F2P Cast: What does $100,000 Get You? (Ep 49)

This week on the Free to Play Cast, Magicman and Sejiro two man the show and talk about some of the issues with the Planetside 2 launch, look at a very vague KickStarter campaign, and talk about the robots in disguise! With viewer bombs from all over the globe and members sharing their online relationship status it's sure to be a unique show!

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (21)

drosfix 10 years ago
Hello I have a da-bomb 4 firefall so just put up a Eu Server. Finally I can play whit out realy bad lag.
I have a a-bomb 4 Smite. First I most say it is a great game. So I give it a a-bomb for not have a openbeta yet. I personally think the game is ready and the beta players are starting be like the LoL communerty and when it's open the new players will be tern down how bad they are doing agenst closebeta testerst so did have months in game.

LordHikaru 10 years ago
Awesome show. Enjoyed listening along. I'm a long time Transformers fan. I too cried when Optimus died in the movie. lol. I still do on the inside. Its not quite that emotionally shocking anymore lol. I do intend to try the Transformers MMO by Jagex just because I'm such a fanboy for the franchise, hell with everyone who thinks being a fanboy is a bad thing. I'm proud of it. I'm still waiting for Unicron, Micheal Bay.... better not mess him up when you do...

As for the question of the week.... Nope... I can barely give myself money so how am I supposed to give it to someone else? lol. I've never really even been on kickstarter before to begin with unless someone posted a link somewhere but I've never physically typed www.Kickstarter.com into my browser and looked.

Maybe I should start a kickstarter so I can buy my own island in international waters where there are no laws but my own..... tempting.

zsdcasd 10 years ago
in my country you can buy 4 luxury houses with 100.000$

SecondBarrage 10 years ago
Da bomb to Rohan blood feud on it's resent server and drop rate retune as well as level cap rise and map expansion. This really helps this game in it's weak early stages and makes it's all ready awesome endgame even better.

Question of the week: no I have not spent any money on kick-starters for games you can't spend money you don't have. I don't even have money to try those bacon recipes. I would have to know what the game was about and how it's played as well as what the money was going to before I begin to consider spending money on a kick-starter.

Pieareround 10 years ago
I've got an A-bomb this week. It's for Perfect World Entertainment. After a few months of trying to convince my brother to at least try Blacklight Retribution, he finally broke down and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, upon creating an account with PWE, he found that he couldn't sign into Blacklight. So, figuring that something maybe went wrong with account creation, he decided (instead of getting into the rigmarole of customer service interactions) to just create another account. Once again, he couldn't sign in. As it turns out, they never actually sent him an activation email, either time. He even checked his spam folder, and there was nothing there. So, understandably, he now refuses to deal with PWE or play any of their games. Since then, I've devoted a lot less time to Blacklight...

In response to the question of the week, no I have not ever donated to a free to play game - or anything - through Kickstarter. In order for me to give that sort of financial support to such a game, I will have to have already been invited to play some version of the product for free, and I'll have to have enjoyed my time playing the game enough to want to support it financially. This is similar to how I ended up treating League of Legends. Granted, it had already been in full release long before I ever played it, but it is such a great game that I felt it worth the money to shell our for a few skins. I like the skins I got out of it, but my actual purpose was to throw some money to Riot for creating such a great product. To date, LoL is the only F2P game I've spent money on for this very reason.

Reavermyst 10 years ago
Well, since I'm kinda short on cash due to being unemployed and in college, working towards my MBA while imagining myself 30 years from now raging at the monthly payments on the loans I'm probably going to have, I'm not really going to be able to make any donations to ANY crowd-funded campaign.

But that's no fun so let's make it theoretical. IF I had the funds to donate to a crowd-funded project, I want to make sure the company hosting the project knows exactly what they want the game to become. They also need ample prototyping footage of the product, treat us as they would a publisher because in the end we determine whether this game gets the green light. If you can, show me a prototype of the game, it can be a downloadable single player alpha or demo, or it can be a video showcasing the gameplay and design, I love using my imagination on these things, but I don't want to be delusional of what the end product will be, it'll only give me false expectations and probably leave me feeling let down if it passes and comes out the opposite of what I thought. Finally, make the selling points for donations the end product, not the 'rewards' given for making a set donation. Those are more or less "thank yous" for those who fund the project.

Archblade made an excellent example of what NOT to do in crowd-funding. Mainly, they're trying to sell their rewards, not their game. The rewards up to the 100 dollar mark is literally early access and possible items from the not so subtle hint of a cash shop.the 100-300 marks are fairly typical in a crowd-funding campaign, so no beef in that margin but the jump from 300 to 10k is beyond ridiculous and the reward is vague enough as it stands. Maybe if they mentioned being flown to the studio for a weekend to discuss the character's design, maybe play test the game, hang with the devs, hell throw in a 'producer' title, and I can understand but as far as I know I'll pay 10 grand to sit in a Skype call. It doesn't seem like it's worth the trouble or the cost.

The moral to crowd-funding success is to sell the product, not the rewards.

Now that i had my soapbox of the week, I'll just move on to my Bombs.

A-bomb goes to... me? Yup myself along with anyone who take video gaming far too seriously. Let me clarify. It's okay to be serious about video games in general. I personally view them as an artistic medium like music and literature. I appreciate the work that goes into them. I wouldn't be going for my MBA to be a game producer if I didn't. My A-bomb is to those who rage at video games and pretty much make our medium look bad by taking violent and/or obscene action(both verbally and physically) over the outcome of a game. I A-bomb myself because I admitted fell under that category and "having bad times in real life" shouldn't be a justified reason.

Games are meant to be fun, there's more serious matters in the real world to be, well serious about.

Anyway, thanks for the good show as always guys!

Oh yeah, I missed out on this: DEMINA GET OFF MY PORCH! :P

Mystika 10 years ago
A-bomb to Valve or Popcap for stating that Monopoly on Steam had Multiplayer, when really it should have been labelled Local Co-op.

Until now, never heard about Kickstarter, so I haven't supported any games on it. I did purchase the Humble THQ Bundle though, to support THQ (who are pretty down in the dumps right now) alongside Humble Bundle Inc.

mPascoal 10 years ago
Hey guys, great show again
I have two A-Bomb's this weak for Planetside2. The game look nice and all that stuf, until now I've run it well in medium specs etc, etc... but one thing that the game lack, and this is an huge thing, is a tutorial. The lack of this almost made me drop the game because why do I have to do the work of SOE and gather the basic info about the game when that's the job of SOE or who else made the game.

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DASHI 10 years ago
i have a a-bomb and da-bomb for firefall stress test beta,

a-bomb for the lack of players in the stress test although i think most people already forgotten this game still exists. da-bomb for firefall's gameplay mechanics which promotes teamwork and so far, i haven't heard anyone shout ks-er.

as for the question, i have not supported anything on kickstarted but i am willing to push out 50 to 500 if the company is making something like mechwarrior online+gundam+planetside2, basiclly a gundam mech with planetside 2 war style.

Mouen 10 years ago
Hey folks from F2P cast! Loving your show, congratulations for upcoming 50th episode and also 1 year of casting!

Question of the week : No i havent backed anything on kickstarter just because of not having enough money to do it, but im looking forward to back something. By the way, i get why you dont like Kickstarter so much but you should admit that the core idea is really good but the execution is not done very well, i get that some people are trying to exploit Kickstarter but there was some really epic projects such as FTL or Star Citizen that really needed the money and for this, kickstarter can be good.

My bombs :
I have an A-bomb for almost all F2P games for having really bad community. It is not that bad MMORPG games but in games like League of Legends or Team Fortress 2 where the core to victory is strategy and cooperation, few people can wreck whole game up.

I also have a DA-bomb for Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends for still having the best Cash shops i have seen in a F2P game, take an example EA!
And also a DA-bomb for Age of Wushu just for looking to be awesome game and coming up with something new.

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Tio_Z/frealms 10 years ago
Great show guys, here's one for Sejiro other half (or to be used as ammunition when the F2P Cast meets her): "What does $100,000 get you?" A damn fine engagement ring.

QotW: Haven't backed anything on Kickstart nor similars. What would get me pledging? Solid and detailed information on the project, a good amount of videos showcasing what they have achieved and what they plan to achieve. Their current structure, what is lacking, why is it lacking and how will it benefit, how the money is intended to be spent (don't just throw a general "for development and sustain our people". Not saying make me an excel chart, but do put up something more concrete like "Hire X folk, upgrade this, get license for Y engine"), you know, sell me your product!
It's not because it is on the internet that I should just toss money at you for saying you have an idea. Try that one with a bank, it will be hilarious.

Weekly bombs:
DA-BOMB: Wizardry Online! Get me some of that Demon/Dark Souls on a massive multiplayer environment and you have a recipe for fun and grief! Just a minor downside is that I find the combat to be a bit slow and stiff. But hey, stuff can improve over time.

A-BOMB: Mortal Online. Love the game, it's like Ultima Online in 3D with good graphics but...what they did was similar to EA's approach onto "free" to play. Cutting out your free players from looting and trading the good stuff could've slipped if you weren't already capping them to 60% of what a sub character can be. Seriously, timeless trial there, not Free to Play.

Lagwin1980 10 years ago
I'm giving Planetside 2 a...derp bomb(a bit of both) not played a fps online for years and went on expecting to die and by the time i was killing people and enjoying it the servers went down twice, then had a look at the cash shop and though yeah...might go buy a gun that was on a sale, added the cash then found the gun couldn't be bought as it was unavailable and was for over an hour so i bought another and shortly after the sale gun was back :(
Other than that the boosts seem a tad over expensive to the point that your actually better off taking a months sub.

As for the question of the week i've never supported a game through a kick starter mainly because i'm skint atm...theres almost nothing i would out right give my money to because i like the idea of the game or how they say they want to make it but i would have put money to Path of Exile but only because i did manage to get into the closed beta and like the way it is shaping up.

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Snowwww 10 years ago
QotW: I've never supported any kickstarter games. I might do so if I see a game that coincides fully with my tastes. Even then I might just donate a small amount of money. I could give you some far-fetched reasons why I don't support any games there but maybe I'm just a cheap bastard..

AirSplash 10 years ago
Nice show free to play cast. Watch it every week. My girl freaked out when she saw the show so I would like to thank you all. I got a Da-Bomb for Pokemon Dawn of Darkness. My cousin talked me into downloading it and I loved it. Its a Pokemon mmorpg thats actually good. I don't think it'll keep me off of Planetside 2, but it did take me back to my childhood so it was worth a Da-Bomb. As for the question of the week, in order for me to cough up money in this economy for a game in development I need to know 3 things. 1) Who is the company? 2) What will my money be going towards? 3) Will I get some in-game items for helping you out? Can't wait to see the 2 hour show make it good Guys and/or Gals!

Combat Starfish 10 years ago

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