Free to Play Cast: Boss Key, LawBreakers, Radical Heights, and Serious Fines for F2P Companies! Ep. 258

On this week's show it's time for a postmortem of Boss Key Productions and LawBreakers, while looking at their newest release, Radical Heights. Then we move on to some serious fines for big F2P names based on loot box mentality, and wrap it up with a confusing Rift Prime announcement. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

03:09 Boss Key Productions/LawBreakers/Radical Heights
43:20 Big Fines for F2P Companies
49:10 Rift Prime Event Participation
57:33 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
01:02:25 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (4)

Lerch2000 5 years ago
next open access special "3D tic tac toe with mines" invest now get the benefits... Something sounds shady

CandyKid 5 years ago
The MMO Game Market has really gotten deep to the point of seeing so many good game get abandon on online or shut down.

Teppic 5 years ago
A-Bomb to Trion for boasting about how amazing Rift Prime launch was while there are so many problems and most people quitting. It's not a good idea to pat yourself on the head while players are paying a sub the same as WoW for an alpha quality game and seeing next to no fixes or content and barely any communication. Even as a free to play game the quality would be a bit of a joke, for a sub game it's currently plain ludicrous.

I wrote a review of Prime here if you're interested:

Korukan 6 years ago
Da-Bomb to the F2P cast and that Friday feeling. The cast is usually uploaded just before I finish work so I get home, grab my skateboard, put my earphones in and take a cruise whilst listening to the latest MMO news ! My coworkers think I'm a man-child. I agree.

A-Bomb to League of Legends. I never get angry in video games. Ever. If I'm not having fun then I have no reason to play. I've never been able to empathise with people who become grossly toxic. LoL, however, does something to me that I wish I could forget, avoid or overcome. But I can't. I play one game, feel that toxicity begin to simmer deep down inside and I have to stop playing for months to ensure I don't become one of 'those' people.


Here's my prediction for Radical Heights in three words: Early. Access. Limbo.

People will play the game. No doubt. In fact I think it will do fairly well if development is steady and content is polished. However I can't help but think that releasing a game THIS early to the public means it will never really be released. We will find it under the Early Access tab on Steam for months to come and not only does that bring along it's own stigma, it also gives the Devs an excuse to fall back on whenever they screw up or make an unfavorable development decision - It's a crutch that I don't feel confident about supporting personally. Good luck to the Devs though, seems that people are enjoying the game overall and that's all that matters.... I am a sucker for that 80's A E S T H E T I C

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