Free to Play Cast: Our E3 2018 Wrap-up, and a Moment of Silence for LawBreakers Ep. 265

On this week's show E3 comes to a close and we take a look at our favorites, winners, and losers. We even give out our own personal Best in Show awards. Then we move to E3's free-to-play offerings and hold a moment of silence for LawBreakers. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:13 Our E3 2018 Best in Show Awards
34:53 E3 2018's Free-to-Play Offereings
44:58 LawBreakers is free, until it closes
45:20 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
54:05 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week!

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Discussion (1)

Dragonfeatherz 5 years ago
Hello everyone. Big fan of the show.

I haven't comment on anything in a while. Since I have nothing to say and all my gaming is on the PS4.
But this week I have 2 bombs to share.

As for the QotW, I don't watch any gaming conventions, conference, and shows. All I can say is
"My body is ready for Cyberpunk 2077".

D-BOMB to Sony for sticking though the hostage situation with fortnite.
I hope they don't negotiate simply because fortnite is big and is intimidated by it fan base.
I say this because. I wanted to bring my PlanetSide2 account from PC to PS4. But nope.
Spent aleast 700$ in PC and other 500$ in PS4 and countless hours.
Hell if my CenturyLink wires didn't rotted away. Ill still be playing PS2 and more money spent.

D-Bomb on myself for being a idiot. Long story short. I accidentally bought Dragon Age Inquisition instead of Divinity Original Sin.(I bought it off the PSN store)
I love Dragon Age Inguisition.

The story.
Spent a month downloading Divinity Original Sin. While finishing up my trophy hunt in the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection.
Finished my hunted( platinum's baby). Took a week off gaming. After my break. I decide to start DOS. So I bought some Mad Dogs 20/20, Church's honey glaze biscuits and their sweet tea.Of course had few of my fav episodes of the MMO Bomb casts playing in the back ground.
Game loads up.

"EA & BioWare Logo shows"

My head explodes. I remember all the reviews and not one mention any reference to EA or BioWare.
So I google it.
Sure enough it was Dragon Age on my Library.
So after 160 hours of gameplay and a full 100% completed trophy list.
I fucking love it.

Then I watch Angry Joe review on it. One phase I can say after watching that review from him is


I didn't see no dicks and tits. I choose Josephine as my love interest(trophy reason).

Oh yeah I can now understand the pain of fans for Mass Effect Andromeda.
I hope Anthem fails and BioWare
shutdowns. I don't wanna feel that pain with Dragon Age.

Love the show. See you peeps later.

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