Free to Play Cast: Titanfall Getting a Free Asia Ep. 148

It happened with Call of Duty: Online and now it looks like Titanfall will take the free to play plunge overseas. After discussing that, we take a look at the best companies to work for in the MMO space as rated by their employees and detail more Skyforge updates. Get all that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:24 Titanfall Free in Asia
13:41 Best Development Companies to Work For
27:23 More Skyforge Updates
38:08 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
45:24 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (5)

whyaname 8 years ago
In Allods online (p2w) there was this problem of expansions, namely when you got to 45 level you had to grind the good gear to play throu the next part, when the max level was 46 no biggi. when the max level became 52 then noone played that. I think that the weekly caps are because of it, so that there will be people paying it when the week ends. Also gives you the sence of, alot people play it, atleast at the start of the week. Or more people to do the follower things at the start of the week. Please correct me if somthings off, I dont play skyforge.

Bratwurst 8 years ago
I personally want to work for Nintendo... I remember reading one article of Satoru Iwata - May his soul be blessed - discussing with a few other guys when they were making the first Mario Galaxy... he wanted to describe a part where Mario was flying in the air. During that time motion capture wasn't so big.
So what he did... was lie down on his belly... on the chair... and started doing some motions.

ElusiveXTreasure 8 years ago
NCSoft does not surprise me, I have been actively boycotting them since CoH was closed. It's not the fact that it was closed, I get wanting to make money, it was the way it went down, with Paragon Studios being axed and basically no warning, in fact there was an issue scheduled for release... so think about that for a second.

I would like to work for Bungie for several reasons, first off I love the Halo series, so there's a coolness factor there plus the rating seems pretty sound, so a decent combination of interest and potential.

ashoppingcartglx 8 years ago
A-Bomb to North America Free To Play sucks we are noobs at it.(Compared to China, KR, JPN, and RU)

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