Free to Play Cast: New Games Get Announced and Jason Tells Us We're Wrong Ep 204

On this week's show Jason chimes in on last week's debate to let us know we're both wrong but also brings a proposal for loot in MMOs, we chat about upcoming games that were announced, and we finish off with some embezzling. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:42 Two New Projects Announced (Hi-Rez and Turtle Rock)
17:52 Jason's Loot Solution
31:39 $1 Million on Mobile Games?
38:45 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
53:26 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (3)

ElusiveXTreasure 7 years ago
Da-bomb to HoTS once again. Ragnaros came out just this week and he was so fun, the hubby and I both wanted to buy him. I should explain... in our group of three that plays together, we have a rule that no one buys the same hero, so that we have our own niches and so that there's never an issue over who gets to play what. This is the first time we've had the issue of two people wanting the same hero. In the end, I let the hubby take him and opted to try out a hero I haven't played in a while once again, to see if I wanted him. Zeratul is mine now, and amazingly I wasn't a floor ornament for most of the match in fact, I topped hero damage. Yay team squishy!

Hellsworth 7 years ago
About that 1M on mobile gaming, it could've EASILY been the 1M meant for the girl that booted him. There's plenty of cases where "partners" get mad and just ditch the money that was meant to said partner on stuff the other person hated. Just think about it this way, "She didn't like the car he bought then to please her he bought the tickets, the plastic surgery and golf props, and finally when she ditched him for the other rich guy he spent the rest on the thing she hated the most, the mobile game!" =P
About Hi-Rez I call it on an ARPG (I don't see them jumping directly to an MMORPG right now), there's a new trend of ARPG's coming out this year (Mu Legends, Lineage Eternal and Lost Ark are probably the most wanted) and a 65 people crew should be around the right size for that. Although this does not make sense from a revenue POV because for this to be more of a cash grab they'd need to go mobile again, this does make sense for their "studio portfolio" broadening, in order to build up more gaming audience. As for Turtle Rock's IP, erm it's all really thin but Co-Op + Dark Fantasy + FPS + Action = Hellraid but Online?!? One can hope! :)
About the "loot system", I hate it when I kill a spider and it drops a +3 Heavy Breast Plate of the Monkey-That-Didn't-Fly (and don't come at me saying she ate the wearer because i'm gonna ask where the helmet and boots are =P) the best possible way of doing things from my POV is actually griding factions or reputations in order to unlock or get recipes, mob/boss drops for special resources and then you put it all together and you CRAFT it or you ask someone to craft it for you (THERE, all immersion and loot system problems solved =P) add enchanting done by crafting and story bosses with the ocasional special/legendary item drop and you're done.

Deathloche 7 years ago
I've told you months ago that they will find a way to screw its Evolved players. #RIPEVOLVED.
As to what Turtle Rock is working on with Perfect World, probably a co op hero shooter with MMO elements or some shit. As far as Hi-Rez, I don't play any of their games so I don't give a damn what they do.

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