Free to Play Cast: NCSoft and Nexon Financials and CONSOLES! 181

WildStar continues to struggle but everything else NCSoft is up, Nexon has challenges in Europe and the Americas, and look what free-to-play titles are coming to consoles! All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:47 NCSoft Financial Breakdown
18:59 Nexon FInancial Breakdown
22:57 MMOs Coming to Consoles
30:17 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
36:15 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (6)

ElusiveXTreasure 8 years ago
Da Bomb to overgearing yourself. My friends and I did this on our latest group to hit Draenor in WoW, and my character, a healer monk, never has to switch out of combat stance to spot heal. I can just punch away and the healing just happens. It's awesome! Hell I think if heal-tanking were a thing in WoW I could probably do that too, the tanks we get have about half my HP and I usually end up with some threat. Sorry tanks, but this kicks ass muahahah!

Fortegs 8 years ago
Qotw: I would definitely say there are two games I would love to see console versions of, Blade and Soul and Wildstar(you know if it doesn't dissappear immediately on us). I believe their combat systems go perfectly well with the consoles. Perhaps NC SOFT can even start moving the industry forward by trying out cross compatibility features *HINT FREAKING HINT*

Killbone 8 years ago
I don't think it's coming as a surprise. NCsoft isn't a bad company but they made some bad choices.
First they had a big hit with GW1 which they let die out on purpose cause of GW2 coming out.
Which and i think ArenaNet did good and bad with that GW2 was no longer part of NCsoft.
Affraid of going down with them but they did had more money with NCsoft so nowadays GW2 doesn't have that much updates anymore as they used to. Still best mmo ever imo.

Back to the subject there was still Aion and Wildstar got added later on.
In the meantime Gameforge bought loads of stocks and took in Aion which soon after had a larger player base then the NCsoft Aion client.

So everything was up to Wildstar to save the day.
A pretty solid mmo nice cartoonish graphics, good character creation and voice-acting and all was perfect. But didn't really bring enough new stuff to the market to make it outstanding.
Plus at first it was Buy to Play with a monthly-subscription while there is enough choice on the market for free with the same or maybe better experience.
I myself played the beta but found it also not good enough to buy and even when they went F2P i have tried to like it but the questing is to repetitive and the fact every class or race starts in another area and no way to teleport there made me not able to play with friends and i stopped playing.

Now before NCsoft had drawn it's last card the long awaited Blade&Soul got out.
In many ways different then other mmos and really worth the wait.
Graphics, gameplay and combat, voiceacting, cutscenes it all looks good.

Hopefully this game is gonna stay for a very long time, i'm sure it could make a lot of gamers happy and a memorable experience.

RenTheRose 8 years ago
i think crossout would be awesome on console. I love the whole car combat feel ever since i played twisted metal when i was 5. I think mmorpgs and the like are a awesome experience no matter the platform i mean if mobile can do it why not Xbox one or PS 5.5 or whatever the new ps upgrade will be. dabomb for the weekly updates abomb for no one commenting anymore #lonely comment section.

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Deathloche 8 years ago
QotW: Even though its not exactly free to play, I would love to see Black Desert Online come to the consoles. The combat is awesome and fits well with a controller. The UI is very clean and would make it really easy to navigate. And the game just looks beautiful. I wonder if a console release of Wildstar would've been better than a Steam release. probably not.
I would love to give a massive A bomb to DayZ. That fucking game is trash. everytime I try to play it I can't because the damn mouse doesn't seem to work and no its not my PC its the DayZ trash. Now that is a game that need to die. I would love to a DA bomb to Zach's camera. finally your voice and lips are in sync with each other and it doesn't feel like I'm watching a 70s kung fu movie.

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