Free to Play Cast: Black Desert or Blade & Soul? Ep. 120

On this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, we compare and contrast Black Desert Online, talks about F2P spending limits and toxic communities, and dish about TERA's upcoming Fate of Arun expansion. All that and much more on this week's episode of the Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:30 Black Desert Online and Blade & Soul
11:19 Toxic Communities and Spending Limits
24:07 TERA Fate of Arun Expansion Preview
35:40 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
42:24 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (10)

Lagwin1980 7 years ago
Don't tend to give many a/da bombs out given that i only really play few games, but
A-bomb for world of tanks and myself, keep watching videos on the game(usually Jingles ones) and seeing something that motivates me to load it up again but damned if it only takes half an hour to remind me of why i don't play...toxic community from people spamming just about anything to team damage and afking, as a team based PvP game there is virtually no team work.

Giving a da-bomb to PoE and it's upcoming patch, fun in the forums watching the panic after they released an unfinished skill tree and people see what was getting nerfed(basically the stuff people have been spamming the forums to get nerfed like crit and block) the new leagues are looking good and more gems and uniques getting added not to mention the start of their first PvP season.

For the question...since it keeps coming up on steams forum(oddly not so much on the games own forum) Are Path of Exiles micro transactions to expensive, keeping in mind the size of the company, the cash shop offering no advantage outside of extra stash tabs.

Personally i've found that the price spread is fairly wide offering options for every one, they do a daily sale as well and given the amount of time i've spent on it even as a filthy casual i can't really fault it on it's prices considering the only game i've played more atm is WoW and i've spent far more in that just to play.

Deadnstien 7 years ago
I read an article a couple weeks ago that suggested that toxicity on the internet isn't caused by the anonymity of the person being toxic, but rather the anonymity of the other person. People like Magicman's friend who would never be like that in real life are like that online because they don't really make the connection that they are talking to a real person. They are just responding to a sprite or text on a screen. Logically they know on some level that it's another person but emotionally they don't make that connection so they let the negativity lash out where they wouldn't if they were interacting with some one face to face.

Oblivion 7 years ago
Just a little note about your mic Mike. The same problem that ixtr had talked about still persists where for some strange reason the volume will randomly go up and down. This does not however happen with Jason Winter's mic... I suspect sabotage :D

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HyeVltg3 7 years ago
"we compare and contract Black Desert Online, " ??? or "Contrast" ?

Xansus 7 years ago
Í'll just state the obvious . Blade and Soul is never comming out , we are not even waiting anymore , there is a chacne they will announce similar game and enter beta , then 2 years of pay beta , then pre alpha release for a year and the n release and blade and soul will still not be realeased for all of us that wanted to and maybe still somehow want to try or play it .

Ankizeth 7 years ago
black desert vs blade & soul? easy! the first one geting into america wins!... at least for me lol

tolshortte 7 years ago

What, in your opinions, do you think the next great mmo will have? what features do you think will set it apart from the oversaturated market we have? Do you think the biggest change will be to combat or to the other parts that can make good mmos into great ones?

Da Bomb:

mine this week goes to Eldevin. as simply as it is, as grindy as it can be, I am enjoying it probably more than I should be. despite owning GW2, Wildstar, FFXIV, plus several that went to F2P, I have been playing this simple game. maybe its the way you can set smaller goals and achieve them, maybe its because it feels like Runescape mashed together with WoW (two games I enjoyed when I played them), I don't know. but thought id throw out a Da Bomb to the game for creating an enjoyable environment.

A Bomb:

to Electronic Arts. do I really need a specific reason? a few of my friends and my self call them 'Mondays Studios'. why? everyone hates Mondays.

Deyirn 7 years ago
If I have to choose, I'd choose Black Desert, I've played Blade & Soul on the Russian server, the game is Bull & Shit.

Kilikan 7 years ago
Neither. Neither of them are in America.

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