F2P Cast: The Repopulation? (Ep.28)

On this week's Free to Play Cast we dive into rebuilding human civilizations with and Indie developer, try to catch them all in Soul Captor, and recap some of what we liked and did not like about C9 now that that open beta has started. Brim gets a little loud as apparently goblins have eaten his microphone, and Damina keeps us all grounded with some "Stamina System" insight. All this and more as we march ever closer to the inevitable Free to Play Cast Live!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to magicman@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (28)

XXChromo 11 years ago
I have to give a Da Bomb to Riot Games, they've really stepped up their skin game lately, releasing a lot of extremely high quality skins, putting in some serious work.

Razor 11 years ago
How is babby formed?

Casualslacks 11 years ago
Presumptive Da-Bomb for The Repopulation

I was excited to see that you guys were going to cover The Repopulation this episode. I've been playing MMOs since 2002 and I think the MMORPG genre has grown stale with big companies who refuse to be ambitious. F2P games take more risks to get attention, but they want to shape gameplay more so that going to a cash shop makes sense. So far, The Repopulation appears to be a very ambitious sandbox game with themepark elements that will give players meaningful choices in how they game. Conditionally generated missions, optionally noncombat focused gameplay,rogue factions, and city-building all sound awesome. I don't think those elements have ever been put together in a single game.

I threw some money into their Kickstarter, so I hope they can pull it off well and gain a respectable number of players. The other 708 backers and I who contributed $10 or more will get at least Silver level player membership and at least $20 in the in-game cash shop. Therefore, we won't have to give Above and Beyond Technologies another penny until we love their game and think that it's worth it. If things turn out, that $40 that I put into their Kickstarter may be a better investment than the $60 I spent on Diablo 3.

Sebastianated 11 years ago
Another awesome video, enjoyed it alot. (Sadly did not watch this one with my girlfriend, she was not awake and couldn't wait lol.)

Soul Captor: Looks fun, might try it just because i love completionest stuff but, not a huge pokemon friend.

C9: Downloading that not to try it out, even though I haven't played it i'll throw at A-Bomb at the stamina system. Elsword runs the same thing and I don't enjoy it very much especially since I don't like making Alts

I'll give a Da-Bomb out to Aion, played it for a little while and I love the build of everything. Little to no reason to hate this game, except the long dowload and little lag, lol.

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MaxHavok 11 years ago

Echoman 11 years ago
Another hour of awesomeness, thanks for the show and my Da-Bomb goes for Team Fortress 2 for being so addictive like drugs, but in a good way ( of course if there are a good way ). And my A-Bomb goes for Blacklight Retribution awesome game but servers suck big time, can't handle recent wave of new players coming from steam. Anyways keep up the good work.

Stacy 11 years ago
Oh and I forgot to give my bomb - Da Bomb to Aion Ascension Truly Free. I used to play when Aion was a monthly fee and I'm overjoyed that it's F2P now. They've added a lot of cool stuff since I last played and as far as I can see there are no Pay 2 Win items or gear in the cashshop. They have some XP bonus backs for faster leveling but nothing that I can see that would put a CS buyer far above someone who doesn't spend a dime.

You guys need to check it out, since you liked it when it was a monthly sub. The next week and a half is the perfect time to play as they are GIVING AWAY (yes totally free) 100% exp bonus amulets every day for the next week and a half or so: http://store.aiononline.com/store/index

Vieric 11 years ago
hello guys, really love the show, I just popped in to recommend a few games that just don't get a ton of press, I would be truly happy if someone could get a look at them Although I totally understand that you may not wish to or simply may not have time as these games all have quite a bit of depth and might not be the easiest to review well plus they also have tremendous learning curves.
the games are as follows:

Face of Mankind (as another comment mentioned)
Wurm Online
Haven & Hearth (this game was made by the same people working on salem, and has more than a few similarities. be warned though that it is plagued by technical issues due to its very tiny and preoccupied dev team, the gameplay more than makes up for it though)

Inflictious 11 years ago
Another Fine Show Magicman.

I have an A- bomb and a Da-bomb for you this week.

My A-bomb :

Goe's to Divinia. A Few reasons here :

1) Remember in closed beta get to lvl 30+ Keep your character !

Well i don't know about you but i had to start over at lvl 1 with no bonus to my account of any kind!

But i did like the game enough to start at lvl 1 again,So with that said and me knowing how fast it was to lvl up and get to the lvl cap of 60 i decided to do alot of grinding. You know, no picking up items , Makes it super easy to grind if you can handle the endless hours of seeing the same mob.

2) Well i grinded the first mob for close to 10 hours, At that time they stopped giving me xp, Next mob.So i grinded in Ruin City for a week !Hit lvl 24, did all my quests to move to the next zone.
Only to find out that clarisse is glitched if you make the quest turn grey. Yeah i was 15 lvls above it But, That week of GRINDING for HOURS & HOURS, Well was wasted time.
And my lvl 25 is Permantly stuck in the starting zone.

I truely hate instance based games purely for these reasons.
Never Will I play a BeanFun game again, For as i told them in the forums , My week of grinding to lose it all sure had not " BEANFUN ".

Phew, Feels good to get that out, And give a huge Da-bomb to ....

I know f2p show,
But damn is " The Secret World " ever a fresh idea and sweet game.

Hope you have got some time in on this little number. Only reason i brought it up is well, We all know summer is the worst for F2P game's to be released and this game could not have picked a better time to release itself.

Your Fan & Friend Inflictious.
Peace !

Stacy 11 years ago
Great show! This had me laughing out loud so much my boyfriend was looking at me weird (he couldn't hear what I was laughing at because I had the headphones on while listening to it ...not that he'd "Get It" anyway since he's not a gamer. lol).

I think it's fantastic that you have your wife on the show. It's cool to hear a female's perspective on the games in question. Though I have to disagree with her on one point - I can't stand the "cute-sy stuff". hehe But we all have our own tastes I suppose. You three all agree on C9 so that's definitely something I need to try out. I'm currently playing Aion and it might be nice to play two games at once (something I've not done before).

Thanks for the great show! It's liking having gamer friends right in my livingroom talking about the stuff that I want to hear about. Oy, I need more gamer friends in real life. hahah

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zenomex 11 years ago
ello, no offence, fan of the show, but Brim, NO OFFENCE but you sound so full of bullox when ya talk, i mean, its kay that u dont know much about the game but atleast dont try then XD

my a-bomb of the week

sorry bro,

Grimarcane 11 years ago
Da Bomb for FTP cast ... Da Bomb for Magicman ... He help me out with some good tips..

A show I would like to see is PWFcast (Play with Fan Cast) of mmobomb staff playing MMOs with fans or something like that.

P.S. ABomb for Aeria Games ...... You know why.

Spammie 11 years ago
This is my first bomb on this show, mostly for the video version that i allways watch, I don't know for sure who is doing the editing but is most likely Magicman, It would be nicely that from now on when you guys talk about a game, show the games gameplay or trailer for that specific game, not other game video. In this show everyone was talking about World of Darkness and the video was a gameplay from Waren Story, how dare you guys bring shame on World of Darkness rofl ...

Aside that this was another great show, enjoying this show every week and never stop doing this show.

Greetings from Romania.

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ZombieMarkTwain 11 years ago
I have a Da Bomb for a really great game that not many people know about.
Face of Mankind.
I thought about it when you were talking about Repopulation, In Face of Mankind or FoM the player joins one of 8 factions that are competing for dominance in the Universe, you can join a sub group in that faction that focuses on either Combat, Economy, or Training. It's very unique and it has endless hours of gameplay because all of the content is created by the players. Every item in the game from Drugs to Armor is player made and thrown into the economy by the Marketplace interface. While the game does offer a subscription the free accounts are not so limiting that you cannot play the game. Free accounts have access to all the content and can openly participate in all the in-game hijinks. I know that there is a first look video for the game on the site but I know that many more people watch the F2P Cast and I just wanted to get my input out there. Great Show keep up the good work!

Aeirn 11 years ago
Da-Bomb to Steam! I know it's a primarily pay to play digital game store but I love seeing that it is adding a variety of F2P titles to it's massive amount of games. Do you guys and gals at the F2P Cast think that free games should have a main website or program where they are able to be downloaded and played ( such as Steam ) or do you think that all is fine as it is at the moment?? I know I always say it but I love the show. Keep 'em coming! :)

Guyshows 11 years ago
what happened to free2play weekly i always look foward to seeing it although i'm not a big fan of the "new" free2play weekly but it works

Genesis 11 years ago
its been 9 days since the last free to play weekly

Genesis 11 years ago
What About Free To Play Weekly ?

s1m007 11 years ago
Maybe -"Funny moments of the week". Everyone will send videos and you will choose the best funny or intresting moments and put them in a video . I think that will be a great show .

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