Free to Play Cast: Trion Still Getting Sued, Dauntless Hits 2 Million, and So Much MORE! Ep. 269

On this week's show Dauntless hits 2 million players, Trion still finds itself in court over a 10% discount, and so much more as our rapid fire round cycles through and The Culling 2 makes The Culling go F2P! All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:36 Rapid Fire Round
23:45 The Culling 2 Bombs The Culling into F2P
29:35 Trion Still in Court
37:52 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb
45:50 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (4)

Lagwin1980 5 years ago
Don't know if this will make it for next weeks show but here we go.

Da bomb for PoE going ban hammer mad, at least 2 bots been hit one of which has decided to call it quits and a cheat tool getting a warning then subsequent bans....always fun to watch the bugs flee when you kick over the rocks they were under.

And an A bomb for Trion and Defiance 2050, the revamp gutted the game, the rebalancing pushes it to an even more pay to win game and and the, they "fixed" something one patch and it cause 30 arkfalls to appear on the map and killed the server....was funny killing monsters that did not move and taking 6 seconds or more to swap a weapon.

ElusiveXTreasure 5 years ago
Ok, so follow up to the name thing... the name in question is "Zachary Blade". And yes, first and last name with a space is allowed, our first characters we created had this format. Got a response, A-bomb to that GM by the way, that said "We cannot tell you why you -can- have the name "Zachary Blade". We know this is not what you wanted to hear. If you feel this is an error please submit a bug report." Not the exact wording, but I emphasized a word in there for a reason. Can. Not 'can't', 'can'. You're so lazy you can't even proofread your response? Not to mention you clearly didn't read my ticket, and furthermore, GMs from many other games would have forwarded this to the bug reports themselves in addition to suggesting I do it. And the phrase 'we know this isn't what you wanted to hear', ugh, you might as well have added 'but we don't care' because that's how it comes off. I know it's just a name, and if it had been already taken, fine. But it claims there's special characters or profanity in it, which there's not, and it's been used in several other games including the original Defiance so... what is the problem? At least look into it, don't just blow me off. I took over the hubby's keyboard to respond. I don't expect it to do anything but piss me off more, but I'm not letting up on this. I've worked in customer service and I'm always polite and respectful when I communicate with someone in that field, but it seems like in games, there's no real standard for service, which is frustrating. I think Rift is the only game I've never had a problem with customer service wise.


As a side not for Troy whenever he resurfaces, I know he dabbles in Atlas Reactor, so I'd just like to know.... does he play Blackburn?

sss 5 years ago
TRION company of scammers !

Haidrex Skye Shadow 5 years ago
Da bomb to Survive by , I have no clue why , by but I enjoy the game a lot , create a character , get loot , die , start again, BRILLIANT !

QOTW: Ok so this is long , so i apologise , i'm the guy that should not be asked '' what would you add to this game '' because i already have 20 answers , again i'm sorry.
1 - Give me a reason to play ,most of them have absolutely no reason to play ,perform or win ,so give me a leveling system where i can get a common cosmetic item after i level up once and a rare one after 10 levels or something similar , give me more than just a '' you win ''.
2 -I'd make it fantasy , we already have a lot of shotgun to sniper games , how about a lightning gun , lava crossbow , crystal mortar , soul shredder , give the game more of a personality , we already know about the AWP and M4A4 , every goddamn shooter has them.
3-Let me create custom loadouts with abilities for my character ( but let me change it if i feel like i can improve it , not in the middle of the match of cores) , for example i can make an build for long ranged weapons ,but has a lot of problems from close combat ,or a complete glass cannon with high damage and speed but piss pore hp and armor , give me blink , dash , fly , burrow , mirror shield , shadow essence , give me more ways to fight , and more ways to defend , give the game more complexity and a little bit of spark .
4- Put more enemies in the game , and i don't mean more players , i mean monster npcs , zombies , shadow creature , whatever, that will be randomly on the map to be a nuisance for good players and a challenge to new or slightly weaker players , and to guard specific points that have guaranteed good loot , but players need to overcome an obstacle , it will make the map more active , dynamic and make it feel more alive .

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