Free to Play Cast: Tank Updates, Game Updates, and Hearthstone Ep 211

On this week's show lots of combat updates and additions are coming to multiple combat and tank games, we explore if updates or big changes help games, and of course we chat about Hearthstone's Arena changes. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:30 Tanks, Boats, and PlanetSide 2..oh and Repopulation
19:20 Do Updates Bring People Back?
32:45 Hearthstone's Arena Changes
38:46 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
49:20 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (8)

ElusiveXTreasure 6 years ago
For the question of the week: I'm with you on the auto-pathing thing, Magicman, but for me the big one is "sneeze and you level syndrome." I got into beta 3 of Revelation Online, and though I found the classes fun and the story bits entertaining, you were level 15 without doing much at all. I want it to feel like and adventure, and let the mobs slap me around a little! Starting areas should be areas with aggressive mobs that force you to learn combat and abilities, not non-aggressive tissue paper cut-outs that fall over when you breathe on them. I don't want MMO pre-school. I'm not asking for ridiculously hard, just make me -do- something to earn those levels.

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Curst 6 years ago
Also while we're on the subject of games not covered on MMOBomb for some reason, did you know that Savage: Resurrection went F2P some time ago? I can't even tell when exactly that happened because no one is covering the game.

Nesogra 6 years ago
On the rework topic:
It makes sense that going back to the original vision of a game or better matching fan expectations for that IP will increase the number of active players. The players most likely to follow the updates of a game are people who are actively playing the games, used to actively play the game, or fans of the IP so catering to the those players would give the biggest increase.

While on the topic a little rant (and feel free to leave this out if it gets too long) ... I'm hoping Anet will return to the more open 'play how you want' vision of vanilla where exp and gold was all you needed to progress in the game.

I get the need to have some map specific rewards to keep enough people playing those maps enough for the meta events to work (as sadly a large chunk of Gw2's player base will only play the most efficient content) but in HoT it went too far. By tying mastery points to achievement hunting, increasing the value of HoT hero points ten fold over vanilla, increasing the cost of elite specs to were it is mathematically impossible to unlock an elite spec using old content, and removing the ability to gain hero points (then skill points) through over leveling made it to where there is only one way to progress in the game at level 80 (or two if you count WvW). This linearity causes me to burnout on Gw2 very quickly and makes BDO (in spite of it's grindy nature) stick with me more and feel more like an actual expansion to Gw2 than HoT simply because BDO is far more open.

So please Anet, go back to the original vision of play how you want...

P.S. Really liking the site, I think I should come here more often. :)

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Deathloche 6 years ago
QotW: The one thing I hate is when a game forces me to buy something from the cash shop through a quest. Stuff like that lets me know that this game is just a cashing grabbing piece of shit.

So let me get this straight. Evolve releases a few years ago, and it wasn't well received as a buy to play game. Last year it releases on Steam as a free to play game. That didn't turn out so well. Fast forward and I find out that its releasing on consoles AGAIN as a free game through Microsoft Game with Gold program. I mean what the hell is going on. My brain is hurting trying to figure this shit out....A BOMB

Hellsworth 6 years ago
Hey guys, I don't think submarines or airplanes or whatever are the issue about cross environment fights, the issue here is the lack of imagination about on how to deal with it and as far as submarines go, put a radar/sonar on the boat and equip it with anti-sub weaponry that way you'll be good vs subs, now if that makes you bad vs air combat because you didn't put your anti-air guns on ... well that's another issue.
About Wildstar as a player I can now say to everyone else "DED GAEM!!!" is considered a meme to Wildstar community, everyone has "cryed wolf" so much that at this point it's almost a laugh. Also about NCSoft financials, I've watched them and I always considered the Wildstar numbers a bit of a laugh to be there, my reasoning being is that Wildstar does NOT have Asian or SEA servers while every other NCSoft game does, and when you go see sales by region NCSoft doesnt ever specify how much each game does (at least from what i've seen, if i'm wrong correct me please I'd really like to see them). What I mean is, before just "crying wolf" I'd like to compare the Wildstar sales to the other titles by region that way we could all be more aware about the "whys and hows" of Wildstar hasn't yet shut down, unlike other games that had an "asian presence" and Wildstar numbers.
Da-Bomb to Wildstar, paint it as you will, It's the only F2P game out there that: lets you play 20 man raiding content with a non tab target combat, has content to keep you engaged, is dicing out game improvements as often as possible, has shrunk down to have one of the best non-toxic communities due to "DED GAEM" wolf cries AND it's not a freakin Asian tittybounce with angel wings where once you leave the city all mobs are in a static group with placeholder names OR the content is closed off behind a store paywall.
A-Bomb to Repopulation, WHAT? NOW? Are you riding the "ME: Andromeda Wave"? You are aren't you? You better get it down and right then, finally.
QotW, The worst thing that a game can make to totally kill my mood about it is really a "broad question", mechanically I'd say "click-to-move and static combat with tab-targeting are nowadays my HUGE "not gonna bother, uninstall". Socially I'd say, gold sellers and bots spamming chats, I'm not particularly peckish about one or two here and there but SPAM my chat for 1h straight and i'm "not gonna bother, uninstall". UI wise I'd say, that those flashies saying someone getting stuff like "Don Tramp has got a +15 Whip of Imigration", too much of that and "not gonna bother, uninstall".

Curst 6 years ago
There are already 2 naval games with submarines: Steel Ocean (2015) and GunFleet (2017). Neither of them is browser-based and one of them is not Russian. They mostly just prove that submarines have no place in a PvP game though.
Just think about, submarines is a class that is:
1) slow;
2) helpless and fragile on the surface;
3) invisible and nearly invincible when submerged.
There's simply no way to make this work. With stupid amounts of testing and tweaking it's probably possible to make submarines mostly balanced, but there's absolutely no way to make them fun. They'll always be only a source of frustration for both submarines and their opponents.
Just play the aforementioned games (and/or possibly make a first look for them) if you still think adding subs is a great idea and all naval games should have them.

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