F2P Cast: What were you thinking EA? (Ep 63)

On this weeks show we take note that hey, these aren't the regular hosts! New hosts bring new stories including gaming nostalgia and news of a AAA turn-based tabletop strategy. We also talk about the direction console F2P games are headed, and dish out various EA smack talk for all their recent failings. As usual, we finish the show the only way we know how with weekly bombs and your comments!

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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Discussion (68)

Qjsky 10 years ago
I wanna say, recently comes some weird games, for example Age of Wushu, even with low configurations can we run this game. The dynamic sunlight and shade...the shaking tree leaves...everything looks awesome and amazing!

auan 10 years ago
this type of game dont interest me, i like ones that are more action oriented, wow is getting a little old, but age of wushu is catching on, amazing what its engine can crank out, i recommend you guys go check it out.

lestat2150 10 years ago
I love how my comments regarding spunk keep getting deleted. I'm not really talking bad about the guy, just that he copies his review methods from other co workers he's had in the past. Wth guys.

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CoolGamestoDownload.Com 10 years ago
Great work Guys....
really awesome I deserve to play it...

Pennlion 10 years ago
A double da bomb to Hannah, after watching your first free to play weekly I thought it a definite improvement. But with you on the Free to Play Cast you are definitely a gamer girl who enjoys talking about games. I was sure spunkify would do fine as the host and he proved I was right. Look foreward to the next show and hope to hear from Hannah again soon.

WarhammerzRule 10 years ago
hey spunkify and hannah my a bomb goes to gameforge my best friend got into aion and we played alooot i got him to an extrimely high lvl at a short time (to 57 in a week and 3 days)(lvl cap is 60)
so my friend got an item that sells for like 250mill and he cant trade or sell on broker so we cant get it and the gold pack costs money to get no limit and he doesent want to spend money and im broke after i got a hammer for my twink and i cant buy gold pack in game money and we are scrued so a bomb to limitations on free 2 play modle i liked aion more when we subbed and had no limits
welcome spunkify and hannah

DragoonisMystic 10 years ago
Ok u 2 did a grand job for the first together and again welcome to Hannah . I"m giving u both a DA BOMB for the job . This may not have anything to do with the question of the week , but are u sometime in the future going to update the TOP Ten . Thks ;-)

buzaglo 10 years ago
i have a da bomb for requiem memento mori , a friend told me about this game that i should try it out and i played it on browser cuz who feels like w8ing and i found out that its amaizing like i didnt feel afected by the browser it was epic no lag goodish graphics and i realy liked the horror theme finaly i got a game i can stick to and i played 2 days in a row like as in no sleep had a blast got to lvl 46 out of 75 my buds told me its a grindy game but i realy didnt notice lol
(da bomb to browser working and another da bomb for game being epic)

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Cacalips 10 years ago
A little off topic but Heroes and Generals damage control:
So I just posted a TRUE and FACT based review with notes for all to consider. For example, when you make a game you have to consider the geography wher eyou are building and setting up Servers. So, we all know we open an english game to Polish and Russian and German player. OBVIOUS due to chat in game. And if you play other games, you know whats up.

So I said: "Most hackers come from Russia and poland where hacking laws are allot lenient, look at what happened to Army Rage" true story. This is what the stupid Forum mod said here:
You need to read the forum rules and follow them.

discussions about hacking is not allowed.

And nationalistic/racist comments about specific countries/ethnic groups is not acceptable.

Topics must be constructive, you are not.

You topic "GAME KILLERS" have bin removed for all 3 resons.

This is pretty obvious in SEVERAL FPS I have played, none of them have been this dumb and liars though. They usually ignore comments like this and let haks take over. This is so going on other mmorpg FPS sites now

Ionpulsar 10 years ago
great show. Although Magicman and Jess will be missed, Spunkify and Hannah you guys did an excelent job. Keep it up. Thumbs up

jonathon82 10 years ago
sweeeet! not really....but welcome Hannah : )

Nerk 10 years ago
Hannah, WELCOME! But I had a question to ask... What do you guys think about The Secret World going F2P, I really like the concept and all, but I never had a chance to play it, and I heard Magicman say it is a matter of time before it went F2P becouse just like TERA, it had those cash shop drops going all over the place. So, what do you think about it?

tolshortte 10 years ago

Great job Spunkify and Hannah! Don't let the negative comments bother you, was a great show! Chemistry comes in time, and you two seemed to do well. Following MM is no easy task, and I believe you have managed to do quite well.

I agree with ZhaoYun, Scarlet Blade is a decent game despite it's Mature marketing. I thought the game would be lack luster and i was pleasantly surprised. Not the greatest MMO to ever hit the market but still done quite well. The questing system could be expanded, but a little grind in a game with low drop rates isnt that bad.

HUGE A-Bomb:

EA is showing a trend of greed in my opinion. They are doing the bare minimum to get games released then making excuses as to why they have dropped the ball. I realize they are in it to make money, but the product should come first. Their delivery of SimCity was atrocious, the game itself is mediocre. I am a huge SimCity fan and wasnt blown away by this new release. Not that I expected to be, but considering how bad the launch was the game should have been amazing on all fronts.

Now again EA is releasing a game, which by most people's standards would be considered incomplete. As true to their recent form, Campaign Mode will probably be SOLD later on. Personally I have had enough with EA and will no longer be purchasing ANY title they have their hands on. The only power us consumers have is closing our wallets and mine is closed to EA.

Tyreal 10 years ago
Oh the people bashing on the hosts cause it aint the usual ones.. Give it a rest and let the new hosts get the experience and know-how settled in.
Less trailing off from the subject currently being talked about and the show will be on track, GJ otherwise to Spunk and Hannah.

Question of the Week:
An RTS really needs to have a campaign part. Yes the company can cut down on production if they dont have to make a story and lots of missions, thus focusing their time on making the multiplayer perfect.
BUT even if its a Free To Play, they want alot of people to play their game right? I believe most of an RTS player base are just campaign players and then maby they move onto multiplayer because that is a more intense and different realm like you stated.

/Tyreal out

ExHuman 10 years ago
I really like Spunky and hes easy-going manner of hosting (although it took me some time to get use to hes voice), and Hannah seems to be very smart girl (I obviously haven't seen astrophysicist, coder and cute girl in a same person XD)
thumbs up to them

yet I`ll miss MM and hes shows (watching hes utube channel right now)
so thumbs down 4 no more Magic in shows

SlightlyMad 10 years ago
i dont even wanna hear what they have to say. i just miss them. please magicmen, brim, havick, selfius and sejiro come back, please!

ZailzPrower 10 years ago
You mentioned a RTS that has drivable units. There's an open source RTS called The Spring Project
Which also is a pure 3D way to play Total Annihilation. I should recommend if interested to play the mod NOTA which by the way you can control everything in that, Even turrets.

Name (Required) 10 years ago
the people giving negative feedback are just being picky since this your first f2p cast. both of you did fine.

Adrian87 10 years ago
This was a good episode. I do admit i missed Magicman and his co-hosts in it, but i do think you did a good job hosting it. There are still some things that could be improved, but i'm quite sure improvements are on their way. I was actually surprised about Hannah. Beautiful women gamer are not something i often seen, but even if i would be to trust all the people that are saying she is just pretending, i would still have to admit she did her research. Looked legit to me.
Now i am curios to see who is the 3rd co-host. If you see my comment i do have one question though. Will you have more then 2 co-hosts? Like Magicman had more and they took turns on the show, depending how they had time. Will you do the same, or just fewer co-hosts, that appear more often?
I do not really have a preference, just asking out of curiosity.

I would also like to give some bombs this week:
Da-Bomb for you and Hannah for continuing my favorite gaming show and doing a good job from the start. I know it must have been difficult, but you guys pulled it of and i am sure you are gonna continue on doing great and improving what is needed.
Da-Bomb for PoE for being so awesome and grats to them for the 2 mil players
and a A-Bomb to a mmo site (i would prefer to not give the name of the site) that had recently did a top 10 Sci-Fi mmo's and has one of the worst F2P models, SWTOR, ranked first on that top, when there are so many good Sci-Fi mmo's that were not even included in the list.

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Rockmeo 10 years ago
:C! no magicman no funn enough , good job tou.

ZhaoYun 10 years ago
I got 2 Da-Bombs and A-Bomb this week

First Da-Bomb goes to spunk gratz bro FINALLY u pronounced my name correctly(no Da-Bomb for Hannah cause she is a pro at pronnouncing names apperently)
Second Da-Bomb is for Scarlet Blade i tryed it and i realized i liked it a lot and i though i would
pay attention to the nudity a lot but reading the quests is so much more fun so i kinda forget
about the "mature" feature in it.

I would also want to give an A-Bomb to Scarlet Blade cause there are quests but not enough quests after lvl 15.So technecly the meter fills up till 80% and u neeed 20% more xp for the next level leaving you with no option than to mob grind OR do battles which give good amount of xp but are only every 2h unfortunatelly.Ofc you can prevent that by getting double xp boosts but those are only available in the cash shop unfortunatelly.

I am glad you agree with me Hannah but i would also like to ask you even though u agree with me dont you think its gonna become f2p if u actually can get all the modifications at least(if not the tanks)for 50-100 usd?

For the question of the week i would have to say that i do prefer having both the option of single players and then the multiplayer which is pvp technecly cause i see multiplayer as a pvp option and single player as a pve option so if u asked me i would prever having both pvp and pve in a game(although i like pvp more than pve)and not having the option of pve entirely removed?also i believe if u have both pvp(multiplayer)and pve(single player)in your game you will probably get more people in it?am i wrong?well if i am correct me but thats what i think.

I would also like to inform u both u can actually get ALL champions(and most of their skins)in 3 months without paying if you join Riot's PBE(public beta enviroment) server.If you interested you can register on it every 1st 2nd and 3d of each month(so 1-2-3 april then 1-2-3 may and so on)

Note:Spunkify hipster mode at 2:20-2:25(just though it was funny)
Note 2:Really good job spunk and Hannah liked this episode it was fun keep going.

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AmericanAce 10 years ago
good show!

I will answer question of the week with i love story driven content. so in my RTS a campaign is a must to get me to play it even if it is a coop only campaign. I like to see why my troops are fighting on some back woods mountain or why my people are building a base in the middle of a frozen wasteland. the Multi-player PvP is ok to a % but when you have no good back story from a playable campaign it ruins the immersion. I am all about story driven content.

Ansy 10 years ago
Hahaha,i just scrolled through all the comments to see if anyone had caught up to that lie.For a person who claims to have played WoW all through every expansion,i would have thought she would know that alliance elves cannot play paladins,only horde elves can do that.So....shame on you Hannah what's your name.Either get your pals to do do better research for your comments or don't talk about a game with so much certainty unless you have played it...

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hitzumaru 10 years ago
thought She said she was A Ally? but only Drenei Dwarf and Human can be pallys... only Blood elfs are pally and they are horde?

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Khalman 10 years ago
GG on the first video, was interesting in its own way because the chemistry between hosts is completely different. I prefer more news heavy information based podcasts and hopefully after this intro we get back to that formula.

PS. if you have not heard of WoW you are living under a rock indeed, but the games gotten worse over time and high end raiding and pvp has become stale even if your pushing world records on DPS.

Question of the Week: I only play the campaign and custom user made games in the RTS genre. If I play the standard multiplayer it is to beat the people I know in real life to assert Alpha dominance, no BETA fags. lol

Golgo28 10 years ago
Great job spunkify & Hannah.

Spammie 10 years ago
Good job Spunk & Hannah, my da bomb goes to Scarlet Blade, went there with no big expectention and it surprised me, there is more to it than boobies :)

Regards Spammie.

sniperman248 10 years ago
I agree with some of the other viewers, when it came to this one being very unorganized and choppy, jumping to another topic without a closing being very unprofessional, a statement being made by a certain female that could offend users of the community, it just seemed really confusing and really poorly done, it's good to find positives, but their should have been more to it, like what games or game companies are doing what, what are the negatives and positives of this game or something that doesn't overall just overhype a game, because that will only deter people from watching f2pcast.

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Hero 10 years ago
I feel sorry for you if you couldn't come up with DCUO as the top F2P tilte on PS3.

kkkkk 10 years ago
I can fap to Hannah's voice all day...

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Extasist 10 years ago
just recently started to play Smite do enjoy the game they where selling all characters and 8 more that will be upcoming for 25 EUR, but what i didn't liked skins that you can buy they change some colors and they call it new skin well there is cool loking ones but not so many of them ;/ GL on getting better on hosting :)

LeiHngWei 10 years ago
I like having the single player campaign for two reasons: 1) To learn about the story. Gives me background for who I'm fighting for and such. 2) It's your tutorial. How else are you going to learn to play the game and hold your own when you do go multiplayer?

Jowns 10 years ago

Checkers, best multiplayer RTS/Turn Table Based game ever.
If I want a campaign I start knocking on my neighbors doors challenging them to a game of checkers.
If I want to play multiplayer I play Internet Checkers. Most fun RTS/Turn Table Based game ever.

The best is the best, can't deny it. ~ Jowns :D

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Extasist 10 years ago
the atmosphere was off don't know why but i didn't liked, felt like 2 friends speaked about what they like about games ;/ dont have anything against spunky i do watched his videos when he was in hut, but now im watching TB if i have nothing to play and want new game. dont like new girl its not like i liked old one. im ok with spunky doing live, first impresions, but not hosting this.
spunky could you do some kind of 1 time a week dota2 or lol uncompetitive with mmobomb community that would be fun :)

Blazeshotz 10 years ago
What Hannah is Swedish how about that:)

Xepo 10 years ago
Well, it is not the same. Magicman and Jessica are greatly missed by this gamer.

MysticLegacy 10 years ago
Not sure if anyone agrees with me, but I felt that the transitioning between topics wasn't really great. I know that it's not necessary to do a "thumbs up/thumbs down" like Magicman did, but what that did was to finalise the topic before moving on, whereas in this episode, after discussion, the topic moved right on without ending the topic on a final note.

However, that was my only main concern with this week's F2P cast. Although you guys went on a tangent quite a lot in topics, that's completely understandable since both you guys are quite new to the show (Hannah completely new, while Spunkify is new as the main host).

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iluvgamez 10 years ago
Great work Hannah and Spunky. I wasnt sure if this will work with you but u proved me that it does. Im really happy about that and cant wait for the next F2P Cast. well done! :)

Man, i LOVED Heroes of Might and Magic series. The 3rd one with the Expansion was AWSOME. i played with my best friend every day for hours after school and even started creating own maps. Man, maybe ill go install it tomorrow. Such a great game,thx for make me remember it. Still have them from 1 up to 4 but lost interessted after 4.

EA is getting worse and worse from game to game. C&C withoutCampaign mode?! WHY? That was the part of the game, i loved about. I have no chance against other players. Im somewhat a pro gamer, but not if it comes to games like that. No reason for more to get it at all.

sniperman248 10 years ago
Not to sound hostile to the New girl, but when regarding to a well known game, don't make the statement that if you don't know it you must live under a rock. Don't get me wrong I've known about wow for years and played a little myself. But I would suggest the statement you must live under a rock can be taken wrong by certain crowds of people.

Say someone of Amish faith now just got into the real world knows nothing about world of Warcraft and hears this, they may just take it to offense. So it's better to use kinder phrases especially when your being broadcasted all over youtube. Like this is a game you a may very well know that I have played for years that got me into mmos known as world of Warcraft, removing any unnecessary slander from the saying.

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Hantzie 10 years ago
Welcome Hannah :)

setsua 10 years ago
Yay for hanna!!!

Booo for the new host bleh. I hope this just keeps on being a bad joke but it`s not.

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Iluvgamez 10 years ago
Finally!!!! :D Thanks for the video, and now i start watching. ^^

matt 10 years ago

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