F2P Cast: The Drinking Game! (Ep 47)

If you're of legal age it's time to open up and drink and sit back to play the F2P Cast Drinking Game! Kahlyn and Brim make their returns to the show after their last "bacon" laden appearance. The hosts discuss a number of topics that have no real video, and then to finish it all off we read YOUR feedback!

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Discussion (31)

Zhao Yun 10 years ago
where is "cooking with Kahlyn"? :(

CodeZombie 10 years ago
Hey Magicman, got a response to the questoion of the week. In my opinion, languages created for a game just serves to pull me out of the game, and can make it hard to get sucked back in. I understand why devs would include these in their games, but instead of spending time creating a language, they can spend that time improving the rest of the game.

Da bomb for Hawken, Been in closed Beta for a while, Im lovin it.

a bomb for SWTOR- Im a huge star wars fanboy, and was very excited about SWTOR going F2P...
Im very much against EA, and the F2P model used in SWTOR has done nothing more than make me dislike them even more. Well done EA.

CodeZombie 10 years ago
Hey Magicman, got a response to the questoion of the week. In my opinion, In game language especially in the case of SWTOR

cacalips 10 years ago
F2P vs P2W in AION

squallypew 10 years ago
star wars tor should learn from maplestory cash shop system if you dont know what im talking about you should check it out.
instead of making people quit the game for such broken system

Neokiva (knee-oh-key-vah for magicman pronounciation) 10 years ago
hi guys for the weekly question, I like the racial languages (tried to learn skyrim's dohvah language failed epically) but if they are going to do it, they should make it clear and organic in the subs or add a little spice and add a tool to help you learn it, if it is important to a player, they will, heck a lot of people learned Tolkien elven.

my bombs this week DA Bomb for Tera online for their "unlimited day trial"

A BOMB for Tera online because they wont acknowledge that the game is dying as a p2p i mean they recently went through a server merger down to three and i just think they are delaying the inevitable with the trial.

reavermyst 10 years ago
In Star Wars, it does seem to add to the immersion to an extent. They need to make the subtitles easier to read the only thing that's breaking the immersion is the reused vocal assets that I pick up on. One NPC literally at the Jedi beginner world repeats a vocal track 3 times while saying completely different things. If you're going to go for immersion with your fully voiced NPCs, make different tracks for them. Reusing vocal tracks is just plain lazy.

Also shout out to my 21st bday. I was at a friend's house last night awaiting my very first drink. When i saw this video late that night I decided to play the drinking game as well. One of my friend's shouted Bacon 5 times and i ended up having to down 5 shots of Rye Stout. Not very palatable for a newcomer like myself.

Kr4n3ly 10 years ago
Imma go ahead and say Da-Bomb for Guild wars 2. One thing that I can say is that the game has a good community and I believe it is due to how the game was made. You get rewarded for helping people pretty much and you don't have to fight over things. A mob finally pops and 3 people have been waiting and no one has to fight over first hit, you all just jump on it and share the loot. Also, I love how I just open my character panel and all my equipable armor is right there so that I don't have to filter through my bags and I love that I can change the color of it as well.

A-Bomb for the fact that I got to wait until next year for all the games I want to play such as ESO and Neverwinter. /sigh

Great show as always, it is nice to have a girl on the show for that diversity factor. Nice to know that there are some gamer chicks out there that don't just play pokemon and harvest moon.

Edge Damodred 10 years ago
For the Question of the Week, I prefer to read the subtitles in general because most of the dialogue is usually drawn out and and boring to listen to. I can read/skim it in less time and get the point and don't have to subject myself to its horrid sound.

BTW, Rest In Peace Magicman's Liver.

Mystika 10 years ago
You guys should do a drinking game every 10 episodes, it's so funny! BTW Magicman, you could've said MMOBomb Period Com!

Hmm....ingame languages? I don't think I would mind it, since I don't remember playing any game with ingame languages.

Great show again :)

LordHikaru 10 years ago
Hey Magicman and crew. Wonderful show and hilarious to boot. Unfortunately, I didn't join in with the drinking. I could of but sadly all we have is Bermuda rum that I have no claim to... so I couldn't drink.

Anyways, the whole star wars free to play thing doesn't surprise me at all. We are talking about EA here after all. Whoever thought EA wouldn't put hoops up for us to jump through needs to get back in touch with reality and forget about that Free to play utopia everyone keeps dreaming of but will never get.

As for the question of the week. I think characters having their own language is a great thing. it creates atmosphere and immersion. Where would Star Trek and Star Wars really be if every race in their universes only spoke English and didn't have their own unique language? We certainly wouldn't have the Klingon dictionary now. Having to read subtitles is well worth it. I practically watched subbed anime everyday so its really no different for me.

And Dabomb to you guys at the F2P Cast for saying my comment lol. Made my evening. And no I wasn't mowing my lawn but cutting my lawn with a sword has always been a dream of mine.

Can't wait for more. Keep up the good work.

Reaper5167 10 years ago
Great show once again guys, enjoyed myself, you're all awesome! (All of you get a Da Bomb :P) now for my bomb of the week, an A Bomb once again for EA for ruining free-to-play games with their ridiculous cash shop system. As for my answer to the question of the week, I do think the in game alien language that some NPCs use do add to the immersion of the game, as it feels like your there (realistic) but, provided that the subtitles are good and the NPCs don't all sound the same. Oh, and before I forget, drink responsibly guys ;) I followed the drinking game and came out fine haha :D

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1ManWolfPack 10 years ago
Hey gang. Awesome idea for a show, but take the bottle away from Brim!

DaBomb this week for Path of Exile.

Thanks again MagicMan for the beta key i got watching MMOBombLive. The games a ton of fun. So like the good old days of Diablo 1 + 2 but better graphics. One thing I specifically like is the lighting effects, very very well done. As well as the way to can customize the type of class you want to play with the gem system. This morning I started to play, lost track of time, looked up and noticed 3 hours had passed. So, to Grinding Gear Games, 2 thumbs up.

Before I sign off, I'd like to take a bow |) ---> pew pew lol


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xcr00k3dx 10 years ago
LMAO Resident Evil's voice overs are awesomely terrible XD Maybe I should pop it in for a bit..

For the question of the week, I think in game languages, sayings, & such add to the immersion of the universe, as long as you aren't listening to the SAME DAMN AUDIO TRACK OVER & OVER like any alien race talking in KOTOR-2.

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Sebastianated 10 years ago
Hello, F2P Cast great show as usual. Love watching, ya'll gave me a good laugh today. Thank you for making my afternoon a great one.

My Da-Bomb will go to League of Legends. For pulling me into MOBA's, had a great time playing it this weekend. Hope to pull my Girlfriend into it soon.

A-Bomb goes to Swtor for there ridiculous F2P model. I have to pay $5.00 to sprint?!?

Answer to the question of the week, I believe having the characters speak different languages adds to the immersion. I love reading subtitles anyways have them on all the time so i'm used to that. Reminds me of the Assassin's Creed game's with there characters speaking the native language made the game great.

Again guy's and girl. Thank's for the amazing show can't wait 'till next week.

Quattro 10 years ago
Huge A-bomb for RaiderZ going live next week. There are so many bugs still. The guild system is dreadful. Rather, the whole social system is. There's hardly any content with a level cap at 35 as well. The game needed to be in beta for much much longer. And this is why PWE is a pretty awful publisher. They did the same thing with Blacklight Retribution essentially.

Bob 10 years ago
Totally agree with your A-bomb magicman swtor was not even worth the download to try the "f2p" as i was on for 30 min's and then uninstalled.

And Brim is a class act drunk :)

I would have to rescind my A-bomb of last week for RaiderZ gold spam...they have done something that eliminated them in the last few days and it is gloriously silent.

And agreed for Elder scrolls,it looks incredible...their video and in particular the castle siege pvp looked superb and i don't even like pvp but i want to play that.

As for the question of the week it really depends on the game for SWTOR it kinda defeats the purpose of having full voice acting...what they could have done was have 2 audio tracks one at a lower volume in the un translated and the second translated louder and in an artificial voice like it was coming through a computer translator.

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Questionmark 10 years ago
Question of the week - I'd say it definitely adds to the immersion of the game. An example of this would be in Deus Ex: Human Revolution when you go to china. The Chinese people talk to you in chinese, with english subtitles. I wouldn't expect them to be speaking english, it would break my immersion if they actually were.

Drosfix 10 years ago
4 the question of the week I most say I love when the voice actin is on ther on languages or the orintinal languages. I realy can't stand any game (or movie) that have bad or good dub of any way.
And I give a boom to any game that force you to do radce 4 the storyline. (RaiderZ).

Nanoah 10 years ago
Mohaha. You three always make me laugh! And you're not alone Kahlyn, I LOVE COMICS.

Kahlyn should have her own show. She's fun.

Snowwww 10 years ago
A Tsar A-bomb to SWTOR for its f2p model right off the bat.

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Rashaad 10 years ago

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