Free to Play Cast: Supernova, TERA's Brawler, and a Little Tree of Savior Ep. 161

This week it's just the two of us again talking about TERA's new Brawler class coming in December, Tree of Savior, a review of Supernova (Bandai Namco's new MOBA), and even a little Paladins from Hi-Rez Studios. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:31 TERA's Brawler Class
15:27 Tree of Savior
19:47 Supernova Review and Paladins
26:12 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
40:19 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (6)

Pennlion 5 years ago
If you have not already done so, you should invite someone from Artix to talk about Adventure Quest 3D. Their goal of making a game that is easy to play with your friends would be a great show topic. And I would bet half or more of your listners have given Adventure Quest a try.

teppic 5 years ago
I don't buy for a second that Tera has only big boobed gender locked female classes because they can't afford to male ones. It sounds pretty ridiculous to me. They want to push the game that way, it's a lame excuse.

Cog 5 years ago
Supernova is a fresh feeling moba but matches really do take to long. The game is pretty much just a basic moba with rts elements added to it. Fortunately the rts elements play a big role in the game which is what is able to seperate supernova from the other click to move mobas we have currently. Your minions? (not sure what you want to call them) that you spawn for your waves each play a role in either tanking, destroying towers, destroying specific mobs. If your enemy uses minions in their waves that counter your minions you will lose the lane, but if your enemy uses minions that cant effectively destroy your towers then they will probably never get past your first tower. So choosing the proper team of minions for your waves is essential to this game, unfortunately it is very difficult in the beginning learning effective wave comps and how to upgrade them. Aside from that the regular moba part of the game is pretty decent. The characters and their abilities are interesting, the sci fi theme is good and the jungles are done pretty well (the camps cant be roflstomped). The only thing i dislike about the game is how slow you move. The maps are pretty enormous and it can take a couple minutes to walk from your base all the way to the enemies base or back towers. This is why they have the "drop off" feature which has a spaceship take you anywhere on the map (when its off cd) and a "pick up" feature which picks you up and takes you to base (when its off cd, this one is really short though). However i think the slow movement is what is making these matches take so long. If they speed up the character movement (which they already have had to do once) then this game will feel much better than it is already. They rated the game 6/10 in the review and i only agree with this because of how long the matches take. If (when) they are able to shorten matches then this game will easily be a 7/10 or 8/10. Luckily its still in beta so we can expect it to get much better.

x4ever 5 years ago
Da Bomb to Magicman for making the quote of the year.

"Heroes of the Storm would be my feces" - Magicman 2015.

ElusiveXTreasure 5 years ago
Da Bomb to the kind player who passed Cho'Gall to my husband in Heroes of the Storm. Always happy to see friendly, helpful community members who are willing to do something even if it isn't entirely for their benefit. And a second Da Bomb to my husband, since the whole reason he wanted Cho'Gall was because I wanted a second warrior to play and I'm not crazy about my other options. Side note, my husband is better than me with reaction time and strategy in nearly every game we play including physical card games, so him trusting me to be controlling our movement because as he put it, I'm better at getting the hell out of there, is a big compliment. Cheers to being great at running the heck away.

PS - Dance on Jason, dance on.

Deathloche 5 years ago
I would make a MOBA where you had to create a character from scratch rather than choose from preowned characters. As far as abilities goes go the DCUO route. I would do away with the whole top down and point and click to move. that has always been the one thing that steered me away from the genre.

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