Free to Play Cast: Wargaming's PR War, Divisive MMO Systems, and Reviews! Ep 221

On this week's show World of Tanks developer, Wargaming, takes to the battlefield in what became a PR mess, we chat about our most divisive MMO systems, then we review both Awesomenauts and Kritika Online. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:04 Wargaming's PR Meltdown

(Jim Sterling's Video Referenced in this topic)

24:38 Divisive MMO Items
33:22 Awesomenauts and Kritika Online Review
43:45 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
49:35 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (4)

INFLICTIOUS 6 years ago
Howdy. Been awhile since I posted anything to you but still been following.

It can't just be me but have you noticed the drastic decline in mmo's?

Just my thought and wondering your opinion. I think the gaming world as a whole finally grew up. Not in age but in smart's!

Few years ago we were getting almost 5 mmo's a month only to see them shut down In less than a year. Founder packs and item malls in beta ,heck even in alpha. Trying to nickel and dime us.

A lot were running poor graphics but a few stayed true and upgraded their software and game play making some impressive visual works of art. Because of that their still around.

My question to you is ... Do you think once these smaller company's upgrade their graphic software learn how to get a running game done in a decent amount of time,That they will flood the market again or do you think AAA is the only way there going to keep players making it to much to invest for the smaller company's so were left with maybe 6 a year compared to the 20+ we were getting a few years ago?

Thanks Magicman and talk to you again soon keep up the good work !

Edge Damodred 6 years ago
Last hitting is more about economy management and your ability to mess with your opponent's cash flow. Once you've mastered last hitting in a vacuum your next challenge is to see if you can do it while under the possibility of getting caught out. It's also your support's job(assuming your in a duo lane) to harass the enemy or keep them from interfering with your farm as much as possible. Without last hitting minions are much less important at the early game as you no longer have to decide how to get in range of a minion to secure the gold or you can't set up an ambush to coincide with your opponent going for his last hit(s). MOBA's without last hitting I tend to find boring as it makes the laning phase less interesting. If all I wanted to do was just go and brawl with someone I'd play SMITE's Arena mode.

For the question of the Week my favorite divisive topic is whether developers actually know their own game or not. Mostly I enjoy reading the trash talk between both sides. There are games where in my opinion the developers can't seem to make up their minds about what their game is really about. They keep sticking in elements that either don't fit with the majority of the other game elements or the element itself just isn't really developed enough to actually add anything of real value to the game. Or better yet the element is seemingly one thing but in reality its actually something else, usually "moral" or "ideological" choices fall into this category. What happens a lot is that you're presented with multiple options but in reality the option doesn't have any real significant impact on the story or your character other than what rewards it gets access to.

ElusiveXTreasure 6 years ago
Bigdickwolfman9236 in clownwear, huh Magicman? *low whistle* Anyhoo...

Da Bomb to puns... you're probably wondering how that's remotely game related... well... I started playing Dr. Finn in Atlas Reactor for his awesomefish puns. I have a group of buddies that I play with, and I started punning in chat along with my fishman. You know... giving them a little motivation when we're floundering... cheering them on when things are going swimmingly. At first my puns tanked, but soon they fell for them hook line and sinker. I ended up playing a different character for a quest, and my buddies were distrout that I wasn't playing fishman. I told them not to worry, I'd tip the scales in their favor and play him again soon. One buddy swears I have post-its ready with these things stuck to my monitor. I quickly schooled her that I do not. Fish puns. *Hysterical cackle*

For the question of the week: Add-ons. Yes, I know I use a meter... but overall I hate add-ons. I know there are a few that have a real reason to exsist, but a lot of them seem to exsist for the lazy and for no other real reason. Don't want to have to pay attention to several things on the screen? Here's something that yells at you when a boss does something important. Don't want to have to look for nodes while farming? Here they all are on your map for you? I just find most of them obnoxious. But sure, I get why certain ones at least are desirable.

Hellsworth 6 years ago
The "correct" way to compensate SirFoch would actually be to include his thoughts on their next "tank", pull him aside and say "We're sorry about this and we'd like to have you back and we want to include your thoughts on our next tank and in return we ask for you to be a bit more cautious with profanity towards our team!", this would be a great start to mend that wound.
Meh-Bomb to time of year ... all these news and nothing new to actually play.
About last week's Question of the Week, it was not a dumb question, I just don't cater to "older games be brought back and/or remastered", I believe evolution is key in everything and this applies to games aswell so having older games brought back would only serve as a "time sinker" and not actually being a good thing. Just think of it this way, everytime you reinstall or boot up an older game you WILL in fact remember the reason you stopped playing it and not the good feelings that game gave you with it's story or gameplay. I'll even throw in an example on Witcher 3, I loved Witcher 3 and for all the good feelings that story and gameplay gave me I stopped playing it at some point because the damn horse was SO badly coded and the character's evolution is a bit too linear for my taste, so every time I go back, I'll sigh hardly at that horse no matter what and will end up frustrated and stop playing.
For this week's Question of the Week, my answer is on the editorial itself.

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