Free to Play Cast: BioWare Causes a Ruckus to Break Out Between Hosts! Ep 203

On this week's show BioWare causes Mike and Zach to melt down, ArcheAge revamps Fresh Start Servers, and Allods (yes it's still around) adds a new race. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:01 Allods New Race
11:54 SWTOR Nerfs Gold Mobs
34:40 ArcheAge Changes Fresh Start
42:42 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
51:26 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (8)

pppoe 7 years ago
+1 to Zach
I find it hard to understand how such an avid mmo player as Magicman can't see Zach's point of view. It feels as if he never invested himself in any mmo and just keeps on switching them like gloves for the sake of covering them on the channel (which i highly, highly doubt is the case - though uncommitted players is what it reminds me of).
Not to mention Zach puts up a series of arguments and then elaborates on them while Magicman tries to just shout over him lol.

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ElusiveXTreasure 7 years ago
On the whole gear grind discussion between Magicman and Zach... it seems to me there are two types of players (in this situation): The min/maxer who will always find and cling to the most efficient way to do things, touting it as the only way, the -required- way. And the player who values entertainment over time investment, opting to do what is enjoyable over what is efficient. I have friends who do their dailies and endgame activities to death, ever reaching for that final bit of item level or extra stats. I dabble in endgame. I do enjoy it when I do it, but I think I would hang myself if I were that dedicated to it. I'd much rather do those things when I feel like doing them. I don't care if someone is ahead of me in gear, or gets to do this or that raid before I do. It's supposed to be fun, and to me, that's more than obsessing over gear and endgame. Hell, most of the time, I'd rather level alts.

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Quentin Nelson 7 years ago
As in mike is so right im an alpha swtor player

Quentin Nelson 7 years ago
There are testing it was intented for starwar it was the way he said as in it was balanced but most didnt like that read the forms zack

kang peng 7 years ago

Hellsworth 7 years ago
Ahhh nerfs and buffs, I can understand both your sides but I'm more inclined to agree with Mr. Sharpes and this is the reason. Once upon a time (in the 90s, before MMO was even an acronym ) Wizards of the Coast started a banned cards list for their tournaments and those cards included only "broken" cards that would simply be too overpowered for the rest of the environment but along the years MTG evolved and at some point you'll see that they switched the banned cards from "broken" to include also "dominant" cards mostly because some cards were present in all kinds of decks making the prices and the markets be really jacked off and the types of decks' distribution in tournaments linear, causing a burnout effect on players, and this also applies to MMOs to a certain extent. If you have a "certain way" that EVERYONE is doing the farm and the grind (it might not even be the most effective, it can be the most popular because of it's easiness to get a group, for example) it will mean that everyone will steer towards that way of doing things and this means that that particular "resource" will have a "need" to be cleared that way (TIME is the problem here). This means that before you do anything else, within or out of the game comes the "need to clear" that cap that way. This has alot of good points since it can be a social interaction and can be a good experience or done steadily (since the resource has a cap, like Mr. Byrne says) but ultimatly it will have a burnout effect on the players, so things (like Mr. Sharpes says) need to be slowly tweaked until a certain balance is achieved. Also, from what you all described (since i'm not a SWTOR player myself) there is the server side POV, these kinds of nerfs could be associated with high population migration causing unintended DDoS-like effects to the servers so the sudden nerfing could be associated to the overall "health" of the game in that way.
Da-Bombs on Warframe and Skysaga, new content and a new Warframe incoming for Christmas on the 1st and much fun on the latter for the 2nd week for me. A-Bomb on Mr. Winter since it seems he has not recovered yet so a continued "Best wishes!" is due to the "trooper".
What game I'd like to be "re-covered"? As you said that you'd make a mistake on Allods that cost you dearly why not start a "Re-Covered" show where you pick up a high end character and play a bit of the overall end game of a game? Why not start with something you already have like say Riders of Icarus, it could even be about good games done right that have low population like for example Wildstar (you could even include this on my MMOBOMB present for Christmas :D).

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