F2P Cast: Remember End of Nations? (Ep 50)

It seems like most of the news this week was bad news. With a few games shutting down, a older game going free to play (kind of), and End of Nations being mysterious, Magicman and Selfius sit down to discuss the fate of it all. Join them as they read your feedback and your bombs on this all new Free to Play Cast

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (14)

Zhao Yun 10 years ago
QOTW:i will put fuse+f2p cast in one so technecly a f2p cast but the quest hosts would be ONLY and EVERY WEEK people from diff countries/areas and ofc the quest hosts shoudl be mmobombers(old or new doesn't matter ofc)

i would also like to give a big DA BOMB to magicman for standing up as a man and admiting he is guilty for the "damina accident"(well we all know it wasn't really an accident but ya)
p.s i hope she didn't kick ur ass a lot
and an A BOMB to selfius for NOT having a facebook we can follow u to i mean if u make a facebook i assure u I FOR ONCE will follow u for SURE :P
p.s2 don't worry i will tell my friends to follow u as well if u make a facebook :D

roltsi 10 years ago
Hey Magicman,
Great show as always. You made me cry with the "bird is the word" x,D.

About the quiestion of the week:
Since I'm european it would be a nice main topic to compare the US and the EU gaming servers and their communities.
-For example: League of Legends US and EU servers. Is it harder to play in the EU servers because it mixes all the european social cultures?
-Another example would be: Why XY released YZ only on US or EU.
-Which is better? Separated or merged servers? Why should they separate/merge?

Anyways, I've got a Da-Bomb and an A-Bomb for Path of Exile. It's good to see that they announced the opening date, but it feels really bad that I have to wait almost 2 months for it. XD

I'm watching your show from almost the beginning and really looking forward for the 1 year special.

Keep up the good work and wishing the best from Hungary!

Final word: Chicken.

EWolfz 10 years ago
Mortal Online - while most would say in general that the game was utter fail... id like to state that the bomb is mainly about 2 things... 1 the whole reason they went "free to play" and 2 a nice lie by a gm ingame i got just the other day

1 Mortal went "F2P" as they caused over half their server to mass unsub do to complete curouption and power abuse
2 i played the game again after a month or so.,.... and was killed by an obvious hacker right infront of a GM and as per usual i said "he hacked ban him"..... and INSTEAD of him being BANNED th gm replyed with...................."[username] was not hacking his skills where maxed as he has bought the game, you to can swing this fast if you sub to the game" (note this isnt in exact words its summed up but thats the jist of what he said) .... this kind of thing MIGHT fly if i had never played the game as a maxed out character fighting in sieges and other such events.... but i HAVE maxed chars before and i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the char in question was indeed speed hacking his swings.

wonder why they went F2P? its that exact kind of crap..... over and over its the same crap....

@the team reviewing.... getting ur char to 60 isnt as hard as it sounds its fairly easy

Serg86 10 years ago
To End of Nations:

Now that we know Trion will take over development, I think the refunds are a means to screw Petroglyph out of their cut. Trion was probably unhappy about how things progressed, decided to handle the rest of the development themself after they sold the Founders packs. Now that all the money from those sales has been refunded and Petroglyphs contract has ended, they will most likely reopen the sale around the time the open beta starts, that way Petroglyph has no claim on those sales and Trion won't have to share the profit. And if the packs are available during the open beta, people that previously bought the packs and became skeptical whether or not they should rebuy them, will have a chance to play the game to incentivize them to part with their money, again.

I don't see any other reason for them to refund all the money, taking the risk of losing a lot of customers. They obviously didn't cancel the game. They only other reason could be what Magicman said, the business model has changed and we just haven't gotten the memo yet.


Giant DA Bomb to Riot Games. The pre-season 3 patch is out and they changed so much it's almost like LoL2 at this point. Balance changes, tweaks to specific roles, support in particular, new UI, revamped masteries, new and revamped items, more diversity in item builds, changes to mechenics within the game and so forth. There are more changes than some retail games get in sequels and I love it. Obviously there are some problems currently, which is expected after this metric ton of a patch, no amount of internal playtesting would be able to identify all the problems, not just balance but also bugs. They have a bit of time before the start of season 3 and turned the game basicly into an open beta right now to make it ready and balanced for the upcoming tournaments and competetive leagues.

neokiva 10 years ago
right mortal online i wont try. weather or not they are out to make money i think the restricted content thats rife in the market these days is just not going to fly.
gamania/ beanfun i played a few of their games soul captor, lucent heart to name a few i gotta say im not surprised about them closing and neither game held my interest. (that's a trend i hope gets broken soon either by tera online f2p convertion or by neverwinter nights).
End of nations coming out im sceptical of it going f2p but i think it will be launched.

question of the week first i'd mirror sejiro's comment on running out of ideas then give you this idea.(actually had to think) well im a big fan of art especially fantasy sci-fi (big subscriber to imagineFX) I suggest a show that interviews the artists that work on the free 2 play mmo's, displays their works and review them and perhaps do a how to section. (you may use this idea but i ask for credit on it's creation)

A bomb to turtlebeach for screwing up with sejiro's cans, that sucks man, that's why im always wary of new comers to development stick with tried and tested (steelseries, creative, bose,logitechm sennheiser or razer if you can afford it.)

Da bomb....Da bomb damn it can't think of a Da bomb ok A bomb then to any company that thinks that a generic copy paste mmo or a unlimited trial is a good and worthwhile idea both economically speaking and logically speaking, no one likes a reskin.

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xcr00k3dx 10 years ago
I have an A-bomb for ArcheBlade Kickstarter campaign.
The Kickstarter got closed down before it finished (with only $4300ish from backers, a far cry from the $100,000 that they were hoping for).

However, they state in their cancellation notice that the game will be released on schedule. So what did they need the money for?

That being said, I am still looking forward to the game, as it does look pretty cool.

AirSplash 10 years ago
Great show Free-2-Play cast. I'm going to get straight to the point this week. The Question of the Week, I would call it "Play-to-Win". Get myself and maybe 2 other members/ viewers of mmobomb together on a game that the viewers choose after the first show. The theme is easy we play together, say some tactics and banter back and forth, try not to look terriable at the game, and most importantly we Play-to-win. The show will mostly feature PvP on almost any game that the great viewers of mmobomb would like us to play. I could see the show getting popular and maybe we will even hear some mmobomd employees get competitive. Think about it.

Lagwin1980 10 years ago
Giving Path of exile a da bomb, as you may have found out during you live cast or after in the comments the game was due for a December release...it has been delayed and has a release date for the 23rd of January, not because it needs more work but because the want to build a reputation of being there for the community and actively seen doing their job which wouldn't happen over the xmas and new year period as they are on holiday.

And i'll give another da bomb(but a small one) to SWTOR for getting their head out of their asses and relaxing a few of the f2p restrictions including the action bars and char slots

As for Mortal online...never heard of it, and not even going to give it a chance after hearing their restrictions.

70calories 10 years ago
They do nothing new... wanna know what happens when crap copy's more crap? a bigger pile of crap that steams

Combat Starfish 10 years ago
wai hello thier

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Echoman 10 years ago

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