Free to Play Cast: If you build it they will frag it (EP. 106)

In this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, the team discuss the recent legal battle between Hex: Shards of Fate and Magic the Gathering, the unfortunate closure of ArcheBlade, and the recent announcement of the completely F2P Unreal Tournament. All this and your community comments on this week's episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:
01:25 Hex Lawsuit
21:41 ArcheBlade Ceases Development
34:43 Unreal Tournament
48:27 Weekly Bombs
52:17 Member Bombs
55:23 Question of the Week
01:04:55 Next Week's QotW

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Discussion (9)

Johnny 9 years ago
You are pronouncing 'genre' wrong. Good cast guys, keep it up.

Golgo28 9 years ago
Interesting fact about the average video gamer age.29% are under 18,32% are 18-35 and 39% are 36+.with 31 years old being the average age of gamers.

Another interesting fact 52% of gamers are male and 48% are female.

Also Women age 18 or older represent a significantly
greater portion of the game-playing population
(36%) than boys age 18 or younger (17%)

You all gotta admit those are some pretty interesting numbers.

Md Bot 9 years ago
I played Arche Blade during the beta and some after its release i loved the concept but at times it did seem a bit unbalance. I personally would have loved to see it on a console like warframe i think it would have fared better as an xbox market place or play station plus game.

fromhelll 9 years ago
I think if done right adding content made by the community can help extend a game's lifespan, unless the game is ridiculously unbalanced, pay-to-win, or has some other flaw that makes the game just too unpleasant.
Plus it offers players a different way of experiencing the game other than questing/raiding/shooting or whatever.

I think we'll end up seeing more of it in the near future, but that alone isn't going to make any game successful. It seems SOE has the right idea with Landmark and Next by keeping the 2 separated, I'm not saying it can't be done within a single game, but it might be hard to keep a balance between people who just wanna build and PvP players, you're pretty much trying to please 2 different groups of people who play games for very different reasons.

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Ninetenduh 9 years ago
Hex showed features that were one to one copied, but i do agree Wizards could have sued almost every TCG but i talked to a whole lot of Hex tester and they said and agreed that the game has to many elements that are just copied. But in the end i can only say that it is Wizards good right to sue them. Not the nice way thou.

Archeblade closing was inevitable and i point to Seraphyx who described the problem really good.

I can't wait for UT to be released, i started off as a Texture designer back when CS:S was released, at first only retextures and new textures for myself alone, now i would say i have to completely learn it again from 0 and i hope that UT will give a boost to the Modding community, todays Modding community is small compared to the one 8-10 Years ago.

But i don't think that they try to get alot of money threw micro Transactions, they still earn a ton of money threw license sells, i just hope that i don' have to pay the full price when i join a team as Texture designer. But i have high hopes for UT. i would even pay for a founders pack just to get my hand son it early to start messing around in the engine.

DA bomb Goes to minimum not being dead, i looked forward to the game and already took it off my list and now it is back and the Gameplay from Spunkify really looked good and all.

A Bomb is properly going to League of Legends for being the pros in Nerfing a Champion out of everyone's champion pool by messing up the mechanics which made him so valuable.

Last weeks Question !
Well i might have written it down a bit stupid, what i meant with Success was that the game itself is already a Financial success for the Developer, for Every million they get on top they added more content, and in the end players who backed them already decided for them that it is a success, i am one of them who backed the game. The Community (YES there it is again XD) around Space sims only had like 2 games which were updated with a new expansion or even a new Game, those were EVE and the X franchise.

Question of the Week
It is Possible that it will become a common thing, it is never a bad path to take and include a large community into object/content creation. Steam workshop is showing how it's done but like i already wrote last week and in the e-mail for the Topic suggestion, the Player(nope not this time) should be included into development even deeper than just that since the Developer want to create something the people like and buy or rather throw there money at.

And a site note.
I know i wrote community quiet often, and i have an excuse ! XD English is not my Native language that still is German. I always try my best to make it understandable but that is pretty hard since English and German are just WAY to different. And a drinking game with me might never happen since i don't drink alcohol ever since i left the Army. But hey we can always play a game together my connection is fast enough (150k Downrate and 5k up rate ^^) to handle all the way to US easily .

Greetings to you and Jason.

Seraphyx 9 years ago
The thing with archeblade is that the developers didn't do almost ANYTHING. It's been on steam for a good 1-2 years already. I played it when it was brand new on steam for closed beta or whatever, I don't remember, and I looked at the game after the official release and there were almost no new things at all added aside from tons and tons of cash shop costumes.

I don't recall seeing any new characters, maybe one or two I didn't recognize and if you just don't add much to your game (especially in such a long period of time) people aren't going to play it, they're not going to talk about it, they're going to leave. Even if it's free.

They also didn't seem to promote the game in any way at all. I heard absolutely zero things about the game in those 2 or so years until it popped up on the new releases section recently and everyone thought it was a brand new game. I think that's why everyone was so shocked about the SEEMINGLY quick failure. That's not the case at all, it's been going on for years. I think they did expect it to be an instant success from popping up on the new releases front page and it wasn't.

It was a pretty fun game but the developers really didn't do anything to actually help the game succeed. You can't just make a game, leave it alone, then expect it to do well. They likely ran out of money long ago, maybe that is part of the reason they couldn't do anything but I still believe they had every opportunity in those years to try and do something, anything, to make it more appealing at the official launch.

uhh 9 years ago
first ;]

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