Ghost Recon Online First Look

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online (Ghost Recon Online) is a free to play 3D third-person shooter that lets you live the life of a soldier in the modern-day military.

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Discussion (23)

kostatinos19 11 years ago
if i apply for beta is it sure that i will play the game? please answer i love this game

slappy330 11 years ago
Yo MMOBOMBERS! i just got my keys... and i have one free key for a freind but i dont have any who would play so ill give it away here.. GRN-Q3AC-8494-KKAT-AMEA

sethsamson 11 years ago
haa i got 2 beta keys but i had to give them away cause the game isn't available in my country yet :(

Shoki 11 years ago
Q to change left or right look over shoulder. Shift to hold breath while sniping.

Lorinth 11 years ago
You got lucky playing with Preacher and Corrosion on your team, They are some of the elite players of closed beta.

But really this game is built on team play and communication. Utilizing the "Fireteam" system is really crucial in helping you play with people you can communicate with, along with who you know will cover you. Therefore, instead of crying about people dominating you, try to befriend them, who knows they might cover your back in the next game.

This game has a steep learning curve from the start with its variety of "Gears of war" cover/movement system. So if you like the idea of the game stick with it, I started as 2/7 for a few games as assault, now I push a score of 21/5.

So if you're looking for a game, or a fireteam member, Johnsteel is my name on GRO, check me out.

Enjoy, and good day,

Aldys 11 years ago
I have 2 beta keys. Unfortunately I live in Poland. And beta is not in my country. So u can contact me.

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ZaneLear 11 years ago
Still waiting to hopefully get into the beta, tho from how long I had been waiting in line I doubt there is any chance I will make it in, tho even if I don't, I hope that the closed beta will soon turn into open beta.

SteamChaos 11 years ago
Already lost a console too it...Yea Ghost Recon still has issues of killing of consoles.

donnnyy LIKE SHOOTERS 11 years ago
anyone know what graphic card this needs?
mine will prob explode to load this game

demirian 11 years ago
Guys , where i should input my beta Key ? I cant see it ...

f3ltz 11 years ago
No "hold breath" key ? I mean in a sniper based game kinda need it to aim lol.

Rinor 11 years ago
Hey i wanted 2 ask you guys a question,
I have been trying to apply for the beta but i am constantly getting this message once i have filled everything out :"Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." Is this an occurrence for everyone or am i the only one getting this? if someone has a fix please inform me :D

P.S Thanks in advance

Inflictious 11 years ago
Good day sir !

I want to know your thoughts on this, After watching this and seeing that everything can be bought in the shop via ingame currency or paying for it with real cash.
To make it a little fair to the paying people they should get thier items unlimited, While ingame currency would be more of a rental staged prices 3day,1week, 2week .. you know how that works.
( i don't know how this works , lol because you bought nothing ! hahaha ) let me know plz! Atleast for ingame currency. Rental or Perm?

Glad to see they have Fireteam matches,Now you got me interested, I hate alot of fps or 3rd person to many hackers within a short time.

The one thing i was a tad upset to see was how small the map was, I remember Ghost Recon having huge vast worlds on the ps2.

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xHonGi 11 years ago
Omg magicman i got something for you so that you can join the beta aswell there giving away 25000 keys on this site all you have to do is register (and its not my site btw) and click apply for a key it gives you a key or you have to wait 30seconds to try again i just found it after this video and it actualy works so heres the link :

Please let this be submitted it really works!

tito 11 years ago
how the hell is this "living the life of a soldier" i thought there was going to be real open world quest and shit or open world war areas but the game will feel like a gta lol in iraq or some shit. this is a call of duty with cheating in it! (see threw walls)

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Gilliam 11 years ago
It's in closed beta at the moment. I'm not so much of a fan of this game right now, it feels too slow, clunky, and recon-centric to me, even though the recon gets a crapload of physics to make sniping harder.

My other problem with this game is that the level difference, gear wise, is pretty significant, even if they're not obvious statistic-wise.

Matchmaking doesn't put you with similar-level players, mainly because there aren't many testers right now, so you find yourself being roflstomped in 1-2 hits by an assault class with a high level rifle, when yours ends up taking up to 8 hits for a kill.

Everyone wants to play Recon, which makes the game frustrating, as you feel like nobody on your team is helping you push, and doing things yourself in this game is next to impossible, if the other team is working together.

Not my cup of tea right now, but I'm a tribes/legions type of guy, so this isn't my kind of shooter in the first place, but this could change, the game has potential and with more players comes better matchmaking.

Phellon 11 years ago
beta u mean?? donno

Phact 11 years ago
IS it one bete alredy??o.O

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