Free to Play Cast: Who Should Get the Blame? (EP. 119)

On this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, we dive into the closure of The Aurora World and figure out if players really want some of the older features of the gene back, rant about Trion Worlds and the continued mess that is ArcheAge, review Perfect World Entertainment's 3rd quarter performance and we bring on the bombs! All that and much more on this week's episode of the Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:24 The Aurora World/MMO Features
14:05 ArcheAge Woes and Problems with Trion Worlds
28:18 Perfect World Entertainment's Lackluster 3rd Quarter
31:15 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
35:40 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (11)

Deadnstien 9 years ago
Could Perfect Worlds' problem also just be over saturation? I've only played a couple of their games but looking at their catalog there are just so many games and quite a few of them look like they thematically overlap. If they spread their potential player base too thin over too many games no one game is going to succeed regardless of how they set up the cash shop or whether or not they are innovating.

Freshundead 9 years ago
as ive posted before I realy don't care for perfect world's cash shop, that being said, the cash shop only realy sux if you realy get into one of their games i.e. end game, other wise they are plenty enjoyable. I think the main problem is their games are realy showing their age for the most part and also there games don't stray too far from the same formula, auto pathing and super fast leveling to get you to the end game quick to get you into that cash shop, love the show and enjoy you'r articals mr. winter keep up the good content.

tolshortte 9 years ago
I think perfect worlds problems are a 3 pronged issue.

1. their games aren't new for the most part and none that im aware of are doing anything special that hasn't been done before or better.

2. their cash shop isn't the best priced shop out there. and they tend to make things obsolete thereby making rl purchases pointless. they took quite a barrage on that in STO for example.

3. f2p games as a whole have taken a hit as of late. the days of endless praise are gone. people are starting to realize more and more that f2p games often cost more than subs. ie: MM's rift purchases vs. sub costs.


1. to Jason Winter for his honesty and integrity he shows every time he writes something for us to enjoy. his hard work is filled with heartfelt effort that's easy to see to anyone paying attention.

2. to MM for his outing of Trion Worlds. I agree with him fully on that and commented so on his editorial. sometimes gamers have to say enough is enough and its pleases me to see him do so despite the likelihood he will have to answer for it to Trion employees in the future.

A bomb

to all the games rushing out of Early Access on Steam to be sold as full releases during the holidays when they still have 'planned' features and know their games aren't ready. they should just take the time to finish and polish their games when undoubtedly the problems they are presenting still will hurt their sales and the gamers buying them.

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Grims Bane 9 years ago
Idk I think just from view point of being a young gamer being that I am 19, that Factino within the right context like world of warcraft where faction vs faction was well done, however outside of WoW unless you are Aion as a f2p mmo I truly feel that Faction v Faction is dying out as Guild wars 2 even though it is Buy 2 play that it can be very effective to have ppl play as just one faction itself to keep the community together, because thats one thing I have noticed that, when it comes to f2p mmorpgs it's usually who you find yourself playing with that makes that mmorpg feel great to you.

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Moltakt 9 years ago
Well the game with good pvp aspects would be Guild wars 2,when I first saw the world I was amazed.But then I seen the combat,and I was thinking damn it looks kinda ordinary...that's when I found out about the weapon skill and combos and I was thrilled with it the combinations were awesome (the Mesmer has a greatsword which shoots lasers.....WHAT MORE COULD U ASK FOR).The world as much as it was fun couldn't really stand to the PvP Battleground(everyone is the same lvl and can get their own skill set up with the pvp gear for equality,plus on the other side you could experiment with some of the traits and skills so you could see the end game skills).All in all,the game is amazing,with amazing gear custom story and good visuals and is a helluva fun with friends.Thanks for anyone who read it till the end :D

todoran 9 years ago
fuck hyped games by retarded mmoers.... sead archage is great is a shit!

Majestic Afro 9 years ago
It's interesting how this game has quite found it's feet. All of that hype train just seems to be smashing continually into different stations. It's unfortunate that ArcheAge continues to have these problems.

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