Free to Play Cast: GW2 Sales Plummet, Path of Exile Endgame, and Bots! Ep 192

On this week's show we dive into NCSoft's most recent financials to see a downward spike for GW2 and maybe a glimmer of hope for WildStar, we pick apart Path of Exile's approach to endgame in their upcoming update, and we rid the MMO world of bots...well in theory. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:04 NCSoft's Financials and GW2's Plummet
17:35 Path of Exile Mixes Up Endgame
28:05 Cleaning Up Bots and Spammers
38:17 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
47:53 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (7)

Diefool 7 years ago
Zach I fkin love you, bro.... I'm gonna just spoil this because its a complete waste of time... don't rush to the center its just a repeat of the game LOL NAAAIIILLLLEEEDDD ITTT... eff you, No Man's Sky....EFF YOU! I am still waiting on my Ferrari

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ElusiveXTreasure 7 years ago
Da-bomb for Auriel in Heroes of the Storm. I've been talking for months about how she should be a hero, so I was so excited when she was announced. Now that I've gotten to play her, she is definitely my favorite support hero, maybe even my favorite over all. Now if they'll just give me Lillian Voss...

Belated bonehead story... it sort of just happened. I was playing my DPS monk on WoW in the Skyreach dungeon. There is a part of the dungeon that is a circular area with wind currents going in different directions, which slows you down and you have to take a certain path or be blown off. I was trying to use my roll ability to speed things along, but hit the wrong button and instead hit flying serpent kick, which instead of a short boost forward, sending me flying off the edge and to my death. Gravity is for suckers.

fromheelll 7 years ago
I'm gonna give Atlas reactor a da-bomb. yes Trion made some dumb shit in the past, but that aside, Atlas reactor is still a good game regardless of the price tag.

i started playing during the Alpha testing, bought a founder's pack, which isn't something i would normally do, then real life got in the way and basically stopped playing completely for around 3-4 months or so, i finally came back, and the game has lost nothing, it's still fun, easy to learn and balanced, which is not something that comes around often,

I can't comment on how good or bad the Free option is since I've always had full access to the game, from what i read it's nothing that won't let you enjoy the game, and i haven't seen anyone complaining about it, at least in a sensible way.

The game is very different from other games, mainly because you can jump in and figure out the game pretty quickly, there's no math to see what combination of items do more damage, there's no having to buy card packs to get a better chance of getting the better characters/cards, there's no overly OP characters that can balance a match towards a team, it all depends on you, you using you freelancer correctly, you paying attention to your team's and the enemy team's movements, and you moving towards the right position and using the map to your advantage, teamwork and communication actually matters, one player can't carry the whole team.

Everything happens with in the match, the outcome depends on how well you can read what goes on during each turn, and reacting to it, which i thing is what a real strategy game should do

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whome? 7 years ago
GW2 is boring so I'm not surprised by the drop. I stopped playing that a year or two ago and picked up TSW instead. The combat system has much to be desired, but the story is one of the best out there.

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