Free to Play Cast: The Ladies Will Love That!

Our MMOBomb player panel discusses the latest in beta releases, the pros and cons of an MMO cash shop, the ability to morph body parts into that of a dragon, and much more on this premier episode of MMOBomb's newest podcast!

Free-To-Play Cast is a exclusive podcast (and videocast) from about free to play multiplayer online games but more focused on the personal opinions of our editors and players. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Discussion (19)

Akirazor 10 years ago
Aion will be a big boom, for sure :) im from europe, and i played aion about one year ago, they will have 3 types of accounts:
-f2p- many restriction like world chat,farming mats(about 50 a day) and much more;
-gold - you have access to everything, you will have a bonus in pvp points farming and instances colddown will decrease a lot!!(9.9€ a 30 days)
-Veteran- every former player that played to play, will have access to everything, only difference from the gold is that you dont earn bonus points and instances colddown will increase dramatically.

Best of all is that it doesnt matter if your acount is active or not this last days :D so they will grab those former players like me, cause i will play again.

if anyone played aion before, go to your ncsoft account and you need to allow them to transfer your personal data to Gameforge.

P.S great video :D

MrKein 10 years ago
more more....

iulixmax 10 years ago
nice video comment guys i ride like ior com about TERA online and ai like in the future tu make one video com about Blade & Soul because one of these games could be next wow

gavin 10 years ago
loved the show, also gotta say like brim im looking forward to tera online. my question also is, is there any real news on blade and soul the new martial arts mmo from ncsoft (gotta say the trailer makes the game look awesome and love how the jumping/gliding is reminicent of crounching tiger hidden dragon)

Daz J 10 years ago
Just thought I would point out that NCsoft will not be publishing or running Aion Free to play Gameforge is which is European based hence why there is most likely no U.S free to play deal yet.

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dodirae 10 years ago
Love, love, love the new show. Keep it up. it is imformative yet it doesnt talk way over ppls heads. Great!!!!!!!!!

Narutoboy 10 years ago
Aion going f2p in Europe is NCSoft's measures to keep players from going to Innova's Lineage 2 free to play or go to Tera etc.
I think it's a good move. And don't worry I think that if it gets much attention f2p will be coming to the US too.

As for Dragona, actually i think it's not original at all. Very generic fantasy mmorpg. the only aspect that is new is the partial dragon transformation wich also is not a big deal. I honestly didn't like the game as I quit after reaching level 15 or so after 1-2 hours.

TERA is gonna be awesome. I've been following it since I learned of its release in Korea. I'm probably gonna try it but with Aion going f2p here and also Guild Wars 2 coming out I'm not so sure which game im gonna invest my time on.

jokerlinks 10 years ago
mabinogi will will ruin your credit score
almost every week there's a new update for prem items /pets /quest
before i knew it i blew 600$ in 2 months
then i got banned >.>

TheGodReaper 10 years ago
about Maplestory, lately about 2k players or more are not able to log on, and with the new updates, only the cash shop is getting updated (or almost). I played ALOT when i was young but now it's losing awesomeness drastically. Even if it would be really sad, they should shut it down...

TheGodReaper 10 years ago
About Tera online, go see the FAQ on the website, it's written that it will be monthly subs, overall awesome show guys!

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thepitholl 10 years ago
i think that you culd talk about fallen earth i give 'the Bomb' to the game

Joker 10 years ago
Vindictus was first in US :( and now Aion first in Eu :P

Xazur 10 years ago
I played Dragona PH version, its alright, but getting the transformation parts takes a while, and you can't really changed to full transformation ti'll level 20. It's just super grindy.
Rusty Hearts is a great game, lots of skills for each class, you can buy costumes and change appearance, but when you play the game, you will see youself doing the same dungeon over and over.
Age of Conan, I tried it because I was looking at videos on youtube. It looked great on video until I tried it. I thought it was a hack and slash mmo, but clearly its not, you need to point in the direction of the target to fight, and then there is a market system, it basically tells you which side the target has their defense set up, and you have to change where you target to hit their weak side for the most damage. The player themselves also need to do this. The other thing is that, the game didn't look as great as it did in videos, the character models looked a bit blockish.

ron stoppable 10 years ago
great vid guys and i agree funcom is stupid there so called "free to play games" only give 10% of the game and max lvl is set at like 20 and when a lvl 200 pk's u , then u cant do a thing about that (because they get 90% of the game that free players wont ever see such as maps and items)
so its pay to win which i cant play and why i boycott all funcom products
also they have paid membership just 2 get the other 90% of the game AND a cash shop lol
its ment to be either pay to play OR cash shop
not "lets be greedy and have both to milk our players for every dime we can"
another like tera is blade and soul (but BnS has slightly better graphics )
companys like gpotato which have the whole pay to win thing really take a great mmorpg and cheapen it to the point of unplayability with there whole cash shop item "upgrade protects" anyone with $5000 to waste can have +10 everything instantly
i suggest all player boycott those companys and show them that we "the players" are not sheep to be milked of our hard earned cash

adrian87 10 years ago
I like the new show. Hope you're gonna do more videos :)

Zyromkiru 10 years ago
If Aion goes F2P it will be a bigger boom than Lineage 2 I know that for sure. Lineage 2 got tons of people to register rapidly and I myself tried it out but I wasn't impressed by the ground texture and gameplay so I said no... Aion on the other hand is still getting updates so it could be a great change to go F2P. Tera looks like it has a lot of crowd toward the game but I don't know how it will play out if it goes P2P since there are other good games that are P2P.

Humanoïde 10 years ago
Im gonna give "the BOMB" to "MMOBOMB" for this awesome video thanks guys ! :D

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