Free to Play Cast: In Defiance of Founders Packs (EP. 105)

In this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, the Spunkify and Jason discuss Defiance going F2P, the logistics of CCP developing Project Legion, and how far is too far in the world of Founders Packs. All this and your community comments on this week's episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:11 Defiance goes F2P
18:04 CCP Developing Project Legion
27:37 Founder’s Packs, when is enough, enough!?
40:02 The Weekly Bombs
48:41 Question of the Week
59:11 Next Weeks QotW

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Discussion (17)

Golgo28 8 years ago
HA!Defiance going f2p won't save it.First the only free content is the base game and for those of you that didn't play it.That's only 7 hours including spending an hour in pvp.Oh and there are still bugs that are from alpha/beta.It won't be worth the download for poor quality.

removalmitt 8 years ago
Assbomb to mmobomb topic comment threads - it really is time to either get a mod to start deleting non relevant comments (see top) or change the way to comment i.e log in to post so you can delete accounts or even better ip ban ---- it's getting to the point where I won't bother reading any comments nor post

HellcatM 8 years ago
The comment you made about stealing and how it would work. Would the house, building always have nothing in it or not. Well if someone steals something from your house are you going to not buy new things? Of course you are but you may not buy things as quickly. Maybe if you had 2 TV's stolen you may only be able to afford one, or if you had your grandfathers watch stolen stolen you wouldn't buy another watch. It also depends on if you're rich or middle class or poor, how quickly you'll replace stuff. Also maybe at first you didn't have an alarm or a guard dog, but after your house gets broken into you buy one or both and have cameras on the premises. Now they can do the same thing in an MMO. You break into a house once and its easy, just jimmy the lock or pick it, go in and steal stuff. Maybe next time you go in there will be fewer things or maybe there will be an alarm or a dog, you may have to take out cameras. Maybe you'll go past that house and see its for sale.

Of course you couldn't have cameras and alarms in a fantasy MMO but you could do certain things like maybe a wizard owns the house and will put a protection spell around it. Or maybe the occupant will have a guard dog or traps. I'm not saying you have to make game play like "Mighty Quest for Epic Loot", it doesn't have to be houses that are bought by players (although you could do that as well), but you can make it so that in time things are put back, or not and different random actions are taken (weather there is upgraded protection). Also it would depend on the NPC's living there, are they rich, poor..etc. Will they be home? If someone is home will he/she be a sound sleeper? How easy will it be for you to get caught. If you don't you make out with the loot, if you do you have to fight or run.

I'm not saying it would be easy to implement, I'm just saying I think its possible and something I'd like to see.

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HellcatM 8 years ago
Defiance did some things right. There is one thing I hate about a lot of MMO's. When there is a boss battle you get people who constantly ask "group please" and Defiance gets rid of that by letting you jump into a quest and you're grouped with people automatically. Also in other MMO boss battles there is waiting for the boss and waiting for the previous group to finish killing the boss because if you join in you don't get experience for killing the boss unless you're in the group that makes the first hit. Same thing in Defiance, you just go to a quest and start playing it its simple.

Another thing it did right is the NPC's. You see them working as you're walking, running or driving around the game. They're not just standing there with their guns waiting to shoot people. This makes the game feel more alive.

There is one thing it does wrong and that is the tie in with the show. In the game you have powers and in the show no one has powers. The arc falls are done differently in the show than in the game (they only had one in the show that I can remember).

The game is all and all fun, probably the only MMO so far that I actually got into without getting bored. Could they have done better? Yes. But to me its a fun game. Also now I'm seeing games that are going to come out that seem to be taking a page from what Defiance did right. And thats a good thing.

Arieswar 8 years ago
Before thinking of spending money on defiance i can say only one thing its basically a short SP game do not in anyway think it has endgame and epic loot like any other mmo all is by chance from opening boxes and tbh this game after main story is done have not been played since launch, so get it cheap or not at all my biggest tip.

Ninetenduh 8 years ago
Defiance going Free was inevitable, the game dies fast, like any other Trion game
, the games they bring out are not necessarily bad but they either lack Advertising
or something unique, sometimes the Quality is not really worthy of a pay to play/buy to play.
I played the game and tried to watch the TV show, the legal way and Surprise, the TV isn't even available in Europe.

The more i look at CCP the more i know about there FPS Games, i know that they should stay true to EVE online and stop bringing out Shooter games,
everywhere i read that Legion is just a Poorly converted Console shooter, i might be wrong and the truth will show sooner or later.
But since even EVE bores the hell out of me i will probably don't care about Legion as well.

Founders packs are partly the worst shit i have ever seen, not content wise but Price wise, i mean let's take
a look at ArcheAge i don't understand why i should pay way above 100$ to play an alpha and Beta when other games give you that for 10$
it makes no sense to me to pay that much for a Game that will be Free anyways. if it is Buy to play and you pay like 50$ for early access
and a few bonus stuff than i am totally fine with it, but a Free to Play game asking people to pay stupidly high amounts
to early access and a few Bonus items and a damn Title is just nonsense.

Up to now i only bought one founder like package, and that is a Aurora LN including Alpha and Beta access for around 45$.

And the worst is that they somehow create a Class Community.
What i mean with it is that Alpha/Beta players stick to each other and totally ignore or even harass/bully People that did not spend a single $
on the game, they put themselves above standard player.

ARMA 3 and DayZ standalone did a good thing, they offer to buy the game for a lower price than the retail but you know that everyone in the game had to pay it since it is a retail game
at some point. and it will cost to play it for a hell of a long time.

A bomb goes to Warthunder, they patched the game so much that you feel literally no Progress on the research. They basically force you to Buy Premium.

DA bomb goes to RSI for the Ridiculous amount of 43+ Million Dollars founded already. That shows that if a community likes something, it can already be a big success and that RSI
is closer to the community than any other developer out There, they literally Share every little piece of progress with the community and go deep into suggestions from the Community.
And even go so far to let the Community Design Ships for the actual Game!

Question of the Week
Yes, on star Citizen, DayZ, ARMA 3, those can't really be seen as Founders Packs but they offer the same just for a Retail game, the game itself will cost a static Price when release,
so it actually benefits me a lot to Buy a Game in Early Development state for a Lower price than the retail. It benefits me more than Buying a MMO founders pack for a game that will be Free anyways.

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Other country guy 8 years ago
I dont see how releasing a beta on other countries can affect a game... thats very stupid...

ZED_pt 8 years ago
I totally agree that founders paks make no sense in f2p games."Here is our game that is totally free,now pay 50/150$ to get early advantage".
It only makes me guess,does guys that where willing to pay 150$ for something they never played and its supposed to be free,by the time they get to end game they already spent 2000$,5000$ ? to keep that edge.
Not even gonna try it...Even worst is the fact that it is the beta of a game already fully released in other countries,but thats another topic.

f 8 years ago

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e 8 years ago

d 8 years ago

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