Free to Play Cast: TERA's 3rd Party Woes, SMITE & Paladins, and Dropzone Ep 219

On this week's show TERA and En Masse Entertainment struggle with 3rd party applications control, Hi-Rez says Paladins will be bigger than SMITE, and we look at our Dropzone First Look. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:37 TERA and 3rd Party Apps
25:55 Hi-Rez Studios
31:40 Dropzone Review
37:08 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
45:02 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (8)

Ghestly 6 years ago
I`m from Latvia/EU and i have used google authenticator for games.

Guest 6 years ago
This is the reason why most player stop playing MMO Games because exploiting the system and it just like hacking a video game.

waaaamboolance 6 years ago
There seems to be some confusion about the Tera issues. Not sure why the players and EnMasse were not more clear.

A few comments from someone who plays the game and keeps up with this drama:
1. The DPS Meter was not the issue and anyone who actually knew what was going on could read between the lines and tell what EnMasse was after which is the packet injector that was developed one player and modded by a group of others.
2. Only 3 players were confirmed by the community to have been banned. There are tons of rumors of guilds and groups being banned but the only players able to provide proof were the 3 players that either made the packet injector or developed mods that went with it.
3. The packet injector offered quality of life changes to the game but also gave scripts for players to do harm. You can access the gm panel, teleport, back crit the boss even if you're on the side or front. EnMasse took a stand because the amount of mods for the proxy was growing at an alarming rate and a lot of them did things that could ruin the game for others.
4. The packet injector does nothing to help keep you connected in the game and that entire section of the pod cast was confusing to listen to. As someone who knows and has seen what the proxy has done, this is the first time I've heard anyone say it optimized the game in such a way.
5. Even mods made for the proxy with the intent to help players caused harm. The most popular mod for the proxy is one that stabilizes the ping of international players so skills go off as if they're in NA. However the script has bugs and issues which allowed players to exploit dungeons. This had another side effect of preventing EnMasse to host double drop in certain dungeons.
6. EnMasse had put out other warning through forum statements and twitch videos. They were largely ignored.
7. The players who were banned knew it was against the ToS and that their days were numbers. They made a big fuss about getting banned anyway.

I guess EnMasse could have made a larger effort to get players to stop using the packet injector to exploit the game. Plenty of players still use and stream with DPS meter and haven't been banned. Perhaps in the future EnMasse can change their policy when it comes to 3rd party programs to be more clear about what they will and will not allow. The biggest issue within the community is the confusion on what they can and cannot be banned for.

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ElusiveXTreasure 6 years ago
For the question of the week: I'm kind of split on this... I recently started using a meter in WoW, basically to throw back at people who were harassing my hubby for playing unconventionally (and topping the meter so... who cares?). I never saw the appeal before, but now that I'm used to having it, I do like it as a personal tool for myself and those I play with. I loathe the people, however, that just use it as an excuse to be a jerk, or throw it up as a reason to kick someone from party, even when they aren't doing that poorly, or are maybe still learning. I don't like having to download an outside program to have it, so on one hand I would like it to be in there, but on the other, I can understand why games don't do that. If it were used merely as a tool (as it should be) and not a means to throw your weight around (so to speak) then I could get behind it more fully.

klaymore9393 6 years ago
like the show get them better mics sound like crap

Lagwin1980 6 years ago
Question of the week, yes/no, i can understand why they are wanted especially for raiding guilds and players wanting to improve themselves....BUT, it can be missused by idiots, first time i saw it was in WoW, people who would get bent out of shape if you couldn't d x amount of DPS (usualy an overly inflated number) and try to exclude you from doing content,,,that or they are so focused on DPS that they ignore the fire they are standing in because they need to top the meter.

Lagwin1980 6 years ago
For TERA, dose it not say somewhere that you can't even edit the ini files (turning on v-sync etc)? has anyone got banned for doing that?

Sorry Q, i would instantly email support before i go to a forum for a ban (not that i've ever been banned) from everything i've seen posting on a forum happens because they are trying to jump a queue or the guilty are trying to bully a company into unbanning them, not only by making up a bull story of how innocent they are but to gather support from the tinfoil hatters...which by the sounds of it the less than dozen people have been doing.
For comparison GGG recently banned a full guild for botting/benefiting from botting , there was only one person that actually complained on reddit, but that particular thread blew up with hundreds of posts

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