games that focused more on the grind than anything else. FLYFF was one of the worst at the time because the game didn't even start giving you good gear until you get to lvl 55, I quite at lvl 53.

Not only did the game make you grind to collect items that dropped at random for every single quest, but at some point in the mid levels you actually didn't have any quests to do and had to go grind more to level up so you could unlock more quests that would have you grind. Call me crazy, but at the very least they could have had some quests to fill in the gap so you at least have a purpose for what you are doing. Not to mention that there were pretty much no other activities you could do in the game at the time, no crafting or anything that could level you up and thus the game was just killing progressively higher level bosses with no strategy. I don't know if it's changed, not do I care to.

I am glad that more "some" recent mmos have branched out and decided to include story lines to make things feel less of a chore. Guild Wars was one of the first mmos I played that I enjoyed and it was because of those elements, elements that have since been ripped off by other games, but also improved upon, especially in it's sequel and in games like SWTOR and Secret World.

My second pet peeve is server transfers not existing in some games. This specifically goes to SWTOR, a game that is annoying enough for all the stuff they want you to pay for in the Free 2 Play model (Really? Paying to hide your headgear? Really?!), but the fact that they have always had multiple servers and no way to transfer characters to join up with friends is ridiculous. I actually pre-ordered this game and payed to play it for several months until it became a little stale and my friends stopped playing on a regular basis, my one problem was that I couldn't bring a character I had worked hard on leveling up over to another server, not even for money. The only server transfers they had ever was when they consolidated their heaping pile into a sloping mound, if you weren't still playing you wouldn't have been able to transfer your character and at the time my friends had stopped playing as well so we didn't bother to coordinate. I still have my characters now that the game is free, but they aren't even on the same server as the characters of friends that I used to play with when we were subbed. This pretty much has killed the game for me.

Dragnmastralex 11 years ago
I'm in Scarlet Blade alpha.... the fan service aside its pretty fun.
the classes are there for each play style, the pvp is fun, and there is plenty to do PvE side. believe it or not the game has been censored from the Korean version as well so you can only imagine that it could be worse.

DK online I gave the boot after the first week of play back when it was beta. The game is a bland and irrelivant game that gives nothing special and loses all fun during play.

My MMO killer peeve is simple... Lack of end game content. When a game is all about level grinding and then expects mediocre pvp to be all there is end game it takes the fun out of most games. games like Champions Online are very fun to play and plenty of story and customization and alerts added instant play for grouping with different players but then you hit level 40 and there's nothing left to do but join player ran costume contest or just pvp which no one hardly does. Your forced to either create another character or try to entertain yourself on your level capped character.

Janiqwa 11 years ago
I don't know why people are so stupid to complain about games like this Blade thing. I'm a black female and personally I think some ya'll are a little too crybabyish about some things no one else would really care for. I mean come on, whining about how an adult-games have sexy themes in them?

That's like crying how kahooters got skimpy strippers working bar-stools in them. I know you guys try to act all intelligent-sounding and "for teh wuumens" and "our clean and wholesome gaming" but insulting people who want to play this game really reflects the immaturity in your own selves and it actually makes u guys look pretty bad. Your like sex/sexy phobics or something? I can't believe grown men gurgle like babies over some pixel boobs in a game. Even Health-Class taught teens about what sex is. Come on guys, turn on the tv's for once and see what's actually in entertainment or on the street. There's boob windows everywhere omg lol.

This game isn't even meant for kids to be playing on anyway so I don't see what the problem is. Someone want to be a soccer-mom and take their M-rated games from their teens fine but they probably already know about sex through television or from other people from school anyway. And when ya graduate Highschool you go to college and there's like condoms on tables and homosexuality and lesbian flags lol.

Not really a good review of the game either since ya'll already formed a negative of the game without EVEN playing the game in the first place? What type of review is that? That's not a review it's an opinion.

I'm glad game companies are starting to finally come out with adult games. Because i'm getting sick of playing all these soccer-mom mommy and daddie baby T-E type games and fail M-rated ones. Except that Far-Cry 3 I was surprise that nipple sex scene was even in a M-rated game. That's why the general non-gaming population thinks games are for kids only cus you guys keep pushing it like it is and keep selling and advertising to kids and parents for everything. That's why when some crazyness happens in life they come running to you guys as the scape-goat blame. If there's more AO titled pc games on the market the less the game companies will be looked at as baby-sitter industry express.

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gajaba 11 years ago
Nice show. Thanks to all of the hosts.

One thing I think that could affect to kill a game is speed they solve game issues. When there are some issues like hacking going on and every player recognize it and in forum for weeks/months and no change then players will go out and find some other game.
Good example in Raiderz game I am currently trying out. There are lot of hackers killing mobs always using names with some special characters (looks like 'l's and 'i's but in forum people say they are not so) and always using Zerks. They move fast, go through walls, disappear and appear different places and their attacks kill mobs so far from where they stay.
Even though there were several patches after I start seeing them, there is no change and it seems game developers don't even know about problem.
I could think of several temporary solutions like changing existing character names not to use special letters, then not allow those letters for new characters, or maybe remove problematic Zerk skills temporary till problem solved.
Ingoing problems like this, or in worse case not even know about problems could give bad taste in mouth for players. In my case if I see them after next patch I will definitely stop playing Raiderz.

Xaen 11 years ago
In all honesty, I actually thought that aside from the race that is this game's Elin equivalent, as far as tab-target MMOs stand, this would be more than just a good one.. I've checked some of the Queens Blade gameplay vids, and though it didn't do anything NEW, it did have some aspects to it that I quite liked.

Also, to the aspect of that you wouldn't want your child to be playing this game? This game is actually labeled as an Adult Game, 18+. If you're a parent with even basic knowledge of the pc, there are many ways you could not only block access to the game or password protect it, but also it's site and almost any content that deals with the game itself. I personally thought Magicman went in a little hard on this game, as I don't feel like it's rolled back the perspective of female symbolism in games. With it's anime/cartoon feel, it's clear this game isn't one that was made to be taken seriously as far as believable heroins.

Unlike games like Uncharted, Far Cry 3, etc, where the heroes are meant to be taken seriously or games such as Tomb Raider, BloodRayne, or Resident Evil where the heroins are to be taken seriously, this game to me does not seem like it WANTS to make any sort of serious statement in terms of female power. You go in, beat up sh*t, and leave. It's for fun, not symbolism. And if you're susceptible to it's bottoms that look like things rather than booty shorts, then you can partake in whatever floats your boat.

All in all, I actually am looking forward to the game. I don't think I'll take it seriously, and I've always been one to at least try out a game, even if I feel like the experience may play horribly. After all, I am the same guy that sunk over 300 dollars into Eden Eternal and bought the Elite Edition for Age of Wushu. So, you may just want to take my perspective with a grain of salt.

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aeria games poop publishers 11 years ago
You are fools to expect anything good from Aeria Games, all they do is publish money grabs, and care nothing about releasing a quality game

Galil 11 years ago
They cesonored this game now is crap
They are ate few company`s

Aeriagames is bad they had too much power
NOTE:If anyone get mistakenly banned or flammed banned you will not get your account back due. In Addition Aeriagames does not believe in freedom of Speech

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Jassie 11 years ago
Is this one of the reasons why growth creativity is stunted in the game-world? Who's position is it to dictact what a female can and cannot look like in a fantasy game? Hypocrites? Is not the female form a beautiful and natural gift from mother nature? Rather than trashing both form and sexuality it should be celebrated. Had it not been for sexuality none of us would be here today. America has a very bad habit of demonizing both the sexuality of females and nudity by putting a scarlet letter on anything that dares to step outside the puritan expectation circles.

I know, because often times I was told and other girls back then we couldn't even wear spaghetti-straps because shoulders were considered a "distraction" by school systems yet boys were more tolerated. I absolutely hated it. I hated the puritan christian sexism dictators in my life stealing away my identity and turning into a parade of forbiddeness and shame. When game-folk think this way their no different than a religious biggot at a sunday pew. Gore and blood is okay but the moment some skin is shown it's terrible disease that needs to be put down. This is why many of us cannot take the game industry seriously because those like yourselves are limiting it to this double-standard hypocrite puritan ruffage and killing freedom of expression and speech. Pretending to be for females but it's really your feminist interests groups your according to.

This video is downright one-sided sexism at the core because it is dictating what a female should or shouldn't look like in a fantasy world and denying that she even should have a sexual identity or be sexy at all. Your not looking out for females but limiting both them and their choices as well a poor attempt at shaming the audience. You are not for us, but against us. The true feminists fought for freedom of expression for females including sexuality, not this power-hungry one sliding it's ugly resentful tentacles in gaming like now.

yunayumemi 11 years ago
Scarlet Blade review here theses guys don't know its base is from an anime Queens Blade which is an all female tournament of the worlds greatest women fighters its a drama /ecchi type anime so of course its full of beautiful women warriors. i like the game and when its finally done because its new different and fun to me sorry for all those who don't like but i'll be one of the ones who will played it.

Kriss 11 years ago
Lol a new FAP-TO-PLAY game!

ibspartan 11 years ago
When Scarlet blade came up I went to youtube to look up the trailer and right under the mmobomb trailer there is the korean or chinese trailer with the title Queen's blade...now I don't know if this relates but the anime Queen's blade is mostly female so maybe there is a connection there? If someone already brought this up then sorry and thank you :P

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Infictious 11 years ago
Hey Everyone,

It's been along time since i made something for all of you,A little rusty but in the next while i will get back into what i enjoyed making for all of you.



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KaiserGali 11 years ago
Nice show like always, always enjoy hearing it. Scarlet blade is just a more erotic dragona, click and move, wasd movement, smash f1-f5 and instead of dragons you transform into mechs. If people think scarlet blade is amazing then wonder why they think Dragona is boring.....anyways regarding the question of the week, I think community is a big factor on some online games and it cana ctually kill some games.

j.gildenhuys 11 years ago
what kills mmo games are monthly subscriptions,please no sub. elderscrolls online!

Grumpy Cat 11 years ago
I would play Scarlet Blade, but i don't have fingers, i only have paws.

hartman 11 years ago
I played scarlet blade and its pretty cool and entertaining BUT I can't recommend it to my cousins who are way younger then me or anyone else for that matter. Its kinda not fair that such a good game have to be mature related :(

eunusunt 11 years ago
People bashing Scarlet Blade need to get over themselves. It doesn't target 13 year olds, and does not only appeal to them either. I'm 30 and would love to be able to play this game (unfortunately my rig is very old). Yes the semi-nudity is a factor, and I don't believe that makes me some kind of twisted horny pervert. I also don't think that objectifies women, especially since this is a sci-fi game (science-FICTION). FFS people, it's just a bunch of pixel boobs, it's not like there's husbands saying 'bitch go make me a sammich'... or have like a patriarch character that keeps the females as slaves.
Where was your outraged feminism when Kabod Online came out? Or that doesn't count because it's published by a small company?
Scarlet Blade is a welcomed fresh breath in this over-saturated fantasy/chibi market that's really aimed at teens.

Da Bomb to Aeria for having the guts to pick this game up.
A-Bomb to freemium games published under a 'free to play' banner (SWTOR, AOC, EQ 1&2, DDO, LOTRO just to name a few). There should be a special subcategory for games like this.

Magicman I know you're not gonna read this on the show, since you only take the latest or the first comments (and mine'll probably get buried by then)....but meh this is my 2 cents.

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ThunderGrave 11 years ago
What kills an mmo for me? Hmm... The one thing that would kill an mmorpg or any game for that matter, would be the lack of player interaction with the game. I'd like to see a design that lets the player control their character is almost any way possible. An example would be like... Hold on... Umm... *Thinks for 5 mins*

Oh~! Got it! An example would be letting the players perform combo attacks on their enemies by going into a kind of zone where you and the current target can't be hit by outsiders. It's a lot like a special, yes, but the actual special attack would be far more powerful and complex to pull off, but still worth it.Some combos can be exclusive to the characters, but it's possible to use a team combo system, where everyone contributes to the beating of the enemy. This could have amazing PvE and PvP potential if done correctly. A nice touch would be to include a kind of redemption system in case the combo fails, so say you get all the way the last part of it, but manage to do something wrong and cause it to fail. Instead of being thrown asunder by the enemy... Or ending up dead. You would instead be given the chance to wrap up the attack with an alternate move instead, so that whole combo wasn't a huge waste of time.
Or maybe do something like EVE online... That will most likely never go free-to-play any freaking time soon. You could use a similar model, but the GMs would keep an eye on the markets, so that people don't go overboard and set ridiculous prices for items and the such. That's so amazingly annoying when idiots (<---This is where I censor myself) drive up prices, so that they're so high that you would spend all your money for a single item that may not even be worth it in the end, but is needed for the time being. Stuff like that needs to be seriously regulated and all of this plays back into low drop rates, cash only items, etc., and so on and so forth.

Anyways, this is all just my opinion and ideas anyways, so... Yeah! Signing off now!

ZhaoYun 11 years ago
Guns and Robots i disliked it cause its really slow pased but now ik its p2w as well so no thanks now i've completely lost interest.Thumbs down
Smite didnt like idk i am used to the camera angle of LoL and dota than idk i dislike smite for its camera like MM said but ya idk i dont like the camera dont play it thats it.But excluding that its a good game so thumbs up
POE good game and i tried it and heres the thing i DONT usually like grinding(or a lot of grinding like in this game)but i though to give it a try so i did didnt like the griding at all cause what u do is mainly grind cause if u dont u die is what my experience was so but overall i cant say its a bad game its actually a REALLY good game and the company behind it is a good one too and its A LOT better than diablo 2(if u ask me)and ofc Thumbs up from me for this one.
Firefall i like the idea of open beta weekends they know they not ready i quess to make an open beta?so they dont really they just make open beta weekends.Good game but got boring for me cause all i did is hop in for 1-2 hours kill stuff and then go off thats it couldnt see it more than that.Also not a lot of quests and thats dissapointing but its beta so i quess its good but as MM said if pve doesnt offer more than it currently does then idk.
Thumbs up for now we will see later
Scarlet blade.I know i said at the start from one of my comments i will play this but i am now like "meh do i really wanna play this?" do i wanna play this cause i like b**bs or do i wanna play it cause i wannt play it?and i think i ended up to option 1 so idk i will probably not but i am NOT 100% sure yet so idk my dillema here is not to actually play it but am i gonna try it or not?so i am not sure if i am gonan try it.Thumbs down on this and thumbs down to aeria games for the really bad decisions they made after their latest game which is i believe DWO.
Thats all i had to say,
DK online no comments as said by MM i will not give it thumbs up or thumbs down cause idk i just got nothing good or bad to say exept that as a whole its just grind grind grind
MM about community if u remember u had brough 2 examples of games.Game A good community gets updated every 5 months.Game B bad community gets updated every month.If u remember u had chosen Game B cause u said u can "avoid" community.Remember that?i do :P

Qeustion of the week:i would go with gender locked classes like damian said in the video already.i can not stand gender locked classes and i do not know why companies do that AT ALL its stupid i am sorry

A-BOMB for moorpgs in general who seem to have pay to win feautures and now i am informed that companies put like idk IN PUROSE p2w features?(Guns and robots is your example)

DA-BOMB for the quest host damian(sorry if i spelled it wrong) idk u but i already like u :P u could hit me with a comment here and we could even play something together if u wish

Love the show keep up the good work great episode as always

RaiMarie 11 years ago
This is one of those rare gems of a mmorpg where it just throws you off-guard. If you hadn't played it and only see the quick reviews from people who have not played it thoroughly, you will get a bad impression. After you actually playing the game and can see past the nudity, you will notice how beautiful the game really is. It offers a very fun experience that very few free MMORPGs can offer from the very beginning all the way up. Once you hit level 17, you will be given a giant machine that you can ride in to rip things apart in. You will find many CP potions later in the game so CP isn't much an issue to run the machine. At level 21+, you will start finding power suit armor that can help you in PvP. Also in 20s, the night club will become available. The night club really shocked me and many other alpha testers since it's not something you expect to have in a game that's so awesome to some in real life. It has a bar and yes you can get a special drink there and get drunk hahaha. Let's also not forget about the quests that are the most fun to read of any MMORPGs out there. There's so much work that needs to be done on the game though but remember it's an alpha stage. The only major problem atm is the quest tracker asking to kill the wrong mob 75% of the time but the auto router points you into right direction 100% of the time so it's nothing to worry about. I reached the level cap without asking too much from other testers in the alpha and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Aeria will need new servers to hold the population imo so this will be the #1 issue people will have when it goes live. On a thin population, the game-play feels so wicked good and imagine the large scale PvP action after the game goes out in open beta. Expect problems enjoying the game on first days of open beta if there are no extra servers but don't give up hope. This is all my opinion of the game.

Hermond 11 years ago
I must admit that I love the mmobom podcast, I listened to them all since almost the beginning, but their opinions and exaggerated reactions in the last episodes are starting to bother me a little.
The Scarlet Blade part is particularly annoying to me, it might be that I'm European (The Netherlands) but in this case they are going (all 3 of them) too far. I also can't believe that Magicman truly believes what he is saying.
At least I know that in most cases, Magicman learns from his mistakes and has an open heart, he is always ready to listen and to admit when he is wrong.

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Sethy 11 years ago
What about blade and soul?

ExHuman 11 years ago
[just a tip]
The things u see depends of what things u want 2 see.
Whan I look at a girl with a sword and in light armour I see a girl with a sword and in light armour.
If female hero is a porn 4 u - than porn is what u re looking for.

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arthas 11 years ago
Scarlet Blade isnt just boobs... First when i started to play it i tough it would have dull story. If you actually pay attention to the quest dialogue you will find it very interesting. When AG said that there will be translation problems i tough it would be in broken english. I was surprised how well was translated. The humour in the game is fantastic. The way that the Arkana (character) talks with the Commander (player) is very unique and funny. Almost every quest dialogue makes me laugh. It has its unique comedy. It has been a while since a made me read the quest dialogues (yes i read them i dont stare at the characters 99% of the time). If the game has positive votes in KR why shouldnt it have in US/EU?

TStarKnight 11 years ago
Scarlet Blade Alpha Test PvP Arena One

TStarKnight 11 years ago
what do you expect this is america where bashing a hookers head in with a bat in video games is just fine in faq when ever someone complains about it they are quick to say there's nothing wrong with it but show some skin and people get all pissed off -_- and are quick to agree.

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N1netbattler 11 years ago
Scarlet Blade makes me sad for gamers and women alike.

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Bratwurst 11 years ago
Community, yes I would agree here, it is a big letdown for me when a game has a bad community....

And that is what worries me when it comes to wizardry online, think about it, open PVP, it would player killing to a whole different level in that game, it would literally make new players avoid the game in total, the only people who would probably be still playing the game would be guys who know what they are doing, and maybe the beta testers, while new players get the short end of the stick and just get looted by the PKers. It's pretty much gonna be .Hack all over again.

johanxshinigam 11 years ago
I personally think your being far to harsh on the game Magicman. I've been following this game for a long time since it was called Queens Blade online, an anime I'm a rather big fan of and despite the comments I'm sure to get, it's not just because of the visuals. You've not even played the game yet and based on how you talked in the episode you're judging while being completely ignorant to anything but the visuals which speaks very poorly to your conduct which I find spectacular in most cases, even when you do hate on games I like, it's usually for a real reason.

The gameplay is fun, how the story is represented and the way the characters interact with you is very fun and immersing in my opinion. Skills look flashy, combat looks very visually appealing and you have plenty other in this game to look at then just the women :/. It's just my opinion but the way you talked about the game so prematurely makes you three look the truly immature, automatically assuming it's about only the hot women since it has them. So the game has hot women, cool should they all be ugly? Oh but they should have males? Well...that won't work with the story. At all. If you want to ruin the in my opinion good in-game story, then go ahead.

Assuming this game is nothing but eye candy without trying it, is honestly the most sexist thing you guys could do and in that I think you did so amazingly. Da bomb to Scarlet Blade (which i wish was still Queens Blade online) for being ballsy and pulling it off astoundingly well with immersive gameplay and an A-bomb to anyone who is so ignorant and immature they themselves can't see anything but big breast, write the game off and continue with there day. They're the real sexist that are the problem. Reason i say that is simple.

Would it be a huge problem with you people if it was an all male game? Bitch about gender locking, I'm sure but it's big strong males in awesome looking armor. Of course you wouldn't care.

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Inflictious 11 years ago
Thanks for another fine episode.

Your right Sejiro , Damina would throw him on the porch , she only kicks people off that she like's !

Magicman , Do you know how the control system for Scarlet Blade is?... Just wondering if Aeria has targeted the market for the 1 handed male gamer . hahahaha

You mentioned Jill Valentine... Why not Metroid.. Really strong for her role in the 80's and up.Going by era she was more popular than Jill is now.
I don't think this game doe's all that bad in the market today... DOA Beach Volleyball , would have stopped after 1 , but sales were so good, what are they at now 3 !
I bet , Not a nice responce but a truthful one. This game will probably make more cash than any other game they have.

I never got a News topic, not even asked ! So not all your viewer hosts.

Allod's was made by a Russian gaming company, Thus why they get patches and content first.

Peeve 2

1) Small one ...Game's not adding a Jump
2) I mentioned this endless times here..Game's saying they are a Vast mmorpg World's only to login and realize they made another mini map game..Example : Eden Eternal - types.

A-bomb Path of Exile... Why did they make it so i have to click on a mob to attack it, I would Much rather have had it attack in the direction your facing, God if Baldur's Gate was like that I would have hated it just as equal.

Thank's Again


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Meatbagwammo 11 years ago
Great show once again guys! I get where you are coming from with forums giving a game a bad name. It's hard to find the good part of the community, but if the negative people get to the forums first, the good people tend to stay away and just play the game. (Or at least that's what I do...) Whenever I play there are at least about a few people that are nice and helpful.

Anyway, since I wasn't able to keep up on news, I'm going to give a Da-Bomb to Magicman for the awesome couple of matches I got to play on the last BombLive. I also want to invent a new bomb: the "Dud-Bomb." (a bomb that could go either way, kind of like a warning to the bomb-ee) I'll give this bomb to Scarlet Blade. If they pull the gameplay off well, I might try it. However, I most likely won't because it seems a little too raunchy to me. I will say that after reading the some of the comments from here, and the forum posts on SB's forums, they seem to have some engaging gameplay.

SB is going to be for a kind of niche market, and I know that a lot of people may or may not be offended by it, but it is still in alpha; we have no idea what Aeria will do with this. It's not a game for teens, but there most likely will be a lot that "accidentally" put in the wrong birth date and "accidentally" download the game.

Now to get off of that topic... *whew*
My answer to the question of the week is pay to win. I got into the Combat Arms beta really early into the phase. After the first week or two I was MVP, or top of my team, on almost every match I played. I really liked the game, even though it did seem a little clunky, and would have played it longer, BUT when they added the cash shop it went down hill so fast a mudslide would have a hard time catching up.

Anyway, thanks again for a great show, and welcome Damion!


P.S. Sorry for the monster length of my comments.

Lagwin1980 11 years ago
What kills mmo's?
WoW players...or rather their newer players...you know the ones, the wotlk players onwards and the D3new to ARPG players(because they got it as a bribe to sub to WoW)
Playing path of exile and their community is good...come open beta there's so much whining and entitled babies there it's rather off putting all from the blizz crowd, why can't we have free talent respecs, why is group loot more like ninja loot, i demand this or that or i'm quitting(even though the haven't paid a dime).
I'm just glad GGG are dead set on having the game that they would want to play not what the whiners want to play.

And touching on the pet peeves in mmo's, Guild recruitment...just about every damned one wants you to sign up to an other website when it's just not needed...

Did 2 vids get posted over the last few days btw? or is it just slow for updating?

Pieareround 11 years ago
I've got two Da-bombs this week, and the first is probably sort of weird. I've gotta give it to Sony Online Entertainment and Acony Games for killing Bullet Run, because that game is just not good. I have played a lot of shooters, and it is honestly one of my least favorite. Pretty much the only one I've touched in recent times that I like less than Bullet Run is Born to Fire. Thing is, I can't really put a finger on why I hate it so much. By all means, it really shouldn't be that bad... but it is. I guess it's one of those things where I just played it once and knew right off the bat that it was not worth playing a second time.

My second Da-bomb is also in the world of shooters. It goes to a one-man developer who is working on an entirely free (as in, no cash shop planned at this point), Unity based multiplayer FPS with some of the coolest things I have ever seen implemented in a shooter. The game is called No Heroes, and just as a couple examples, it will feature a full parkour system, realistic physics, tons of guns, and a lot of little details like laser sights and flashlights that blind opponents and actual animations for picking up guns. Oh, and it's set to come out on PC, Mac, and Linux. If you're any kind of shooter fan, I highly suggest looking the game up on Steam Greenlight, as well as checking out Drunken Lizard Games on Youtube and Facebook.

Finally, to the question of the week. If there is anything that can kill an otherwise good mmo for me, especially in the f2p market, it's a bad monetization scheme. From cash grabs during betas to pay to win cash shops, pretty much nothing pisses me off more than seeing terrible monetization.

IceCoffi 11 years ago
I agree; if the character customization is so limited to where I see my clones everyday, the game is ruined. I just don't like clones. Why would I play my character when I see someone else playing the same character to an extent? I want my character to be unique. So Da-bomb to character customization systems like Aion and Guild Wars 2. A-bomb to Scarlet Blade. As a female, I feel violated somewhat. I'm not going to lie; it's a bit degrading.

deathVIAavatar 11 years ago
I have a suggestion for a topic on next week's show: Free-to-Play titles that had great potential, but were shutdown and never picked back up, our are simply still up in the air.

My picks?

Exteel: A great mecha title that had a pretty good following fthat had both PvP and PvE maps, customization as you leveled, a decently balanced cash shop, and gameplay that evolved as you earned enough in-game money to buy better parts.

Soul Master: An Action/RTS title that played incredibly well, was easy to get into, and left PvP to a metagame style play only truly seen in RTS titles like Starcraft II. The game is supposedly being reworked to be released exclusively in the UK through Gamigo, but this is very limiting, and closes off the rest of their fanbase for the title as seen through their Facebook page. It'sbeen I believe 3 years since it was "shutdown for a future relaunch." Future indeed.

What are your picks?

Drosfix 11 years ago
to the qustion of the week. I most say when I game force you to do something you don' lake to do. I have a the-bomb to FireFall for the open weekind ide, I whink it a great ide and is agreat way to make the servers great at open beta.

Elveone 11 years ago
OMG! You actually pronounced my nickname the way it was meant to be pronounced! And you read a post from two shows ago! THE BOMB FOR MAGIC MAN AND FREE TO PLAY CAST FOR THIS!

Well, unfortunately now is the time to get negative. I have an A-Bomb for Path of Exile. Although the skill system and the look and feel of the game is pretty good there is one thing that ruins it all for me - the bloody stupid trading system and the extremely small inventory by today's standards. The system is really complex and I really don't want to get into it but overall I would say it provides too much overhead to deal with if you want to use it efficiently at all. At the same time it does not solve any problems with the traditional monetary based trading system. Trading in RPGs should be easy and not this nightmarish... thing. The small inventory just makes the system's flaws more apparent.

BTW, I have an idea for the Foreign Fridays show. I know it have not been on for a while and as I understood several episodes back - it is because of the lack of games. I would like to suggest Prime World. It is a Russian MOBA game with really unique character development and persistent element(and there is persistent character development element, which is pretty cool). It is released in russian and turkish languages and english version is coming some time in the future. If somebody is interested I would gladly share details about the game.

xGoProNinja 11 years ago
Anime is Japanese not Chinese you dumbass.
Learn some grammar before you act like an "idiot big eye face", ok?

TheStealthyOne 11 years ago
Scarlet Blade.. GJ Aeria.. Once again you show you are run by a bunch of idiots.. Lest we know your not gay.

WarhammerzRule 11 years ago
hi guys keep it going you rock my answer to the game of the week is if my friends quit the game i cant play it even aion i was top player in perento server for a week but top 3 for like 4 months and my best friends who got me into the game quit so with all the things i had i could not play i got bored after a week now thats the thing that gets me out of an awsome game

LordHikaru 11 years ago
Hey F2P Cast, great show as always. I guess I will start out by giving Aeriagames a DaBomb for having the balls to publishing Scarlet Blade and a preemptive A-Bomb for not having some kind of age restriction and/or age verification system in place for the game. I've been playing the Alpha and yes... this is definitely not for anyone younger than 18 at least, maybe 16 mainly because there's no sex. There's a quite a bit of nudity(nipples only, you don't see anything else but butt cheeks) but the game still isn't a Bonetown. And for those who dunno what Bonetown is and are over 18... feel free to google it.. You're probably still gonna google it anyways even if you aren't... Its not free.. You're SOL there. But anyways, the game itself is quite enjoyable, visually and otherwise. Yeah combat is rather normal to other games, but quest dialog and the overall flow of the game is quite amusing and engaging, at least to me personally. I won't go and say I recommend this to everyone. Not everyone is gonna like this game one way or another. But I don't think the game deserves all the flack its getting. Its one title out of the thousands already out there that's already available to play and choose from.

As for my pet peeves... well i have plenty. I don't like it when people assume you're a healer when you're playing a cleric. Sometimes, I just want to go around smiting stuff with holy magic and killing things. This mostly goes towards Raiderz which I actually quit playing for this reason.

This isn't completely MMO related but I hate when you post something innocently anywhere and you're replied to with insults and just downright rudeness. There's also a story behind this one but its rather graphic in language. >_> I still have the messages in my email.

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Blackaria 11 years ago
I know this has most likely been said but my pet peeve would be how swtor went f2p I despise how they are going about and I don't support a company that does that kind of stuff. I love and hate the game the same. It has become what wow took 5 years to become to me. I was in closed beta for a long time almost a year I think and have been playing since till about a month or so. I only stayed this long because I had high hope for it to change for the better.

Cacalips 11 years ago
Aria Gam... mercurialmiser.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/nothing-to-do-here-meme.jpg

AirSplash 11 years ago
Question of The Week: Over Sexualization of characters such as in DK online. I don't want to see a female character, with a greatsword, running at at monster, wearing nothing, and in high heels. I just get tired of seeing it in games, I know why they do it but a game where they don't do it would be a nice change.

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ugurano 11 years ago
this game here its a porn game

Submaze 11 years ago

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TastyBacon 11 years ago
So, I got into the Alpha for Scarlet Blade, and I went into it with the thought process of 'What the...this is completely ridiculous, how are they even getting away with this? This game is going to be absolutely terrible, and nothing but a T and A show.'

I was absolutely stunned by what I played. I actually find myself really enjoying the game. And I do mean the game, not the peep show. The graphics look really nice, the effects on the abilities are very flashy and look really solid, the gameplay is at a pretty nice pace, the outfits (what little there is of them) actually have some pretty cool design to them and the dialog lines, while some of them are painfully part of the 'look how sexy this is!' aspect, some lines actually got me chuckling. "I'm finding your voice in my head to be almost...tolerable? No, that's too strong of a word"

Not to mention the concept is pretty neat as well, but I don't want this to turn into a full blown review of the game, so I'm just going to say, don't judge this book by it's cover. (It's overly pretty, sexualized, cover) it's actually a pretty solid game, much better than many F2P mmos I've played recently. I just wish it wasn't quite so incredibly over sexualized, because it is now a game that I really want to play...I just don't want people to see me playing it.

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OtherSideofTheTable? 11 years ago
Regarding Scarlet Blade, I've heard a bunch of different views but from those who are currently in the alpha it sounds like this:

The visual draw in to the game is of course the women and their naughty bits, but the gameplay itself is actually "fun" in their eyes. Personally I'm excited to try the game because I'm a baby when it comes to futuristic MMOs and the whole transform into a giant robot and crush things. Who knows, maybe the game will be a waste of time, but if Aeria knowingly picks up an adult game and knows the risks than they must have something planned.

Still too early to tell, but still worth a shot. Hell, there have been plenty of good games, movies, shows, etc that were great and had over-the-top fan service.

Anyways, another good episode from the cast and can't wait for next week.


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NOPE.avi 11 years ago

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