F2P Cast: Tacos and Bubble Guts (Ep.27)

This week's episode could end host friendships as we discuss our favorite Free to Play Game and our least favorite free to play game. Tensions mount as we explain why. We jump into the horrible mistake that Waren Story has the potential to be, and the round it all off with some STELLAR viewer feedback. Can the hosts remain together and friendly? or will the dreaded tacos cause Havek to explode on the show. Find out NOW on this all new Free to Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (52)

Vivica 11 years ago
You guys bash Aeria alot, considering they're one of the better publishers out there. Did any of you three ever spend time playing Megaten while it was under Aeria? GMs were constantly in game interacting with the community, doing events with prizes and stuff every other day. There was so much involvement from aeria that you never see anywhere else, the only reason I got a foothold in that game was due to one of these events. They're hands down one of my top 3 publisher companies for strictly free to play games.

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Dread458 11 years ago
Yes yes yes on the call in feature. And maybe a live vid cam of your faces while your recording. It may be a bit to much to ask for but would make the videos a bit more enjoyable.

GrueOfDoom 11 years ago
I'd like to give an A-bomb to Vindictus for being restricted to North America and Europe, it sucks not being able to play such an awesome looking game.

Hobbzy 11 years ago
also an A-bomb to Elsword for restricting access so i can't play it from the UK

Hobbzy 11 years ago
i was watching this and my internet went down so i rung up virgin, the woman took control of my laptop and i was like please don't close that tab, luckily for her she didn't ;) anyways great stuff once again, right now i am feeling lotro great game for me as i love the lord of the rings series and as for worst game hmmmmm haven't really played a game that i can say i hated... wait i hate runescape but don't think that counts lol

Maurice 11 years ago
Loved the part of League of Legends.....:
Dont like it.....too cartoony ..............YOUR FAVORITE GAME IS BRICKFORCE...rofl..

Thanks again for another great show -).

Greetz from the Netherlands

MustangPunk 11 years ago
Heard all, I play SWTOR and I think it would benefit. They just did free transfers cause so many people left to play D3. They really lost a lot of subscribers. You should see the numbers down at the end of the second QTR. I would pay for mounts, server changes, and such. BTW I am a 5 year player of WoW so I am willing to pay for the game, and yes I pay for both now, I think SWTOR is about to lose when people can't find groups and have to wait long times for WZs. Thanks you guys are great. I subscribed. MustangPunk

HellcatM 11 years ago
I have 2 HUGE Da-Bombs.

The first one is to all new games that have the click, icon to fight games. These games have been old and there isn't one I haven't gotten bored of after a short time. I love real time combat games (RTS games not so much). RaiderZ I'm looking forward to, I like C9 and Smite and Super Monday Night Combat are fun MOBA's. I understand that there are some people who prefer the click and wait games to the real time fighting games, but every time I see a new one come out it just pisses me off.

The second Da-Bomb is for people who call lobby games MMO's. Maybe I'm wrong but I think an MMO SHOULD be a game that has a persistent world. A lot of these lobby shooters I wouldn't even call massive, 8x8, even 16x16 isn't massive. Big would be 32x32, when I think of massive I think of over 100 players on a server. I'd barely call Vindictus an MMO, you have the open area where you pick quests, but its essentially a lobby game, same with Guild Wars (I don't know about GW2).

On a side note Vindictus has some of the best and most fun fighting I've ever seen in a game and wish other games like RaiderZ and C9 would pick it up. Being able to throw things and the character that has the chains that can pull down monsters so the rest of the group can attack is awesome. If Vindictus were a full blown MMO (with or without instances) would be awesome.

Now I'm not saying I don't play lobby games, I've been playing Ghost Recon Online and its a lot of fun, but to me its not an MMO its just a multi player FPS or an MPFPS.

I'll throw in an A-Bomb to Ghost Recon Online. I've played my share of MPFPS games but this is the most fun and I'll tell you why. I love the cover system. This is what EVERY FPS should have by now. I even think APB would be fun with a cover system. The cover system doesn't stop people from running around and firing like morons but it does let people who want to play smart do so. Maybe its because I suck at run and gun games and do much better playing a game where I can use cover and strategically fire at people while moving from cover to cover. I hope to see more games pick up the cover system.

Thank you guys for putting on a great show and keep it up.

Robert from Los Angeles

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Guazz 11 years ago
A-Bomb to perfect world for allowing steam users into blacklight retribution. they are swamping the servers and making it hard for the dedicated players to play. they increase ping of rounds, spam the world chat and make it hard for experienced players to help the noobs that actually need help and want to play. there are the few that are only in world chat because they "can't get into a mach" when i have no trouble at all getting into one. i try to help them but beause of the massive group of players in world chat i canot help anyone at all as my comment gets swept away in a massive waterfall of comments that have nothing to do with the problem that i was trying to fix.

tell me if you are noticing this problem in blacklight retrebution.

i would definitly call in (if my parents allowed)

Legend0415 11 years ago
A bomb to meet the pyro i would have been completely sastified with it but the pyro did not take his/her/alien/monkey mask off

Stacy 11 years ago
I totally agree about the Warren Story trailer. I couldn't watch it past the first 40 seconds. That sword... ugh.

I'm new to the F2P Cast videos, so far I'm enjoying it. Just curious though, do you ever have a female host/cast member for the videos? I'd love to get a female gamer's opinion on some of these games.

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Edge Damodred 11 years ago
Oh and one more thing. I think you should remove the requirement to have a Facebook/Twitter account for contests/giveaways. Social networking sites have become way too pervasive in games(and in other areas as well) and you shouldn't force people to sign up for auxiliary services for your own things.

Edge Damodred 11 years ago
Hiya Guys,

Excellent show once again. Again I can't wait for the next live show(honestly if you want to do callers you're probably going to need to do the show live anyways, go to vtwproductions.com, a lot of their podcasts they do live on a weekly basis with great listener participation, especially The Emperor's Court(no this not a shamless plug btw:) )).

Having a favorite F2P game keeps changing. I tend to play a F2P game until I burn out on it so it cycles constantly. Right now it would have to be C9 as they've gone into Open Beta meaning no more character wipes! For my least favorite (actually I can't stand it so using the word favorite would imply its even in a list of games I like) is World of Battles. It tries to make itself look like an RTS by creating the illusion you control huge armies when in fact you really just control 4 units(it just draws more creatures when the unit has more life). Most of the maps I played were abysmal as they consisted most of open fields giving really no strategic value to location. But the biggest offender is the cash shop which blatantly makes the game Pay-To-Win as even the cheapest gear you can buy with real money is better than what you can earn with in game.

Going back to C9 and also the question about Instanced vs. Open World gameplay. After playing years of open world games I actually prefer Instanced games. Open World sounds great in theory but it has a big problem with creating challenging content. Designers have a problem tuning encounters because the number of players is a completely unknown quantity, at best they can guess. More often than not Open World content is trivially easy outside a few world raid bosses and even those can be trivialized with enough numbers. The singular enemy ability/A.I. has to be also toned down to accommodate the finite processing and memory resources of the servers themselves as the server has to possibly process vast amounts of players and npcs in one particular area/node of the world. On a more personal level with instancing I can share my adventures with just my friends and leave the total asshats at the door.

And just to give C9 even a bit more attention, Da-Bomb to the GM's of C9 who've been publicly very visible in game through out all the tests and into Open Beta. I used to think GM's were a myth, meant to scare players into behaving, but these GM's proved me wrong. It's been a blast hanging out with them in game, seeing everyone trying to trap them into revealing information about future updates and such.

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Sage 11 years ago
Great show magickmaan and the guys! I'd like to give a Da-bomb to Havek and Brim for the awesome laughs in this episode. Favorite game I have two which I am waiting for to come out Age of Wulin and Dragon Knights.

As for least Favorite I don't think I've come across one which I've hated yet even though I haven't stuck to all the games I've tried I haven't hated any of them :).

Also what happened to Sejiro?? Where is he?? and what is happening with the old F2P Weekly host is he still going to be with the show because I felt he was doing a perfect job even though Jessica isn't bad I preferred the other presenter.

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Pennlion 11 years ago
Still need a regular female co-host. Maybe Jessica could do it. I like to see a perrty girl as much as the next guy, but a female voice here would be of more value.

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Tiago Uzumaki 11 years ago
Congratulations are mmobomb team!
I am anxiously waiting for open beta or beta key RaiderZ.
count on mmobomb team to keep me informed of news RaiderZ!

Grimarcane 11 years ago
Good show again .... and the call in sounds like a good idea.

Fav free to play MMO right now is Aion

Free to play MMO I hate is Waren Story .. this game has no reason to play ... here is me playing Waren Story ... get quest AutoRun to quest spot hit tab and then 1 .... repeat tell done ..turn quest in ... then repeat the hole thing over again ... Well that's how it feels to me.

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bIGRED76 11 years ago

Sebastianated 11 years ago
First, I would like to say, I loved the video. Sat and watched the whole thing with my girlfriend (who is not even with MMOBomb and loved it).

Waren Story, I really think Aeria game's have finally gone wacko. Bad idea this one. Even so, I tried to play it but when i downloaded it and clicked play, nothing would happen.

Favorite MMO, at this time is Elsword I enjoy the new guy, Chung. With his Destroyer cannon but, i'm going the path where he end's up being a duel gunner, like that better.

Least Favorite would have to be Shaiya, I tried to sit and play it but it didn't keep me interested, graphics could've been better, quest build could also be better. (My opinion, please don't bite my head off.)

I would love it if you guy's decided to make a call line, give me the chance to call and i sooooo will.

Last thing, Love you Haveck your hilarious love listening to you, you give me a bunch of laughs. Lol.

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surice17 11 years ago
waren story man that game is crap just a waste of time and download and hard drive memory and league of ledgends and damn man playing dc universe nonstop but when guild wars 2 drop im set for life man like guild wars 2, tera, c9, dc universe, and more like i dont know what im going to do with my life. but great show as always and i think its brim who disses league of ledgends like i agree with you like i couldnt get past the turtorial without saying to myself what the hell is this crap and on top of that its boring

JFKisJack 11 years ago
You guys should have a call in line so that people can give their abombs and dbombs live

Daniel 11 years ago
How come you guys didn't talk about Hawken? Any ideas on how to get into that beta MacigMan? or do I just log in and download it? (;

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kinking123 11 years ago
can i get a brick-force Friend Key or something OMG it need to be full out :(

astranime 11 years ago
Hey... the other week show was nice =( (maybe im blind... wait what =P)

Waren online: Mmmm... i dont really like the click a mob, wait 3 or 5 secs and then click again kind of games =P. No Support characters... why the hell i just love play support, a game based on pvp without support it seems poor + the bad graphics. there are a lot of game out there with the same mechanics.. Why would you have to play this? =P
Oh and magicman i hope to see you borderlands 2 =P

Nexon over steam: i cant play any of the games of nexon =/ because I'm from Argentina... simply we are blocked, I do not need to explain what I think of them(or their mother =P)

Steam: I love steam, 1- Cause im from argentina and its so hard to get some games, 2- Cause the high amount of indie games that i cant get boxed, 3- Cause i don like to have all the games lying everywhere, and im sure that if at some point i want to play something i could not find the box or the code 4- Cause of the have big discounts 5- cause steam have servers for most of the games over there 6- Cause they have servers for the downloads all over the world (even here in argentina) so the download time its nice (even if ur internet its crap) 7- Cause they have a lot of languages (even pirate =P)
My Steam id its astranime

Brick force: I tried it 3 or 4 months ago and could not even play 5 seconds =( mostly cause of the high ping, but the game looks cool and ill give it another shoot when you they get more and better servers =D

League of Legends: i looove so much that game, its always more fun if u play with some of ur friends, I just love the graphics, I love the gameplay and love the supports that the game have =P

Smite: I think that the same that i think of league of legends but i hate that i cant see over my shoulder, and if I walk backwards or sideways its much more slower =( and at least now the map does not cover that blind spot =P

Allods Online: i think that the game its good but this is the kind of games that i start playing, get to lvl 30 (or slightly more) but then I get bored ...
I mean, the interesting things about these games happen at the maximum levels but until you can get there you have to spend so much time killing creatures and completing quests that i just stop playing on the way =P it was the same with Perfect world and Forsaken world

Think that would be nice to talk over skype =D

Good "shob" go on with that =D

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Ebouth 11 years ago
Hey again great show guys. For starters I think doing the "you can call" when you have a question when you guys are recording a great idee, sadly I live here in Europe so I wouldn't think you are going to hear my voise often. If you do however play with the time a little and make it possible that some1 in the EU has to get up from bed 3 in the morning that would be........ I don't know the word but u get my drift. I was just thinking how you could do this when u brouth it up magicman, are u giving us a skype name or something, whatever I'll just forget it for now and see what happens :D.

Now for a bomb on, and yes I mean this, I would like to give fly for fun an thebomb for just getting at least me and my sister back in the game a little after hearing that the game will be upgrated in the next patsh, just a shame when we found out that is wasn't out yet when we started playing 2 days ago :P. Just going to w8 a little and see when the drop the patsh in the game.

Last, magicman you asked for info for S4 league. I played it for some time even payed some money, I never got anyting permenent from it that was a shame. If u ask me it was a good game on itself, IF NO1 WAS CHEATING THE SHIT OUT IF IT. And its pay to win if u ask me, you can get a "hey I kill u in 1 shot riffle+6" for some money and whit a lot of luck even permanent while with the original riffle+1 you need to shoot some1 10 times before they finnaly die.

Okay sry I had to get that from my chest.

See ya all ltr.

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Mainwolf9 11 years ago
I think just like havok, i could not give 2 shits about graphics but that game was sooo bad...

Sartana 11 years ago
personally i don't care about Aeria Games, my account got banned when i wasn't even on it and every time i send them a message i get an error so even though i am excited for Dragon Knights i won't be able to play it now unless i create a new account i think it's stupid, but either way great video guys!
and i have an A Bomb for Aion Ascension it's a really good game to me at least i love the combat, character creation is amazing, and it feels like truly free to play game (correct me if I'm wrong) and i would love to see more of these games on the Free To Play market.

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bad1one 11 years ago
love the shows ,and yes ,warren story is old and boreing,like i said last week ,good call . and about the callins ,be a good add to the show . and about the conversions to f2p 100% agree rift would be a good choice to go f2p soon ,i played beta ,(when free) and i liked it ,but im a tru f2p gamer. but some would be better f2p if done rite with cash shops .

Rinor 11 years ago
Okay first of all YES i would call in :P it would be 3 am i luv 2 leave a comment or 2 :D

My fav F2P is gunna be one that brim is gunna strangle me about its a moba! its HON i play it so often with friends and i enjoy it so much i understand that the community is kinda shitty but if u can find a group of 5 freinds u can enjoy the hell outa the game :P Also like DOTA and LOL but i played HON and just think its the best version of the MOBA style :P and my most hated is Rappelz .... i spent soooooo much time in that game and at one point i realized after getting all my gear i needed (angel genie hawkman) that ... the game is pointless and just quit it truly is a waste of time game sorry to anyone that enjoys it but it really is a horrid game 2 play

Also Magicman u keep saying that its to late to revive Warhammer with the F2P but im telling u right now if they did what i said in the previous F2PC they will get so many joiners and they will make some money its never pointless making money :P

kkthxbye :P

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jacob 11 years ago
another good show magicman . I want to give an a bomb to allods online for haveing no auto atack .

Saiyer 11 years ago
Pretty good show this week.

Lots of Waren Story bashing, but I haven't played it myself yet so I can't tell ya if it's good or not in my opinion. Was there ANYTHING you guys enjoyed about it at all? It /looks/ like it would have been a good game if it came out a few years ago.

I have to agree it really depends on the game to where I'd rather have the box or just the download. Firstly if it's a high priced game (30$+)...I'd rather have the box than have the download on Steam since I have the chance of having my Steam account banned and losing EVERYTHING (No, I'm not doing anything that would get me banned...just paranoid.) Not to mention going on vacation and have no internet really makes downloads hard(impossible) to get unless saved on a USB or burned disk. However for a game that is like less than five dollars, I don't mind buying it online as a download as it's pretty cheap and not a huge loss if something happens to my account.

Favorite Game: CABAL Online, since I've played it ever since it's Beta. I've quit a couple times, but keep coming back to it every-so-often and it keeps regrabbing my attention. Normally once I wuit a game...I've quit for good. (Waren Story should really take some tips from Cabal's skill animation).

Worst Game: WarRock. I've spent alot of time into this game playing with one of my buddies, but it never really caught my interest. I'm normally not a huge fan of MMOFPS games, but this one just seemed sloppy, unappealing, and was buggy to all hell. Right after that is LoL...I am NOT a League of Legends Fan.

Gotta love when MagicMan gets in on debates...he always knows how to rustle some Jimmies.

It also seems like Aeria Games is just tossing away all their good games, but throwing out terrible games...for the lulz maybe? Maybe they ate some bad tacos...

A-bomb on Raider Z...I love the game, but damn it's taking forever for it to go into Beta. ;~;

Aeirn 11 years ago
Da-Bomb for Team Fortress 2! The Pyromania update finally released and, for a game that's five years old, it still manages to keep me tangled in the hilarious and marvelous combat ( I mean honestly what's more fun than beating someone to death with a freakin' candy cane? ). I actually have enjoyed this game so much that I've dropped a fair amount of cash into it because you just can't beat hats! PS: Thanks for another fantastic show. Keep it up :)

AwesomePants 11 years ago
Nice job once again. No i wont brag about being the first to comment :)

Awesome episode made me laugh so much :D

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