Free to Play Cast: Tanki X, Rapid Fire, and SWTOR Goes MMO! Ep 198

On this week's show it's more news than you can shake a stick at as we fire through another Rapid Fire Round, chat about SWTOR deciding group content may be the way to go, and review Jason's trench avoidance in Tanki X. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:08 Rapid Fire Round
22:24 SWTOR Goes MMO?
28:10 Tanki X Review
31:51 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
40:49 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (10)

Hellsworth 6 years ago
Every MMORPG is "another MMO on the pile" for me nowadays, I just try them all and the ones that get me thinking about it during the day are the ones I end up playing along. As for Revelation, aye looking forward to it, it kind of feels like a Aion/Tera mix, it should be fun but as always Asian high end grinding content means nothing to us "westerners" so my left foot is back there on the other room.
As for Bombs, A-Bomb for "hype" I just can't get it anymore since everything I look in the gaming industry seems a rehash or a remake or even a partialized part of someone's game remade into another. Da-Bomb for Skyforge the new system got me and my friends hooked up on grinding and i'm liking the new Outlaw class (although maybe it's because it feels OP).

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ElusiveXTreasure 6 years ago
An aside: Grenado Espanada (sp ?) had a good idea, I did try it for a while, but the controls were convoluted and felt poorly executed.

As for Revelation Online, the classes look like they show some promise, which is always a boon for me. I am apprehensively watching it. If it's free to play I will probably check it out, but if it isn't then I will probably pass. I have 4-ish games I'm hopping around in right now, so if it's not spectacular it probably won't grab me.

Deathloche 6 years ago
I want Revelation Online but I won't make the same mistake I did with Black Desert Online. I won't buy a founders pack or none of that shit. I will wait until its completey free before I even hop into it. I refuse to pay for a game that players will completely abandon months down the road the way they did with Black Desert Online. Every thing I know about the game I watch on Cryy youtube channel. I hope I get a beta key for free because I sure as hell won't be buying the beta keys

Simpl31nsane 6 years ago
Do the factt hat i get banned on Revelations online facebook page and forum .I don't look on their site anymore :D

voydd 6 years ago
QOTW: I am genuinely excited for Revelation Online as I signed up for beta months ago. Combat feels fun, graphics & cutscenes look impressive, can't say much about the story and other features yet but let's just hope for mature ffxiv par quality!

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nicholcm 6 years ago
Great episode guys, I found myself laughing all the way through. I am slowly working my way through all your back episodes. up to 174 now.

DaBomb to Istrolid, a great time waster game for when you are waiting for updates to download or during server maintenance.

Daybreak Games should create a game called World of Exiled Guardian Paladin Legends, League Edition, the new and improved Battle Arena TCG MMORPG, $420 Founder Pack, comes with Closed Beta Access, and Extra Inventory Slots, Epic Level Shiney Cards and much much more - how could such a game fail.

A Question for the hosts - What is the most you have spent in a single purchase in a cash shop, which game was it and what was the item?

Question of the week - I've been looking for a new MMORPG that I could get into from the beginning. The SpiritShaper Class shows promise, I like running as a healer, and I also like being able to summon creatures. The art style is nice, graphics seem ok, but it seems to lack a storyline and open world pvp is always a concern for me.

nicholcm 6 years ago

NebulaX 6 years ago
Oh, and what exactly is it that GW2 or even WoW do better that Tera doesn't do.
What mmo out there doesn't have gear grind, dungeon grind, gathering grind, and crafting grind?
Please stop the whining about Tera already, I get it you don't like Tera action combat.
Is not for you. Just write up an article about how crappy Tera is and just get it off your chest already and " let it go " (Frozen Song Here).

Yes, gender locked classes each individual race has it's unique animation to them if you noticed.
That would required new animations for combat for each race, which there are seven. I don't think that Bluehole would invest in doing that.

You are not going to convince these players who are core players.

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