Free to Play Cast: Black Desert Online, Bless Online, and More "Onlines" Ep. 157

Black Desert Online is changing payment models when it releases in the West, Dragomon Hunter goes into beta, TERA adds beginning game updates, and we do a mini review for Bless Online. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:23 Black Desert Online Reveals NA Payment Model
19:47 Dragomon Hunter Thoughts
24:10 TERA's Lost Isle Update
30:23 Bless Online "Mini Review"
39:13 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
46:14 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (9)

palemoon 8 years ago
glad to see BDO being B2P. That will certainly reduce the risk of having a disastrous cash shop like most F2P mmos have (as a result of being "free")

Will totally buy it after launch.

Todoran 8 years ago
waiting ended for me.... just buyed wow.... damn this game and blade and soul there are no good mmo except wow ....

shiroigantai 8 years ago
Black Desert is so well polished in the beginning that it will be very dificult to introduce new things there. Everything is very nice early game , but then the ideas just start to disapear.

Bratwurst 8 years ago
Black Desert Online going Buy 2 Play is definitely a gutsy move. Like what Zack said, they are an unknown IP and are practically going to No Man's Land. But at the same time, the Buy 2 Play option is also good because the B2P option is a very well-known thing here in North America, practically all the games we buy here are B2P, especially when playing on console. Personally I could care less if it is F2P in Russia and Asia, I don't live there. The B2P option tends to make a game last very long compared to F2P games, I mean we have been witnessing SO MANY game shutdowns during the summer. Look at The Secret World for example: It may not have a large playerbase like most games but it has a consistent playerbase that allows it to stay alive for the unforeseeable future. The same thing goes for Guild Wars 1 and 2, both games are online, both games are still strong and will remain that way for probably even longer. But to answer the question I might pick it up so long as the price is reasonable, because asking $60 for it might scare people off.
PS: A-Bomb to Zach's hair, you look uncivilized.

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michelle 8 years ago
dear mmobomb team,
did u guys actually play BDO KR? i mean like really tried it out and got some high lvl characters?
cause some of ur information might be a bit off and not 100% right. sorry to say, but i played it for months and played it also hardcore gvg, being one of the best pvpers.
do some better reserch or at least test it out properly before judging and discussing it

Lagwin1980 8 years ago
Black Desert...could also be that the game is doing terribly in Russia/Asia and it's not making money, and that the western release is a last ditch attempt to generate some income by switching to buy to play

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