F2P Cast: Summer Lovin (Ep.22)

In this episode of the Free to Play Cast we welcome a new host and since there is a lack of news this time of year, we decide to discuss the state of the MMO union. Can solo play be an MMO breaker? How important is story? Is the genre itself in trouble? We take a look at all these questions then get down and dirty with the weekly bombs! Join us for some lack of real news Summer Lovin!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (36)

GideonGreene 10 years ago
Long time Allods player, recently back ingame from a medical hiatus, i wanted to ask League or Empire would love to hang out ingame!

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Stivertsen 10 years ago
This is better then cookies!!!!!!!

Pennlion 10 years ago
The idea that solo features are killing MMOs is wrong. This just opens the game up to more players, I am a casual gamer who rarely has more than an hour at a time, and no consistent play time. I do group when I can, but this is not often. You can still group in games and form friendships, but it is no longer something everyone does. Guild Wars 2 has done a lot to get players to play together. I am currently Playing Grand Fantasia because it is easy to jump in and out of and has a very friendly community. I play this almost exclusively for MMORPG play. You did forget to mention the first time spender package that should get most people to spend at least little on the game.

Jacob Mills 10 years ago
Hey Magicmann, this is Asylix, or NextStep Industries on youtube. I was wondering if i could be a guest host one day? I really love your show, watch every single one that comes out, and i am an AVID f2p gamer, as well as i'm currently going to school for game design, so i know the industry well. I just think i could add to the all around liveliness of the show, even if only for one day :) I am wisconsin born so i speak english, and i have a boss headset so i have good audio, also i have skype ^_^ Respond at my email asylixbdagod@gmail.com or on skype which is jake,softpaw. Hope to hear form you soon!


kestas24 10 years ago
just wana say cople words on story topic. I agree on what was said and i came up with idea for it. Simply put no story make legends create 1 npc that gives random simplefied missions can be repeatable but no story just some agency passing on missions and every time you finish one you get a title of specific legend making you feel ok i done something that has influenced my character or made me more know. That way you do not have to worry that story line is not gona keep players for long. And npc will give missions randomly 2 at time one for party and another for solo and you will need to finish them both to get new ones. Just an opinion of mine thank you for readin.

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Stacy 10 years ago
I've been playing MMOs for about 9 years and I can honestly say I've never read the story-line for any of them. My first MMO I started reading the story line, but about a few weeks in I just stopped as it became tiresome and boring (and I just wanted to get on with the PLAYING lol). I've played dozens upon dozens of games and I've never read the story-line through in any of them. I know most of my fellow guildies don't read the story either. So I don't think that story-line is important to a good MMO. I think fresh content, plenty of quests (not having to grind out levels), and a good player base is what makes a good MMO (F2P or otherwise).

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Grimarcane 10 years ago
What is your (all host/hostess) most played game ... The one that get's the most Luv .. or game time XD

Good Show again.

Dish 10 years ago
Great show once again guys ! Keep it up . And guys if you had to choose only one free to play game to play for this year what would that game be?

AwesomePants 10 years ago
Hello guys! (and girls) Super awesome show!

I have an Da Bawmb :(

Keep doing what you're doing best //AP

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nexthazard 10 years ago
meh after the girl said what started her in gaming i got bored xD anywa gd vid

Beastrolami 10 years ago
Dear magicman,

I need your help... I have been in a long relationship with free to play mmos. But recently, she has been acting kind of strange. The free to play games have become more and more story based, and i never even see the old mmo style of gaming i fell in love with. Should i cheat and start playing offline games, or should i give mmos another chance?

p.s. i would never quit mmos, but i think the genre is changing in a bad way

sincerely, SNO white (see what i did there?)

Beastrolami 10 years ago
Story, defined by y'all as quest text is not important at all, and the reason i am killing x amount of goblins doesn't matter to me, but the quest progression.... kill 5 goblins, then some better goblins, then more goblins... etc. then a massive goblin, then move onto the next town and fight trolls. I think that the way you set up the quests so that the story of what you are actually doing is interesting matters.

WantMyIce-cream? 10 years ago
Magicman, what is the top none pay2win mmo that you think is good? i cant fine any :(

Rinor 10 years ago
Okay so here is my question to you guys... i kinda personal but im gunna ask u guys... if i ... order ... a russian bride does that count as love ..! :O

na im messing with u guys :D but i agreed on pretty much everything u guys were talking about especially like the old times where guilds were 200 man strong and things like this it just doesnt exist any more. :/ but now i know u guys arent into the pvp scene much but alot of these major pvp players were invited to a private PURE PVP server where in some sense they have kept alive that kind of atmosphere is this something that we should do for more games? create separate lobbies where the casual gamer can get on and enjoy him or her self and the more serious and down to business gamer can go onto one server and go crazy playing and getting his loot with a bunch of other people who are like him/her? idk it just seemed like a cool idea to me would like to hear your thoughts

Emil 10 years ago
Oh ... I forgot ... Instant "A" Bomb for World of Battles! It is a great game and all. I absolutely love it and have been waiting for such a piece to come out since forever (pokerface), BUT like in LoL there are simply too many ... Russians!!! Non-english speaking monkeys that stand idle/afk or even if they don't they don't use their armies and i am constantly losing matches/rating because of theese people... Like i said = "A" Bomb for that

Amin (i'm an atheist though)

ACiDSouL 10 years ago
Great show :) and female guest host again....niceeeee :P
For the question. I think for the MMO shooters the PvP is more important thing to look after,not leveling and grinding. Yeah this is the right choice to do for Firefall.
Magicman - I know Guild Wars 2 is not in the category f2p but also is not with monthly fee. If its posible can u say what u think of it in some of the nexts shows if played the beta ofc :) because it is so imazing with the dynamic events,personal character story,scale leveling, WvWvW pvp and so more thing that are just awesome. And do u think to play it?
Regards Alex

Millisec 10 years ago
The only MMO in which I have read the story quests was Dragon Nest. Oh God, what an unpredictable ending (lvl 40 cap) this game has.

Yn 10 years ago
Yah tell me to what is that game in 20:44?

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Zac 10 years ago
Its a combo of everything that makes up a great MMO its like making a cake :)

lilfighter 10 years ago
Yeah, I am already bored of MMOs. When I first found this world, I found a random one, played it, and it was awesome, I was like: Holy shit, and there are tons of games out there like this! So I started searching for new MMOs everyday, and now I got to the point where I even test games I don`t even like, so I know pretty much every MMO out there, and I got bored really fast of them...

Maybe there are too many MMOs, or maybe there is no development team that their reason for making a game is atleast 1% for the gamers, they all do it for money and, other than that, it is really hard for them to come up with new content, something new, never before seen.

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efilipov11 10 years ago
Every time i hear the soundtrack at the begining of f2p casts i get pumped up :D

3rnest 10 years ago
plz say what game they are playing on 20:44 ?

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Droller 10 years ago
Hello! i go straight up for the question of the week: Magicman, recently firefall devs announced that will be no levels, so the game will have more skill based pvp. What do you think about that? i think that its good, cuase Firefall is a heavlly skil based TPS, and the leveling system demolishes that. I think every mmo who is not titled as "MMORPG" should take that in mind. The fact that in Blacklight Retribution leveling system [aside the P2W] makes the most high level player to win..

Aside from that, great show but a little thing- your microfone sound a bit wanky.. Selpius, maybe chuk will be the next guest?

and sorry if my english bad, this is not my main languege =]

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