F2P Cast: Return of the Selfius (Ep.38)

Back from his PC problems, Selfius joins the panel just in time to discuss one of the funniest game trailers to be released in quite some time. We decide to visit SevenCore again as it launches into Beta, and then finally slash our way through the details for the upcoming C9 expansion. Dropping some bombs and taking some names from the viewers culminates in the first multiple choice question of the week on the show. What's the right answer? Don't be shy! Let us know what you think on this all new episode.

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (17)

migueld250 11 years ago
I think the Secret world is coming free to play cause , I have a letter saying that they give me the game free it was not a trial it was free and i did 'nt buy it

Afonso 11 years ago
hello magicman, greetings from portugal
u are correct here in portugal e speak portuguese :O but most people also talk english mainly the younger generation and even though i personally speak a little bit of french i still rage on gpotato for doing this because its not the first time (street gears D: ). still i thank god for the us version not having ip block so i can play with a max of 0.5 sec delay :) (i love sevencore)

i also give an A-Bomb to aeria games for permanently banning my acount because aparently i tried to sell it when i havent loged in or done anything related to aeria games or my acount in months.
now i cant play eden eternal which used to be my return game.
because of that i give a Da-Bomb to elsword for being a very game to jump from time to time when ur bored of the rest :)

randyblythe 11 years ago
Rift won't go F2P for a while, it is currently not necessarily thriving, but, their retention rate is astounding to say the least. The fact that it was marketed as a WoW clone really kind of made people question it, but, really it is amazing. The HK raids are comparable to BT pre-nerf in terms of difficulty, not too easy, and not ungodly hard (although, it's hard).

Da-Bomb to Riot Games for only hiring players of their games, too many companies have producers and not players.

A-Bomb to Hotkey MMORPGs for not trying to be innovative and following the EQ/UO model to this day.

p,s, Despite getting very good reviews, are you worried about SOE ruining Planetside 2 with the cash shop?

Mystika 11 years ago
Haha, I was a little surprised I got a mention in the show! :D

I think I caught Magicman rhyming at one point, but now I forgot when that was.

On to the IP blocking issue (aka Vindictus from Nexon)...yeah that irks me quite a bit (I'm from Australia). But after reading into Vindictus a bit more, I found out that it was uhh...well let's say that over long distances from the server, the game becomes near impossible to play, so that's a legitimate and practical reason for IP blocking...though they should really put that into the FAQ where it says why it only allows NA players. Pando Media Booster annoys me as well, I'd rather the game clients were just put on a torrent file (torrents are legal after all and the game is free) alongside direct downloads/compressed file downloads.

About the question of the week, I'd say it's a toss up between TERA and TSW. TSW due to it's lack of subscriptions from Funcom's perspective at least (or a very expensive b2p) and the fact that it had a free weekend even after the game's debut, while TERA's server merges often indicate the first step towards f2p. They both have cash shops as well. Rift will most likely be the last one of the 3 to go fully f2p as it's been around for so long, and shows no signs of significant slowing.

Enjoyed the episode once again :)

Inflictious 11 years ago
Another Great Episode !

Glad Selfius is back, No offence to Kaitlin, But thought your second guest might have been a reunion episdoe bringing back Sejiro. Hint Hint ;)

Question of the week.

Tera, will be first to go, Sever merges are always a sign of things to come.

The Secret World, Hmm, i really did love this game, But thier Biggest Mistake so far is getting Game Time cards. This would have helped them Greatly, For i hate using my credit card online for anything, and for the players that bought the game and got it home installed, oh i need time, No Time Cards Available anywhere !
I refuse to buy any more time for it due to this reason, That's one mistake thay could have learnt from. But they due have an item mall already, Switch this to a B2P with an item mall, That would be my first step, into full F2P.

Rift, No time soon , with the patch and the expansion coming out, This game over the past year and a half has shown it can hang with the big boy ( WoW ) and still keep it's market as a quality P2P game and will for atleast another 1.5 years till the next expansion.
( WoW ) doe's have competion in it's review mirror

Glad to have you back again Selfius !



Edge Damodred 11 years ago
Technically you're not supposed to tell people you're in the MWO beta...except you can see if they are simply by seeing if they have a Founder's Tag in the VERY public forums. "So don't tell anybody, we'll tell the for you!" At worst they kick me out...and then I go spend money on their competitor instead. I still won't talk about it though...it has mechs...that you become a warrior with...and it's online...I'VE SAID TOO MUCH!

On a side note, there's a massive increase in companies letting people pay to get into betas. Firefall, MWO, Path of Exile, pretty sure PS2 will probably do it at some point...Wait, they have too! (http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2012/09/11/become-a-founder-with-planetside-2s-alpha-squad-initiative/)

What does this say about the developer or game itself? In Firefall's, MWO's and PoE's cases it sounds like the development money well is starting to run dry. In PS2's case...it feels more like just another cash grab from SOE, which dampened some of my enthusiasm for PS2 now. Companies used to have to actually pay people test and break their games, now the customers are paying to do it.

For the question of the week, I believe TERA will go first since as soon as RaiderZ hits(even though it's not quite as good) is still a viable alternative. Besides, server merges are a huge size. The Secret World, despite not amazing sales, still has high player retention and is too niche to shoehorn a F2P model anytime soon. Rift just seems too stubborn to go F2P, all the team's F2P focus is going towards End of Nations.

SpiderDaBeast 11 years ago
Great show as always, love the 1hour+ shows.
The ip block it is a pain in the ass, im from south america and i have been keeping my distance from nexon games.
Yesterday i tried sevencore but after falling beneath the ground 2 times and getting stuck there i went berserk and quited, dunno if i'll try again.
Regarding C9, i see no fun in games like that, instance based games, without the "open world" feel. I can't imagine myself playing a game that i can't bump into someone on a random map and kill them without a reason. Doesn't seems fun to me.

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jdrew2000 11 years ago
rift will go free ! hey magicman what will shadee do now has he quit mmobomb ? also kat
you dont sound like a man :)

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james 11 years ago
I like sevencore well love it nice gameplay nice graphics and nice other systems. i Highly recommend you guy's try it out. out dated system yeah maybe but's it's a fun game really fun.

qroxta 11 years ago
yo s'up!

great episode, I share your oppinions concerning Sevencore. They advertise with a in-depth mount/pet-system, but whenever I hear that I think back to Rappelz (a grindy mmorpg that was literally built around the pet-system, I loved it back in "epic 5"). But Sevencore's outdated mix of everything won't be enough nowadays: A wannabe-action-combat, half-assed gathering&crafting and low class-/skill-variety, which brings me to
A-BOMB for any gamedeveloper who is afraid of a large variety of classes and skills and fears to balance them. Get some mathematicians and listen to the community and you will get things worked out. Rappelz is another good example: I did not play around the "holy trinity" (T/DD/H), a good dungeon party needed lots of different classes to be efficient.
Q. of the week: imo I go with the oldest: RIFT because turning p2p into f2p takes time.

may your connections be stable


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Spammie 11 years ago
Well, i got to say Secret World will be the first of the 3 to go F2P, 2 weeks ago i filled a survey for them from newsletter on what would make me drop the sub, and what would make it better than GW2 and WoW: MOP.

And a Da Bomb to Games Campus, i won 21 $ Worth of Cash on their epic events so far :)).

Best Regards,
Spammie from a messed up Romania.

EbonicHero 11 years ago
I think, no i HOPE, that it's Secrete world. True they just released a new expansion for the game but they are loosing a lot of money and need something to get more revenue. This was a game that i REALLY wanted to play but just didn't want to pay for but always wanted to play. i love the supernatural genre, John Constantine being on of my favorite comic book characters, and i am very anxious to be able to out my character into a world like this.

reavermyst 11 years ago
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is going to be a huge hit if they play their cards right. Can't want to play it!

Soxx 11 years ago
Welcome back Selfius!

Been weird without you on the show

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