Free to Play Cast: MMOs: Home of Solo Players (EP. 114)

On this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, we pull apart TERA's upcoming expansion details, chat about a limited time MMO, watch as STO devs get down and dirty with exploits and drop the Weekly Bombs! All that and much more on this week's episode of the Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:13 TERA's Expansion
12:20 Jason's "Limited-Time" MMO
24:25 Star Trek Online Exploits/Exploits In General
34:43 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
42:25 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (8)

Zha 8 years ago
Tera:All i got to say about the new update(whichever year that is coming lol)is "ABOUT TIME you increased the level cap".Also
i feel for me tera is a game i could spend like hours and hours but only with 1-2 people with me even if its an 8 hour grind
a day.

Star Trek Online:As far as the leveling exploit i disagree with both of you.It does affect other players.How?Well lets say you
are a guy who spends 5 hours a week to play Star Trek Online and lets say in 1 month you reach lvl 30 by playing a total of 20 hours
for this month.Now lets imagine a player who uses some kind of game exploit in order to get that level 30 in around 5 hours in 1 day.
That basicly means that you basicly gave only 5h at the game to reach level 30 while the other guy worked for 1 month and sacrifised
4 times more time than guy number 1 to reach that level.So yes it does affect other players since you kind come out as a fool and
its not such a good feeling.I dont know if this is kinda confusing but i hope you understand what i am trying to say here.

Da-Bomb to Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor.I played it yesterday for 5 hours straight and i loved it.Just like MM said
if you into assassin's creed and like the LOTR universe its the best game ever and it actually was.Great evinroment a real nice
open world feel to it a pretty good combat system and it is actually challenging cause i've died a couple of times too.

A-Bomb to MM for not telling me hes back to MMOBOMB.COM.He told me when he went to derpy dragon so i was following him there
but as soon as he came back to he didnt notify me and now i have to watch 3 hours straight of free to play episodes.
P.s Glad to have you back on free to play cast.

Question To MM For Next Free To Play:How is your dog doing?

QOTW:I am mainly a solo player and i only do things in a group only when i do dungeons.On the other hand though i prefer doing things
with friends even if its just grinding quests but of course as mentioned by you guys i usually end up 10-20 levels above
or the other person does due to time difference mainly(i play with a lot of americans and thats like 7 hours time difference from greece)
and due to not having free time at the same hours.

Annonymouse 8 years ago
The neverwinter exploit was in STO first, prior to neverwinters release. The engine used for these games is nearly the same and it's ridiculous that people were punished for the developers incompetence really. The exploit was reported a long long time before it became widespread and the devs did nothing.

I don't support exploiting at all, but when the developers refuse to do anything about until the negative PR hits a critical mass, I don't think the players should be their scapegoats. Especially considering they should have known better since the exact same exploit happened in STO.

Powerslave 8 years ago
My comment on exploits goes as follows. Yes all exploiters should be punished. If you know your gaining a advantage and do it anyways, you should be banned. I was all hyped when Neverwinter came out, then the astral diamond exploit hit, and the company didnt do crap about it. I was in a guild that had 40 people that made millions of astral diamonds and never were banned. I said F that company and quit. I will not put a penny into a game with a company that does not care. They were to worried about how many people would be banned for that. I havnt been back since, and will not go back.

Seraphyx 8 years ago
A bit of a flaw with your "exploits that have no financial impact should be fair game" desire.

The fact is, they may not have a DIRECT financial impact but allowing them to be fair game will certainly change how your customers and potential customers look at the game. If you are selling exp or gold boosters or something for real money and people who find exp or gold exploits and abuse it heavily are not punished then the people spending money on your game (or looking to spend money) are likely no longer going to since they know someone who exploits and abuses game mechanics can get far more for free.

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mreskimoeqib 8 years ago
I have a couple level 60 characters on Tera and played since launch but after having a level cap character for so long it just gets boring grinding for gear that's .3% better than what I already have. Especially since the majority of people don't open world pvp and the instanced pvp is all equalized anyways. It's a fun game but only so much to do. I will definitely play some more once the expansion comes out but just to hit level cap again and explore a little.

I would really like to see a game that has more to do than just kill everything that moves. I played Eve Online for 2 years and never killed a single other player and did maybe 5 - 6 missions that had you fighting. I personally was entertained by the amazing market mechanics and the jobs like freight and exploring wormholes to get different materials. I think mmos today are really lacking in anything other than combat, which is sad because I fell in love with mmos because of the fact that you can do more than just go around and fight everything. Even something as simple as fishing or a crafting system that benefits more than end game players would really make an mmo worth playing long after launch in my opinion.

A-bomb: free 2 play servers population of non-stop trash talking children for lack of a better description. I'm not sure when global chat turned into racial and demeaning blurbs but it really makes games more difficult to enjoy and even more difficult to find normal people to play with. This by itself makes me play more games solo or wait until I hit level cap to try to find others to play with. If only people treated games like games just to have fun, free 2 play games even more so since you're getting a full experience for free. I think most people forget the massively multiplayer aspect of mmos these days. Just because of that I've been spending most of my time playing on SEA servers for games that aren't out in America, the games populations always seem more willing to help or be friendly than American servers where everyone wants everything handed to them on a silver platter and all other players to just do nothing but back them up.

Great videos and site keep it up!

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Rufinus 8 years ago
can you make it so the page don't refresh when people post a comment. cause if am watching the video and halfway through i want to comment, the page will reload and i will have to look for the place i was.

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