Free to Play Cast: It's a mad mod world (EP 94)

In this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, MMOBomb community member Xaenex joins the cast once again as a new regular host! The team discusses South Korea's attempts to label gaming an addiction, Trendy Entertainment's mod friendly Monster Madness Online, and the unofficial (and potentially illegal) Tribes Ascend SDK. All this plus your community comments wrap up yet another fine episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Discussion (11)

leponos 9 years ago
video games as a whole are very adictive to me, i am adicted to league of legends and aion, if i dont play for like 2 days i go nuts,,, its hard to study for university when all u think about is the game, i find myself sitting in class thinking about a new builed for a champion or like a new thing to try out in aion or basicly just space out and imagine a game
so yes i think games are adicting like smoking, its the same, its always on ur mind, but i dont ever want it to be the stigma that it can become pretty easily if it gets to the point where games in stores are labeled as if they were drugs
and as for question of the week,me and my 2 best friends have a character in aion whitch is pure role play, i dont think role playing is dead but its defenetly not populer and common to see in mmos these days and i think its because of stats and grinding,the reason i say that is if u have stats for everything and u actualy work for the items that give u those stats it feels more like working on something that is not so special and like magical per say, it makes everything seem calculated which hinders role playing, aside from that now days every npc or quest has an icon on the map and u go stright to it instead of good old exploring everything and hoping for cool quests and more things, the icons give u a direction that u go to and just forget about everything else u can explore if u go in random directions, people say they are great for people who dont want to be working for the lvls but in my opinion if u go stright to quests and simply grind thats work, not adventures that u randomly have by exploring the map with friends, it might just be a matter of my view but i would love it if games would give u the option to turn quest markers off and on

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Altaijr 9 years ago
It is pronounced as Alta-year derived from Altaïr, the protagonist in Assassin's Creed: Original. Nevertheless, great attempt Jason.

Whilst some games may lack the contributing factor to hardcore role-playing such as iconic scenes, and great storytelling, which is greatly displayed by both World of Wacraft, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, another factor is the gaming community. It seems, at least how I perceive it, that people nowadays are not very familiar with the term role-playing, the true definition of role-playing. Hardcore role-players on the other hand, when they want to display their role-playing finery they mention classic games such Baldur's gate, whilst the contemporary gamers, or lets say the casual gamer, is simply bewildered. As an counterargument, the casual player compares the visuals, animation, and not much the true role-playing aspect of the game. People have lost their sense of role-playing, instead they are satiated by grinding feasts.

By the way, I am not a hardcore role-player, however a role-player.

Really? 9 years ago
Hmm, a "weekly" show doesn't get posted for 3 weeks and this is what they come back with? Flat out embarrassing. Just stop, or get hosts that have a clue. Jason is the only one with a brain and a clue what he's talking about. Given the caliber of new hosts, I won't be watching anymore. Makes me sad but even giving it 1 view supports this crap and I can't do that anymore.

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RenTheRose 9 years ago
did you rilly upload episode93 again lololol

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Curst 9 years ago
How about getting Magicman to join the next episode as a co-host? It's almost a year since he left..

alex 9 years ago
You uploaded ep 93 again instead of 94

im batman 9 years ago
didnt mmobomb got invited to heroes of the storm?

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