Free to Play Cast: Destiny 2 Vs Warframe Debate Begins Anew, Gaijin Wouldn't Use Steam Today Ep 314

On this week's show Jason and Magicman delve into Destiny 2's free-to-play conversion and an old debate starts to spark up between Destiny and Warframe, Gaijin states that they wouldn't use Steam today even without the Epic Games Store, and Tencent takes shares of Funcom. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:38 Destiny 2 New Light Review
32:22 Gaijin Entertainment, Steam and Dark Age of Camelot
42:26 Tencent's Stake in Funcom
45:04 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
52:33 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (2)

Nesogra 1 year ago
I strongly believe the root reason Gw2's implementation of build templates is so weird is two words: legacy code. During the dev live-stream talking about the templates they made a few key points:
0) They didn't want to touch the inventory code because of the risk of either deleting an item or duplicating one.
1) They actual equipment templates and character bound trait template already existed (i.e. each character had a pve, spvp, and wvw trait slot and each player had a pve/wvw gear slot and spvp gear slot from back when spvp and pve had different gear sets).
2) A large chunk of the effort was testing and fixing edge cases.

In other words they created an overly engineered version of build template to reuse how equipment and traits were already handled under the hood, reduce the number of edge cases to be tested, and most importantly avoid the risk of having swapping templates equip and unequip items directly out of the player's inventory. From dev/tester perspective, I get it. Touching old code that's been stable can be way more work than it's worth. I'm just glad I'm not the one having to sell this system to the angry forum and reddit mobs who will be paying more for this version than arch dps's version for fewer template slots overall.

Also I would give an A-bomb to Blizzard over the Blitzchung situation but that would be too nice to Blizzard. Can I give them a burn in H E double hockey sticks bomb instead?

Haidrex Skye Shadow 1 year ago
A-bomb to hackers , i swear i just want to be able to reach thru the monitor and punch the hacking cunt on the other side.

QOTW : That's a rhetorical question right ? or maybe a joke ? Warframe has almost 100 , well , warframes with different abilities and looks , destiny has 3 classes ,Warframe has over 200 different weapons that you can mod the way you want , ow and an actual melee combat system , destiny has about 10 different weapons , and if you want a specific one maybe it's going to drop , maybe , probably not ,and as for cosmetics , almost every single item in warframe can be bought somehow with no need for money , destiny is like , '' hey i have a battle-pass how about you give me your money '' ,and last but not least , the playerbase , off , in warframe you have actual team play , a reason to play support or defender , since that is a viable option , i play frost , and i defend the objective, it's not only necessary for higher difficulties , it's also fun , destiny , well , at least 2 hunters every single f-ing strike , and for the love of god , do the titans know they have a shield to protect ?. Don't get me wrong , i like destiny , but as a game it's nowhere near warframe , one was made for free to play and the other used free to play as a last option , one is interested in trying to make the player feel as a badass and one is trying to be a halo clone .

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