Free to Play Cast: Are MOBAs Too Toxic for Voice Chat and Lootbox Law Proposals Take Shape Ep. 252

On this week's show it's time to discuss voice chat in Heroes of the Storm and MOBAs in general, some lootbox laws that are starting to take shape, and cap it all off with a First Look review of Dead Maze. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:40 Voice Chat in MOBAs
16:09 Loot Box Laws Taking Shape and Dauntless
37:02 Dead Maze Mini-Review
40:44 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
51:29 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (4)

DragonFeatherz 3 years ago
Great podcast, love you guys.

I would love a law, that make games disclose it gamble mechanics.

I don't even pre-order games anymore more.
I had to cancel 6 games that I pre-order. Because it had loot boxes in them.


Yes, all mutiplayer should have a voice chat.

I remember my LoL days. I do love a toxic chat box. It like watching Jerry Springer. If it had a voice chat. Well I would still be playing that game.

In my CoD muitplayer days, whenever the games ends and lobby comes up. There would mass shit talking, screaming, music blasting, dogs barking, and babies crying.
It just pure entertainment.

In MMORPG days, well I mostly group up with my peeps in raidcall. But when I did do PuG. Most of the time I had a least 2 peep with me and the rest was random. So not that much toxic.
But in the GLFF channel.
I sometime just grab a Maddog and just read.

So yea. Haha.

In PlanetSide 2 , I love to just run people over in my battlebus. And yell in voice chat "OMG MY BRAKES NOT WORKING HELP"
I would a least get 15+ Friendly kills till I get TK. And everyone in my raidcall would just be laugh their ass off.
And the players in voice chat would call me toxic player.

And I replied " no, I'm just a troll"

Then they just get toxic about it. That shit is hilarious..


My fav mount in a MMO.

Anyone one the Battle Rams you get in the LoTRo.


- for the MMO Podcast.

Bonus story.

In PlanetSide 2, I'm with my bro. And a base just got cap. So aleast 15 people are at vehicle terminal. And I'm on Flash(ATV) w/Fury( grenade launcher) and homie on backseat.

Then I scream in chat " INFILTRATOR" and just kill every at the vehicle terminal and get weapon lock.

Then I get TK. Players just get toxic in voice chat.

"Did you guys see the infiltrator" I say every time I do this. People just rage.

But my homie is just lmao then ask why do you keep doing that.

I say "I"ll stop doing it when you stop laughing at it".
The homie is my RL buddy I knew her since 3rd grade.

Infiltrator is a stealth class. But you can see it when it moves .

ElusiveXTreasure 3 years ago
For the question of the week: My favorite mount in any game is Ravesong, the Ash Walker. He's like the sleek black motorcycle of the raptor world. I know raptors aren't the most unique mount, but I really like RIFT's take on them with the feather details and the ornate armor they put on him.

(Mailed a screenshot to you.)

Curst 3 years ago
Inventory in Dead Maze works just fine. It's designed to reward planning and knowledge, not to restrict or annoy. On your first runs you'll be picking up lots of garbage and running out of space, but that problem goes away when you get a better grasp on what you actually need. There are also ways to get around the limitations like camping (can be done anywhere on the map) to rest, eat and dismantle items. I think it adds to the experience and not detracts from it. However, the game as a whole does require a certain level of dedication so it's not for everyone.
On an unrelated subject: "white males" are statistically the most harassed demographic online, so there's no need to be too self-conscious.

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