Free To Play Weekly – Wildstar F2P Has Launched! Ep. 190

Wildstar free-to-play has finally launched, Dragon's Prophet is shutting down, all that and more, this… is Free to Play Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Discussion (11)

ultraninja 8 years ago
Dammit, those games who drag great and effective concepts to ruin them.
Wildstar is overhyped compare to his real content.
Months of advertisings, more than a year of closed beta test, toon-like and simple graphic system with an extremely bad optimised graphic engine and useless things like two steps validation and expensive poor bonuses.

MmoMoo 8 years ago
Actually, Wildstar free to play is pretty awesome!! Great story, immersive setting, cheeky humour!! I think F2play is going to lead to a real renaissance for the game!

Granted, the f2play launch was pretty shaky with queue times and lag etc, but it's gotten better now that they've added an overflow server.

This game is definitely worth checking out now that it's free.

GamingMaster 8 years ago
The game will be shutting down so don't bother :/

Payed version failed , free to play version epic fail = shut down

Flam3crash 8 years ago
Wildstar was fun before and is fun now , but fun is not addictive and for mmo it needs to be , as i watched the limits the end game will be so well i quote "Cannot invite to or create Arena Teams / Cannot invite into or create a Warparty" claiming to be fairly good pvp game this sounds like an break for all that want to pvp end game :)
Well for pve i dont see limits so far so i hope i can enjoy that since i dont pvp that much anyway . Maybe only the limit of 3 on ah could be annoying , but reps and so on i dont see as a break on f2p :)

I just hope they handle their servers faster since they are laggy as hell and even getting down a lot so far . See ya in Nexus :D

Arieswar 8 years ago
What wildstar fails to listen to is the clonky and mega hard combat system, its Action based and really cool however having a hotbar with 9 buttons u need to press thats numkeys 1-9 and move around at the same time avoiding red areas ect is just simply impossible this makes every fight a tiersome task and you end up Avoiding every fight possible because its so damn hard to make it fun.

fighting should be like dancing not like taking out the trash.

ALSO. they fail to understand that the questlog and text on the screen dont match with the npc's babble while u read and this makes me mad the most because either add voice acting for those quests like Swtor or ESO or just shut the hell up please.

The game and questline is ok if only you would tweak the shit that makes the game fun, Que times and such depends on the low population but this also needs some work since its broken at times meaning u get a que pop and instantly get disconnected ect.. jesus fix it..

Hopefully with the people comming to see the f2p can give you the founds to fix this game that was supposed to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good but failed because of your lack of testing the basics. I for one will not return until the simple issues with combat and quests ect has been resolved.

Sam 8 years ago
Wildstar F2P is a joke. theyve had it out there they were for a while but obviously didnt do any real work. Constantly not logging or the updater failing, queue times to get in, the game lagging and getting killed constantly thanks to said lag etc. the list never ends. good for them they added some lighting but it fails to cover all the other general foulups.

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CoffeeBlack 8 years ago
I certainly felt a little ripped off by HiRez after putting money into Tribes Ascend, but the game I really felt ripped off it's fanbase was their first game, Global Agenda, when they launched they seemed very open with the content they wanted to develop for the game, but as time went on it seemed very clear that they were either being more ambitious than the game engine would allow or they decided to cut their losses. I understand them ditching GA after a couple of years to work on Tribes and Smite, but they did a community poll a couple of years back asking for input about making Global Agenda 2, they even did an announcement a while back stating they were working on the game and that it was going to be PVP only and they were ditching the co-op dungeon missions (something I really liked) and the open world (something that didn't really work as good as it could have). Now in 2015 we have no news on GA2 but we have the announcement of Paladins. After looking at the game it's clear they basically stopped working on the GA series entirely and just moved what they done on that game over to this new title. It would have been nice if they had just told us they had stopped working on GA2, and it's pretty glaring when you see map elements that look very Global Agenda in design that have been just reskinned to fit a fantasy setting.

Bone 8 years ago
Love how they work on the old Everquest games, and does nothing about their "new" one (Everquest Next) but this is sadly what I have come to expect from SoE (I don't call them Daybreak, that is way to cool a name for a company such as this) An advise, if you spend money on a game from SoE don't expect the game to be there a year later, just throwing that out there...

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