F2P Cast: That's a Lot of War! (Ep 55)

This week it's a guy's night on the Free to Play Cast and that works out because today's show is all about WAR! Warframe and War Z are on the agenda followed by a full serving of Weekly Bombs and your Viewer Feedback!

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Discussion (50)

PuddingBearZ 10 years ago
yeah I see the repetitive part of it, needs to change the objectives up give more variety

llazyad 10 years ago
o btw... DA BOM TO WARFRAME !!! warframe Y U SO AWESOME !!!! and we want pvp
the game is too damn awesome combat wise not to have pvp ... pelase PVP NAAWWWW!!!!

Dantis 10 years ago
I'd like to give a BIG 'ol DA BOMB for the person who made the choice of Tera Online going F2P model. Been waiting for a long time for this. Great show MagicMan, been watching for a long time, keep up the good work, hoping for an even better year for you guys.

mPascoal 10 years ago
Question of the week: I think TESO will be B2P and not a sub game. If it will be a sub game it will problably fail. Idk if it is true but I haven't seen much of new features to keep the game alive if it goes for a sub and just for being from a huge franchise with lot's fans isn't enough, SWTOR is the prove of that.
And I agree with GW2 proving that B2P with micro transactions work's more games will go B2P with micro transactions.

cluel3zz 10 years ago
Has any one heard of naruto abunai a naruto 3D mmo

Michael 10 years ago
Answer to the question of the week: I believe the game will be subscription based, personally due to how big the franchise is and it's popularity, so I honestly think they're going to try and pull a WoW. However, I also predict it's going to fail. i don't say this lightly, it's because I personally don't like the idea of it going into an mmo format, though this is my personal opinion of course. I see it going free to play in a year or so.

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cluel3zz 10 years ago
I have replenished my bombs and after getting into the SMITE beta i have an A-bomb for the respawn time and how it increases after you die, but on the other hand i give it a DDDah-Bomb for being and amazing MOBA and one i haven't seen since LOCO, and i have to give Hi-Rez studios that. And on that note i have to give out two other A-bombs to LOCO and a Trion. A-bomb to LOCO because client will not even download the latest patch but just gives an error at 74% completion and that's that. And secondly for Trion for there new up coming MMO Defiance based on a new series on syfy. they invited me into their stress test for the game which they said 'The server will only be available between 6pm and 9pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday, January 11th.' ok the 11th was fine but 6pm to 9pm pacific standard time is 2am to 5am in london. so i dont underdtand why i was invited into this beta just to find out i would have too stay to 5 in the morning. that pissed me off cause i have been waiting for this game for a long time.

cluel3zz 10 years ago
I have an A-bomb for Blizzard entertainment for continuously sending me emails about me trying to sell my diablo 3 account and trying to block me LOL, i have never even bought that shit so i dont know how i have one

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sniperman248 10 years ago
Weekly Question: B2p no doubt because the current for the console market is well B2p which obviously as we know does not have online multiplayer, but has made huge profit.

As for an A-Bomb or Dah Bomb.
(Runescape A-Bomb)
I would give an A-bomb to runescape because it seems they are pushing more cash shop and squeel of fortune updates out now than true content quality content update. It seems that the company is saying its ok for us to do real world trade for players to have an advantage in game, but if you do so without our permission then well we will ban and reset you. Squeel of fortune gives money and items which can be used to an advantage in game which violates the RWT Rule within runescape itself. To finish this A-bomb off I would like to say EoC was a major failure in combat and had pushed away most subscribers. With the game being mostly dominated by bots now as the subscription base. The reason for EoC failure is because magic and range combat styles are over powered making combat even more unbalanced than before.

Meatbagwammo 10 years ago
I really hope that ESO will be b2p. All I can imagine happening if it goes p2p is it being bashed more than SWTOR. I think that p2p games are held to an almost unachievable standard that makes any p2p game seem worse than it really is. I think that ESO will do the best on a b2p model since the 10+ ES players will be more likely to buy it. I've played ES games since Morrowind (which I still haven't completed) and I really want ESO to Succeed. I hope ZeniMax and ZeniMax Online knows what they are doing!

As much as I hate to do this, I'll have to jump on the bandwagon and give a Da-Bomb to Warframe. I've been playing this every chance I get to, and am totally addicted. At first I thought that the 4 revives per day thing was a little to harsh, but that was because I tried to solo the first mission and got utterly annihilated; however, I have since gotten used to the game and controls, and I rarely need to revive anymore as long as I'm playing with some people. I find that most of the strangers I've played with were decent at worst when it comes to playing the game.

Thanks again guys, keep up the great work!


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Angelicxx 10 years ago
Great show as always magicman in free to play cast :D.But i have something i wanna talk to you about magicman ,I had started of playing dcuo when it became free to play its tthe first mmo i ever played but guild wars2 it what got me thinking about trying pc gaming in all but anyway how would you fell if the company of the first mmo you played just started to f*** up? i say this because sony is really pissing me off they way their managing the game it seems like their not ttreating the free players as they suppose example magicman can you believe that sony hasnt released a SINGLE free expansion!? not i single f*** one this game been out for almost three danm years in they havent reeleased a single free expansion they have released 5 dlc expansion that you have to pay for why sub get them for free in also they done restricted the instances that were originaly free when the game first camed out they change them to pay to play in i personaly sunt them a message on twiter asking why the hell did they restricted like half of the end game instances that were original free in they completeed ignored my question i personal think that is unaceptabel when you change things that were originaly free into pay to play what they done is put it so you only do the instance once in then you got to get coins that are in cash shop in even tho it has a way to get them in game you need some type of currency to get them in its at a redicolus amount its absolutly unacceptabel in i dont fell like they treating the free players as they should in that is the reason why i personal think their player base is droping because of this their slowy turing the game into pay to have fun they done restricted 3/4 of the pvp arenas the were originaly free along with dungeons in duo quest in half of then dungeons in duos are where they have the events which gives you the currency to get your highest lvl mentor gear im wondering what you think about this whenever you get the chance to respone. (angelicxx)

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Diego 10 years ago
Hey guys, Just wanted to give a Da-Bomb to WarZ. I don't know if I have played enough MMO's but I have realize WarZ is the first game (That I know about) to be playable while still being developed in its early stages. I find this to be a very good thing about the game since they are actually shaping the game now towards what players are asking for. Of course they have messed up on some things (For example failure of communication), but if other companies learn through their mistakes, and try to release the game early enough, to the point where you can actually play it, I feel like this can really change how games are made. This can give players "Quality control" towards devs, and maybe can see a followup of good games.

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ZhaoYun 10 years ago
ok so i read the interview u guys send me to after what i read i'll tell u this
Even if i am GIFTED with this game i will give it to my dog to destroy it
i really hate this game now after the interview i read(which is weird cause i never even playerd it yet) i mean this guy thinks he's god or something its just pathetic anyway

so A BOMB for that "a....hole" who can't just say "i am sorry i f...d up"

and a DA BOMB to ghost recon online.A lot of people might hate me for this or disagree with me but for me GRO is even better than planetside 2 or Warframe sorry guys but for me its the #1 shooter of 2012

Question of the week:I think it will go buy to play with a cash shop i doubt it will go free to play at all unless they make the stupid decision to go p2p then it will probably get "transformed" into f2p after some time

p.s u spelled brim likesmen(aka that brim likes men lmao)

BullsI 10 years ago
ESO will be P2P to start. Judging by the rather horrible decisions ZeniMax seems to be making in terms of implementing this game, I see this game following the SWTOR path. I bet it will be F2P about a year after release. They have time though, maybe they'll surprise me.

heebeegeebee 10 years ago
great show guys,

Warframe was super fun too play at first then i find my self grinding blue print parts for rhino, and boy was that not very fun. random curse words and 6 hours are a time all for the same blueprint you already have is just nuts. I have played a lot of grinders but that is a serious grind , and after all of that grind and getting the blueprints then you have to grind mats! YAY!!!! that was another day or two just to finish that and find out that the 3 blue prints take 12 hours to craft! YAY! now the waiting game then log back in the next day to see that the rhino can be built!!! yay! i mean errm YAY!!!!! but and its a big BUT you have to wait 3 days for it to finish crafting taunting you in your foundry , after that i found my self counting the time to crafting complete. lastly on the warframe topic It is not pay to win yet .... but more of how much is your time worth vs. grinding and i mean final fantasy crap grinding. after all that i would of much rather just paid them 8 bucks in beta to try the rhino.still very fun game just do not get hard core on the grinding of the parts or you will hate the game afterwards. for the question you have asked ESO will be b2p I could see a try it before you buy it way later in the game but release b2p guild wars 2 did change a lot of things in the spectrum but at the same time f2p is great but you always always always get what you pay for unless you bought the war Z , .... hahaha i kid i kid but seriously I want to give the A- bomb to all the trolls around the world ... I hope you slip and fall in the shower and hurt your mouse hand
thanks for the great show and info without it we would have to listen to well you know who i was going to say

Dragon 10 years ago
Hey I found out when Elder Scrolls Online is coming out and how much it is also




I was looking to buy Tera Online when I found that info and I seeing how you asked that if we thought ESO is going to be free to play, Buy to play or pay to play I thought that was was funny and good timing

Mystika 10 years ago
TESO will most likely be B2P with Cash Shop. In fact I figure it will follow EXACTLY the same as the Guild Wars model, and they'll most likely release paid expansion packs too.

neokiva 10 years ago
right guy great show.
question of the week i have been a fan of the elder scrolls since 4 (i did try morrowind but i couldn't get into it) I would have to say that the elder scrolls online would definitely be a buy 2 play purely because of where it has come from the elder scrolls has always been a single player rpg on the buy to play model and in it has always been open world action combat based game (which they are retaining in online).
DA bomb for Tera going to free 2 play next month and actually adding stuff instead of restricting like the 5-6 mounts. i so want the crystal unicorn or the other dark blue unicorn and name it princess Luna (yea i m a brony)

neokiva 10 years ago
right guy great show.
question of the week i have been a fan of the elder scrolls 4 (i did try morrowind buy i couldn't get into it) I would have to say that the elder scrolls online would definitely be a buy 2 play purely because of where it has come from the elder scrolls has always been a single player rpg on the

removalmitt 10 years ago
I don't have an issue with the 4 'revives' given daily, I found I have to decide whether it's worth using it mainly when I'm on my own, rarely die if I have at least 1 other player (all randoms in squads). For me it's an acceptable way for them to generate some revenue --- I'll argue this for them as they are listening to the community i.e getting rid of 'pro upgrade' (so that's a good sign, also the responses to bugs/problems/queries is quite good).

hopefully it's just because of beta that it's become so repetitive i.e same ship, variance of missions...

personally I may eventually try to hit up making 'Ember', maybe 'Ash'

Vespetine 10 years ago
I have an A-BOMB for Devs. The A-Bomb is for a Dev of a game that I don't think we can talk about yet since it's still in it's Beta weekend stages. Basically, I give an A-bomb out to the devs that hype up their games as if they're the second coming of Jesus.

I was so excited to get Beta access to the game, and ended up uninstalling the client within 15 minutes of game play. I think 10 of those minutes was wasted on confusion of the hype given to this game.

Let me just give a DA-BOMB to Havek for getting worked up about the annoyance he had with the game.

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xcr00k3dx 10 years ago
The Elder Scrolls Online is probably going to be Buy2Play w/ Cash Shop. I can't imagine them doing a Free2Play model, especially for how high budget this game likely is. If it is Free2Play, I will be shocked & astounded.
I have a Da-Bomb to Tera's F2P model. Looks like it will be incredibly non-restrictive. I applaud Blue Hole for not taking a Freemium model like almost all other P2P converts do. Gonna download it today (actually probably over the next few days, since my internet speed is absolutely shit) & try it out prior to the F2P conversion.

Also, I don't remember what episode it was, but in one of the F2P Cast's there was a prediction (by MagicMan I believe) that The Secret World would go free first, then Tera, then Rift. Well, it did kinda go like that, didn't it? lol (kinda, since TSW is B2P). =3

TheLastRebel 10 years ago
Pro System is replaced where you can get all ur gear pro via farming for blueprints n crafting mats then waiting a day

Donald 10 years ago
My weekly dabomb goes to Wizardry Online!
I'm catching the end of the open beta just before the wipe and I absolutely love it! Best dungeon instance style mmo I have ever played! (Multiple dungeon instances to enter, but not exclusive to you/your party) The dungeons are challenging! They are seriously challenging and I freaking love it. After a first playthrough a dungeon only takes about 30minutes. But when you first run a dungeon(without a guide) It can take as long as 2 hours to work through puzzles and navigate the passageways. Permadeath is possible, but not likely. It still adds that sense of danger to the game. The most exciting feature would be the open PVP. If killed in a dungeon, other players AND MONSTERS can loot your corpse! So you need to rush to resurrect! This game is loads of fun, I'm going to lay off it til the full release(Jan 14th is a open beta wipe then Jan 16th is full release I think?)

Lagwin1980 10 years ago
And you never even said Mounted Inflictious...

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Inflictious 10 years ago
This is my spot !

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