Free to Play Weekly - Could Virtual Currency Be Taxed? Ep 407

CS:GO introduces a new auto mute system and the IRS may be planning on taxing virtual currency. All that and more, I’m Ethos and this is Free to Play Weekly!

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Discussion (4)

PuddingBear 4 years ago
Sad to see the " Video Game Market " go the same way as the sports card market.

rickshaw 4 years ago
The real shame here is all we wanted to do was play cool computer games.

rickshaw 4 years ago
That's quiet strong but their are some true facts somewhere in

rickshaw 4 years ago
I think the laws of society have for far too long gone amiss on the internet and all now its untold wealth. I can not understand how such a thing has never been sorted across countries, but instead their homeland laws have allowed companies to abuse this power and gain such wealth its beyond even recognizable to where it is and to what is used for with NO TAX!
With that these internet companies have become enormously powerful and to that has thought to create its OWN LAWS. It makes the countries of the world who buy and sell online a total laughing stock of their own laws and they are just happy to be abused and used like pawns after all the 100's of years of trying make laws work they have failed so badly in this net arena that they are an embarrassment to themselves for not making any mark at all or curbing this abuse of their own laws and taxes.

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