Free to Play Police: Paladins Goofs Up Ep. 3

On this episode, Paladins gets a payment style overhaul that is the complete opposite of what the President of Hi-Rez Studios advertised the game to be.

Let us know what you think and if you'd like to see more of this kind of content in the future!

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Discussion (17)

anticriminal 8 years ago
Its a shi t moba who cares, soon after game will b e f2p like, then game will go down, long story shotrt, look at same politic games gw2, wildstar and many more wich are down already, shi t and scammer should go to pip sooner or latere.

Freegamesrule 8 years ago
What is this guy talking about?? The game was always going to be where you unlock all heroes by playing the game, same as lol, smite, dirty bomb, and most free games. This site makes so many bad videos full of lies trying to get people to complain about good games. Smite gets a ton of free content out each month, a great moba. Hirez is a friendly company, I fully support their games

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bill obama 8 years ago
this website practices censorship and is garbage, just like the games that show up here.

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Derpina 8 years ago
Hi-Rez is PURE CANCER. SMITE is pure garbage. Look how they treated their only mmorpg that had HUGE potential to pull fans back in...They ofificaly stop working on it, revisit it saying they want to launch a new titles, same game, just the PvP part of it....then abandoned that all together, then abandoned TRIBES. And now they want to copy a Blizzard game for a cash grab. XD *barf

HD32PLAY 8 years ago
Huh I always thought that the Champions in Paladins would have to be unlocked (like every other free game with different classes/champions). With the beta pool sure everyone needs to have them to keep the game from going stale.

Once it goes live though, having to unlock your champions is the main form of progression and what keeps the free players occupied. People that know they like the game, can pay less than a full game to get all the champions and then just pay for the customization they like. Just like Smite which is still imo the best monetization system I have seen in a free to play.

Still think Paladins is dead once Overwatch comes out like :D

Remb 8 years ago
Hi-Rez has done this before in other games. Companies don't learn from their mistakes, so players must learn to avoid those that make mistakes.

NGoHT 8 years ago
Not a big issue, just dont make it slow like in that boring Smite cuz thats terrible (like the whole art style of that game anyway. Jingling boobs, etc? really?).

A person 8 years ago
First off have you even read what they have been saying lately? If they plan to make it like smite where there is a free rotation and champions are unlockable. They can do that, it's their game. However you don't HAVE to buy the champions with real money. Also, they have said there will be a champions pack getting all heroes, whether that will include future heroes is unsure. But if at all like smite all of them will be free via unlocking using ingame currency(gold coins). Secondly they need more champions/heroes the roster is a little small and if you think that doesn't work in a 5v5 shooter based MOBA type game, just take a look at Overwatch. Overwatch may have more players in matches but they have a much larger roster with counters to almost every one of their heroes while paladins unfortunately does not. That's all i'll say.

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ngyhrf 8 years ago
they are not games anymore, they are scams, rather just buy a full fricking game instead

Fortegs 8 years ago
Paying for champions is something we've all come to expect, and is acceptable. But cmon man, choose one or the other. Also stories like this always makes me wonder what sort of communication goes on that makes them feel comfortable with going completely against their own word. Not exactly angry just more...disappointed.

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