Free to Play Cast: When It Rains, It Pours (EP. 116)

On this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, we break down Blizzcon's F2P items, debate about MOBAs and size, and pile on to the woes that are Archeage. All that and much more on this week's episode of the Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:20 Blizzcon (Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch
21:50 Do MOBAs have to be big to succeed?
28:04 ArcheAge's continued Issues
37:55 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
44:39 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (9)

Deadnstien 8 years ago
A-Bomb to Archeage because I can't even get it to load up. Their Hackshield software bugged out on me and won't update properly. I click the play button, it locks up and a few minutes later their Hackshield troubleshooting page pops up if I have a browser open. I've tried all the fixes on the page short of re-installing the game with no success. I have to say at this point there is no incentive to re-install rather than uninstall.

ninetenduh 8 years ago
Huh ? I had an Uber Long Post here and its gone now ? How is that Possible ? Tell me God King Magicman !

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Regulus Strider 8 years ago
Hello mmobomb! I've been using this site for a year or two. I thought I'd said I love what you guys do and give my first response to the question of the week.

I could see OverWatch going either way in regards to F2P or B2P but I think its intended for B2P

Blizzard has has success with F2P titles like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. That being said I think the genre of games are too different and OverWatch would lack the amount of content to make F2P viable. This is just speculation from the information we have so far. *If OW would to be F2P it would have skins and/or cosmetic trinkets for characters and locked characters to buy. So far we know about 12 characters which would be pretty light in regards to "buyable content" from a business perspective for F2P. The other games such as Hearthstone and Heroes have much more content in them which adds to their current success. Heroes of the Storm has more heroes for skins and heroes to purchase. Meanwhile Hearthstone has a huge library of cards. I've heard stories of people who threw a few hundred dollars at hearthstone after it sunk its claws into them trying to get said cards. With the available information I don't believe in the idea of F2P -currently-.

B2P also makes sense to me because alot of successful PvP focused First person shooters work under this same idea. Call of Duty, Titanfall, Destiny to a lesser extent, and even TeamFortess2 was B2P at first and was still popular. In addition when TF2 went F2P it already had a large established audience making the transition smooth. This is a newer IP and while making the game accessible for everyone to pick up to play would NOT be wrong I feel it would need a stronger following (and more content) for the model to work at launch (See WildStar for lack of content I hear). *If it was B2P I could see it with players having access to all of the characters and having to buy other add-ons or cosmetics. In all I just think the game was more tailored for the B2P model.

That being said its not impossible for F2P. *If I had to decide how it would work as a F2P game I would make certain characters available at the start with the others needing to be bought and in a free rotation. But players for a flat fee could get ALL of the characters very similar to how Smite has its F2P model.

Anyway that was my long winded two-cents. Keep up the work Free to Play Cast!

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fromhelll 8 years ago
-Question of the week-
If I have to guess about Overwatch I'd go with F2P, Blizzard I think already saw some kind of success in the F2P market with Hearthstone(even though it's a different genre and very different kind of F2P) I think they are willing to try it again on a different game.

But mainly I think it's gonna be F2P because there's already similar(and i use this word liberally since there isn't really that much about this game that is actually set in stone, just a bunch of words) F2P games, so I doubt people are gonna stop playing them to buy and play Overwatch just for the hell of it, it's not like there's a lack of good titles in that genre to think people are desperate to pay for a new game.

But what do I know, I'm just a humble, chronic mausturbator with a drinking problem : )
that's just my opinion.

On the MOBAs subject, I think you guys already said it all, a game can be small and successful, but not with a big publisher, (specially not EA).

sniperman248 8 years ago
I would say overwatch will be free to play as most fps shooters on the web these days are free to play, and cannot see a cartoonish shooter themed game being a b2p model as other who have tried were not successful.

I would like to give a Da-Bomb to Aion even after coming back from playing gw2 It still is an amazing game that will always dominate the f2p market, with its great community, well thought leveling system, and beautiful graphical detail, but mostly giving it a Da-bomb because I am now working on my second level 65 character and have been meeting great players on the way.

Zhao Yun 8 years ago
QOTW:Its hard to tell really i HOPE that its free to play but if its buy to play i wouldnt mind it either since i do think it would be worth it cause i am a big tf2 fan and this game seems a lot more complicated than that therefore it works for me either way i do believe however it may go f2p due to the fact tf2 si ft2.

Da-Bomb To Jason's Halloween Costume once i saw the picture i was like "WOW this is really well made done" and i am not talking just about the make up part i am talking about the "clothes" part too.

Although i doubt Magicman will read this cause hes really fed up with this i am giving an A-Bomb to ArcheAge i mean it seems such a great game and has so much potential in it but both companies keep doing mistake after mistake which is the main reason i got pushed away from that game.

Question For You Guys:If lets say you 2 guys enjoyed playing mobas for fun and mobas community didnt suck that much like it does today and you had 3 more people and formed a team of 5 to try and win a big prize of 100.000 dollars would you do it just to give it a try and also try having fun in the process or would you really focus on winning that price?

Freshundead 8 years ago
I believe Overwatch will have to be free to play if that's what the standard is for the Genre it would be hard even for a big name like blizzard to go against the grain too much, aslo Mounted =) keep doin a great show, tho ya need to have another one of those drinking game casts with the old crew, was great stuff!

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