Free to Play Cast: WTH Is Defiance 2050, Fable Legends Review, and CABAL 2 Dies Ep. 254

On this week's show we speculate on Defiance 2050 as we await our interview answers from Trion Worlds, delve into Fable Legends and find ourselves mentioning Hearthstone, and holding a requiem for CABAL 2. All that and more on this week's Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:57 What is Defiance 2050?
26:07 Fable Legends First Look Review
32:09 CABAL 2's Death
34:43 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
43:09 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Discussion (3)

Korukan 6 years ago
A-Bomb to DE and Warframe. I never stick to long with the game but it makes an excellent pit stop between my main games. Always amazes me that an obscure unknown studio went on to become that big and maintain such a great game.

Da-Bomb to the MMORPG subreddit. Never before has there been a more obnoxious, angry and salty circle-jerk on the internet. If you want to discuss MMORPGs I suggest taking everything they say with a pinch of salt.


Playing Defiance would be interesting and I would definitely give it a shot when it launches. I do, however, feel as if Trion have been searching the log files, emptying the records and scowering the minutes of all creative meetings to find a new idea.. found some intern's notes on everything wrong with defiance and thought: "Hey, maybe we can just dig up this old thing and make it good. Surely they'll go for that?". Maybe I'm cynical and this rework comes from a place of love, but it takes more than love to rework a game and unless it has a BR mode I don't think people are going to stick to it for long.

No hate to old Defiance players. It sucks your game has been neglected and I hope you find something you like, along with some longevity, in this rework.

ElusiveXTreasure 6 years ago
FYI Troy (and anyone else who is interested), look up Rift 2/2 Lorestream for the Atrophinius-ness
Clarification on Rift Prime: It has a subscription, but it is not just a subscription server. It is more akin to a progression server (and every progression server I've heard of requires a sub, so makes sense). It will begin with 1-50 content and the rest of the expansions will be released over time. It's slated to last roughly a year with the option to transfer your character over to live when it's through, but that's not set in stone. There will be some kind of reward for participation in prime on live, they haven't said what exactly. All souls will be available with the exception of Primalist, and possibly Mystic Archer (they're 'keeping an eye on it') due to balancing issues. Not all souls will be available day one. More info available in the forums and via livestreams, but that's the basics. They also stated flat out that this is an experiment.

For the question of the week:
It is as you all said very much like TSW/SWL. I went and watched the livestream, here's a few things they mentioned.
-No more EGO rating, it will be replaced with traditional levels. Characters will level 1-50, and classes will level seperately from the character level.
-Classes. Each class will have a base EGO power (there will be new EGO powers) and two additional active abilities. There will be multiple 'builds' for each class, and you can swap classes on the fly via loadouts
-Item rating will be a thing, and drops will be higher item rating the higher item rating you have.
-Gear customization - as with SWL you can salvage weapons and put the salvage into the weapon you wish to keep, same weapon types will give more to it, you will also gain points to upgrade specific stats (I.e. crit, recoil, etc.)
-Lots of technical improvements to server stability (I should hope so)
-Converting from a 32 bit client to a 64 bit client
-Graphical improvements (Gameplay and screenshots shown in the stream)
-Combat changes - tweaking of the range of weapons - more impactful feel - grenades on cooldown rather than charges
They also claimed that new classes will be part of future content, and will be able to be gained in game. Anyone with keen interest in this should watch the stream for greater detail. Of course, everything they're saying sounds good. If they can pull it off well, I'm all over it. Especially since they're giving more customization. I think this is testing the waters, but I don't see them remaking Rift. Rift is older, yes, but the class system alone is a lot more complex, I mean it's 4000+ possible combinations. So as much as I'd love to see that, I don't think it's happening. I would love an mmo based in Atlas Reactor's world, I think that would be badass. In a nutshell, I'll definitely be checking it out. It's been devisive in its reception on the forums, as has prime, so I guess we wait and see.

IsamiOni 6 years ago
Cabal 2 was literally dead since beginning
1) Yeah, CryEngine 3 made a great graphics for the MMO project, but, as any other KR MMO, game wasn't optimized enough for any settings level graphics [srsly, Crysis 3 worked with 3 times higher fps at medium settings than Cabal2 at lowest].
2) Cabal 2 ruined most of what we loved in original Cabal (Chains, Battle Aura>Battle Mode>Awakening. Blader, Force Classes and of course free will to learn skills from books)...
Yeah there's something reminding BM in Cabal 2 but they don't stand even close to Battle Mode's badassness in Cabal.
3) The only memorable thing in Cabal 2 are boss 'Fatalities'...kinda fun at least.

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