Free To Play Weekly: The Repopulation On Steam Early Access?!? (Ep 150)

The Repopulation On Steam Early Access?!? Perfect World International launches its new expansion, The Repopulation is now available on Steam Early Access, 59 years have passed inside of Lord of the Rings Online, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Reiko 8 years ago
Perfect MMO for me was and still is : TERA
The combat system is great , the graphics are great altough the main problem with the game(For me atleast) is that the end game content isn't too great, sure you can go and spam PvP battlegrounds (3v3s,15v15s,20v20s) but even then its starting to get limited as well , PvE content is too limited too , even with special status ( Elite on NA , TERA CLUB on EU) you don't have much of a choice , you do the dungeons that take around 3 to 60 minutes to clear ( Around 5 times if you have special status ) and you're done , sure you can go gather materials and craft your gear but even then there's a limit for it.
For me the perfect MMORPG would be one with action-combat sytem , with an art style that's similar to TERA / BnS , that would not limit the player too much ( Like PvP Credit limit , Gathering/Crafting limit) , Features that would make open world feature actually worth exploring (ArcheAge Trading system was a great feature ,too bad the game flopped so hard) and that would not have crazy P2Win items in the cash shop (Which in TERA it does not making it one of the best f2p games I've played in a while) EXP Boosts / Gold Boosts / Cosmetics are fine but when the game includes special items that boots HP / Damage ( Silkroad Online Devil / Premium) the game doesn't feel too great.

Xen 8 years ago
Perfect world International was the first MMO I ever played (I must have Google'd "Free MMOs or something... no idea how I stumbled upon it). That was during the Raging Tides expansion, and I was pretty impressed with the game. The graphics were nice, the spells looked cool, and the music was very pretty (Asian inspired, pentatonic, good stuff). But as I got into other MMO's a lot of things started to dawn on me that probably should have dawned on me in the first place. Someone already mentioned stale gameplay - and the reason for that is recycled mobs (literally - the exact same model is used dozens of times for different named mobs at different level tiers) recycled music (I believe the music folder has some nine or ten tracks; most instances have the same music, some cities even) and quests and NPC's that are... less than exciting (your typical "go gather ten of these" and "go kill ten of these" quests). The quests offer no real direction either, and those that do (such as those introduced with new endgame content every expansion) feel disjointed. The game is translated over from the native Korean version, and I still see typos and other things that just shouldn't end up in a polished and finished MMO release. Then there's the economy... but that would take up twelve pages to post on. The game has a lot of Pay2Win aspects at later stages in regards to refining and things like that.

That does NOT mean it's a bad game! Just maybe not for everyone. There are plenty of factions around if you're looking for group content or people to chat with. There is a fashion system that allows you to swap between fashion and armor sets. Graphically the game is very nice, but the game can run on lower-end systems as well with 60 FPS if the settings are turned down enough, without sacrificing too much graphical quality. There's a variety of mounts and pets to collect. There are quite a few classes to choose from now - the Stormbringer and Duskblade are pretty awesome from the new expansion (you can't beat a giant scythe as a weapon) and the character creation (which can be re-done later with a cash shop item) is incredibly detailed.

So much for a mini-review. 0:-)

asdasd 8 years ago
open world vindictus & armored core rpg

Hermes 8 years ago
^^^^ Good job guys, is good to have you there.

Crux 8 years ago
The Repopulation is SO good...very Niche and not for the majority of modern MMO players...but since I really missed out on UO and only played an early emu of SWG, it's good to see a more modern's got some things from newer MMOs, but with the greatness of the old sandbox MMOs.

It's still Alpha, needs optimization and polish, but it's shaping up GREAT and the Devs are AWESOME.

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Kahetabi 8 years ago
Well, i hope Enidust will be my perfect game.

Godspeed 8 years ago
Perfect MMO for me is Jade Empire Online
Gameplay - similar to Jade Empire (action, adventure)
Customization - there should be age feature, stats should be linked to gender, age, constitution (young character has more energy, old one has less energy but more intelligence) and ocupation ( woodkuting should influence strength, alchemy - intellingence, etc) - health points and energy (not mana)
Skill tree - every time u lvl up you learn more skills and more combination of moves more combos, same as Kwonho. You learn skills or new combinations from different NPC, players, quest, maybe some miracle NPC (something likeAge of Wulin miracle quest) based on your actions (everquest landmark if i remember corectly from what theyve said)
No lvl cap only lvl up to learn more combination of moves
Items - no items with stats, no more farming for items or skill manuals only diffrent looks
Social - thats a difficult one. There should be a split between crafting an fighting, you can learn lots of crafting skills but there should be a job sistem, players works in cities based ond theyre prefferences, you work as a blacksmith you learn more recipes, earn more money, craft faster then a farmer, you work as guardian you learn more fighting skills. People should focus on what they want to be on the virtual world - you wanna be a farmer go focus on farming, you wanna be kings guard focus in that, same as in real world you can learn lots of abilities but you can excel in only a few if you focus on them. Cities should be something like Ablion online and that goes to guild sistem (if a city has only crafters there gonna be no one to defend that city and viceversa)
PVP sitem - no doubt Lineage 2 sistem with Albion loot option you can buy an unique cloth looks but u can lose it
There should be a story line, probably some quests, mobs can destroy your city if you dont defend
F2p start in a village (similar to Kyrandia, Silver), payments features could start in a city a a prince or young lord, son of guardian captain), you can buy clothes for diffrent look

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Lion 8 years ago
Its hard not to right a novel but I'll just try my best to one line things... (emphasis on try)

Gameplay: Has to be action, mix of FPS/3rd person (class pending or preference) and fluid mechanics with spells and skills. Also variations on builds so one is not weighted down to be like everyone else.
Visuals: Art style needs to be a mix of modern and traditional. (I prefer animations similar to the new WoW visuals)
Item system: Needs to be random and rewarding. Like receiving a legendary that's completely useless! While your common item is overpowered. Random stats if you will, fixed ones are kinda blan.
Has to be many races and customization (I mean if you dont like your characters look.. are you really going to play them? Ex: mixing your current gear with old but using the old as costume).
Guilds and groups need to be a very rewarding experience, not just a necessity for leveling or gearing. (Like getting random gifts or something)
The grind needs to be exciting is random events and random boss modes invading, or even raid bosses spawning out of nowhere!
Questing: Story quest need to be account linked so you dont have to repeat the same crap on a new character.
The story: I'd rather be in control of what I do rather than follow the same story as everyone else, something where yeah like usual you are the only hope (god forbid) but you can choose your own path and do anything else you like. Like go grow a garden (lol).
Nations/wars with optional pvp that is rewarding but never as rewarding as the pve content (to deter Asshats)

There is soo much more I could plug and it would probably be great and terrible since it would be near impossible to balance or just waaaaaaaaaay to much work.

buggy 8 years ago
About PW International,i think i`l try it,but about how a game should be is one of biggest paradox,because i may say what i want from a game to be,and others to say i`m wrong,but if i could say something,that will be:
The game itself should feel like a game,i mean not generic gameplay.
Another thing that will be,the game should not have market,i mean even if it does,that should be fashion or other things that do not affect player interaction,or if its pvp focused,that should not make donators overpowered.Or they should implent a donation system that makes players give money to keep game itself alive,i mean if u like a game and u have the money to donate,why not?
A game should be made for people to have fun,to feel like they are important and to feel like they do something that in real life they cant,and should be less limitations on characters or on game itself.
Storyline should be well made and in teme with the game.
Quests should be more creative and less go to kill something and go from one town to another 100 times.
Combat should be fluid and skills should be like...for one type of monster u use one type of skills and so on...I mean its kind of generic using same skill on all monsters or same combo for every monster.
Another thing should be the graphics,many games have low graphics and some have good graphic but the system requirements are quite high,they should implement a new system that have decent graphic on less system requirements cost.
Character creation should have many features and should be more complex to make people think that they are unique.
Many things i may miss,but that is some of what a game need.

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no1curr 8 years ago

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