Free to Play Cast: Obsidian Backs Out, League of Legends, and More Ep 210

On this week's show we look at Obsidian leaving the MMO market, League of Legends adding practice mode and being used as evidence in a lawsuit, and wrap it up with a few First Look Reviews! All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:30 Obsidian, Armored Warfare, and Skyforge
18:30 LOL News
23:02 First Look Reviews
30:35 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
41:30 Questions and Answers of the Week

If you have submissions for the show's Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week!

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Discussion (5)

Pieareround 5 years ago
I'm not sure yet if I should call it an A-bomb or a Da-bomb, but Heroes Of The Storm has managed to suck me in again. And this time I'm playing Hero League. Here's to not getting stuck in MMR hell.

How do I sell someone on a potential new game? That depends on the game and the person. I have to be sure they'll be interested in the first place. So, for example, my brother is currently interested in Monster Hunter and Blizzard IPs. That being said, Heroes was an easy sell for him because of Blizzard and his past with League. I just had to bring him over to my computer and show him some gameplay. Similar story with Dauntless, the new f2p Monster Hunter type game coming out later this year. Just showed him some promo material and he was in. With other people, I'll work in videos or gameplay if I can, but I mostly just have to talk it up as much as possible and hope they bite.

Lagwin1980 5 years ago
Even if you do die to falling damage i always tried to watch your streams live magicmann...quite literally one of the only streams i do bother to watch live, because not only are you entertaining but you cover the game well (in between dying anyway :P)
I find it amusing because i had one of the most n00b deaths by falling in WoW, first time playing a hunter in PvP in the Arathi Basin battle ground...up defending the lumber yard and used disengage?(the one that made you leap back) right off the cliff and to my death.

Anyhoo...another DaBomb for Path of Exile for their epic 3.0 expansion AND the upcoming Legacy league, which gives the players a chance to snag old versions of items...which should include many nerfed items (in legacy being the un nerfed version) ...that and you can run the previous league mods you want(to a degree)
How an indie game can continue to shame the likes of D3 it staggeringly impressive

Hellsworth 5 years ago
You guys didn't answer my question about Dauntless (probably my fault I didn't quite write it as a question for the panel, no harm) so here it is. You said Dauntless was to be "instanced" will it work like Warframe, Vindictus, Skyforge style? What's the closest game system out there that this is like? And by the way is it P2Peer connections or is it server based (any word on that)?
About Mobius Final Fantasy, I didn't think the game was that complex actually, it felt pretty much like any other "Gatcha" mobile games out there One Piece, Naruto or even Dragonball come to mind that work on the same "wave length" with exactly the same issues, "STAMINA BAR", which means you have to wait 5m for stam and in return each "fight" costs stam which, again, means you have to play at certain times of the day and without delay (it sucks for me) and of course the traditional card system where you rank and boost the cards to get better at the game, added to that the fact that I managed to get an "XP/Seed farm scheme" on reddit and "uninstall" issued.
About CCGs in general, best one that I actually played for more than a week was Spellweaver it can mix up decent amount of MTG mechanics without breaking too much the flow to a crawl or being too RNG centered like Hearthstone, but overall I avoid them nowadays can't even bother to try and read the cards since I already know it will be either a cash grab or a copycat from somewhere (there's only so much you can do with cards).
For the QotW, first thing we do is the sentence "Guys this thing is comin'up!" and we just link a few vids to each other, probably one of MMOBomb's 1st looks if there's one and we talk a bit about the systems and try to "bash it around" a bit and if everyone wants to try it we go for it (personally even if I like some stuff and they don't I usually DL the game and try it solo for a while since I have more time).
Da-Bomb for GGG. 6 new acts blew me out of the water RIGHT there, I mean Blizzard anounces a Necromancer with a price and no content (which of course everyone knows it will not deal with the "stagnation" of the game, a pure cash grab is you ask me) and these guys go "Atlas of Worlds" and 6 months later "6 acts for free" all in to solve the issues with the game, the"Burnout due to stagnation" and in turn "Long term player retention", one could not ask for more from a dev team.
A-Bomb to wording tones it seems I always get to be read as a "grumpy evil dewd"... Unsubed!!!. PS.: Not really no... I always laugh with whatever I watch from you guys and I love good free games so I don't mind it at all. And I do try to be as skeptical as possible so that tone always comes up at a point in my mind. Da-Bomb to you guys this week's cast was a blast.

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