Halo 4 Free To Play Alternatives - CloneAttack

On this episode of CloneAttack we suit up and head into the future with Halo 4. We take a look at what features make Halo 4 so fun and take a look at some free to play options that give players the same type of meaty gun-play found in both cooperative campaigns and competitive environments players have come to expect from the Halo franchise.

If you have any free to play game recommendations that Halo 4 players may enjoy be sure to share them in the comments below! Until next time what new titles would YOU like to see some alternative for? Let us know that below as well!

CloneAttack aims to offer viewers insight into the best free-to-play alternatives to your favorite buy to play games. Check what free games you can download today for your PC that have similar features, gameplay mechanics, and visuals to all the upcoming and latest releases! While there may not be exact clones, some exciting features have been duplicated in other titles. This show takes a look at the free to play games currently on the market that offer some of those same specific features even if the games are in totally different genres! Until next time what new upcoming titles would you like to see some alternative for? Let us know.

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Discussion (71)

blaz 6 years ago

vitr 7 years ago
ja se to stahuje

shnbwmn 8 years ago
Frequently asked question: "wre is tha downldz linka?"


1. You are retarded. It is a fact.
2. Reading is a skill. Learn it, and fast.
3. This is not a warez site. Go elsewhere to indulge your poverty of common sense.
4. Once you have learnt to successfully read 3 consecutive words without losing focus, you will realise that these are free ALTERNATIVES to Halo 4.
5. I gracefully capitalised the word alternatives above.

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Mr Assassin 8 years ago
my game keeps on crashing so this sucks

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freddyrevila 9 years ago
how do you download
the game

Fail?! 9 years ago
öhm where is the download link

ninja 9 years ago
how to download halo 4

badminton tips 10 years ago
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Alyhd 10 years ago
nice :D

r0ck3t 10 years ago
FINALLY i looked forward to this for a really long time!!!!!!!!!

thanks :)

ModernViking 10 years ago
i'm the Juggernaut bitch

anandhan 10 years ago

no 10 years ago
I wouldn't call these halo 4 clones, They are their own games

Electrocaseal 10 years ago
Oh look a list of all the f2p games that have come out the past 2 years that suck ass and i uninstalled years ago

FD_Stalker 10 years ago
I never heard there is any HALO PC game after HALO2.
And now MS find another way to take our money.

ThcMonkee 10 years ago
People are petty and simple. The name of the show is clever and fitting. Please note that there are people out there that not only understand the idea behind the show but also apriciate it. If it is up for a vote, that i give my vote for not changing the name.

Monkee Out

gqninja 10 years ago
Great show MMOBomb as always, but I'm quite disappointed in all the babies we have in the room. The games you expected to be on the list weren't there? Q.Q Make your own list and get your own show. Stop bitching like little ungrateful snots.

Masspayne 10 years ago
Is there any planetside 2 similar game? With huge bosses that you have to kill hitting the weak spots, and offcourse with some coop? Something like that?

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Inflictious 10 years ago
I never seen so many negative comments to a video, I looked at the other cloneattack , Magicman never recieved this much negativity.

- Just Speechless -


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HuH 10 years ago
omg its one of the stupidest video i ever seen !! helo its clone for tribes ,half-life,timesplitters

Ace 10 years ago
All of these games are AWESOME WHO AGREES ?!

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Cacalips 10 years ago
This is so out of touch with everything logical... First we start the video saying "we are going to talk about Halo4,,,Halo4 is NEVER mentioned, directly after he points out a small Halo history and the fact it never came out for PC after the second...and then he moves on... All he did was cover all the future themed F2P-FPS... How is that in relation to HALO 4???? Why HALO4 and not the other 1-3? What was the difference? How are these other games similar? YOu do not even touch on that, you just re-hihglight the other FPS titles key points... I am so confused as why this video even exists and why I feel dumber for watching it:
1) TRIBES is out before HALO 4 with a longer and richer history. This is NO WAY should ever by compared to HALO, but should be compared to it's own franchise, especially things like the grappeling hook and match modes etc. Halo 4 pulls nothing out of this. You will never feel like you are playing Halo 4 on this game.
- Are you just looking around the futur FPS room and pulling any ame that has a metal suit for armor??? and making the direct comparison that it is a HALO like game??? -
2) Blacklight: "like halo, black light has a variety of weapons"...no...no..NO! Halo had weapon class based weapons interchangable that made it feel exciting to test out each weapon. Even if it was not a BIG SELECTION in Halo, it was DIVERSE enough to be engaing. Needler and sniper rifle...all you need to know... OR charge blast and pistol (drop shield and take out enemy fast)...Black light has a basic base for guns, and then allows customization to each part of the gun. HALO never did this...This is not the same feel as you get in HALO. This is Black light, and has NOTHING TO DO WITH HALO. WTF drugs did mmobomb slip in your soda?

3) PLanet Side 2; Yes, the purple metalic skins and some other elements, like speed of combat, and vehicles tossed in a map, are a little closer feeling to HALO franchise than the other games, but then after that it does not hold water. HALO assumes an identiry as Master chef in small matches. PLanet side two, your character is fodder and holds no "this is me in an epic suit so I am epic warrior" feel. It is situational combat of "ok, me and 500 people just logged in at this point, lets see if we can cap and hold nad rinse and repeat this strategy". SO visually, you almost have a Halo game, but ALL OTHER features NO! Halo has a huge alien influence as well, this is well known to be a war fighter. Planet Side 2 has more in common with World War 2 online than HALO...dafuq

4) Firefall; The fact hulans vs bugs is sort of like MAsterchef vs aliens kind of gets closer...but after that there is NOTHING like HALO in this game...


SIGH... I cant start my morning like this. This is to horrible. I was a bug fan of HAlo 1 and created my first website to host my daily scores and rounds achievements. I liked both PC and xobox version. I then was a huge fan of the second, and got so many people playing it. It was the first game that my college roommates all got into with 0 video game knowledge. I even had 4 chicks get into both the single and muktiplayer aspect because they thought it was fun. We replayed it durring dirnking nights with the guys. I even had a friend build a custom made house with the second story filled with electric plugs to host HAlo parties (and seperate little rooms to hook up other tvs and xoboxs to hide each others character from eye wondering screen peeks LOL). The third installment was kind of a let down as far as multiplayer. Things got super recycled and combat got wonky. So many times we found our selves just dancing around each other on a snowy hill...or forced into zergy hall ways, and our favorite weapons ecycled and nerfed and just bleh. Cant say allot about the 4th installment. What I can say, NONE OF THESE F2P games will ever give you a HALO expereince. MAybe Aliens Vs predator experience etc..but they are their own thing. EVen Tribes feels nothing like the old Tribes franchise...
The one and ony thing in common is that they are not wearing world war 2 clothing and it is based "in the future"...ok...why not Brick Force then? YOu can remake a halo map using Brick force....oh no....because it is not HALO...and niether are any of these games *face palm*

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Noman01 10 years ago
so much anger in these comments just worship the all mighty toaster and everything with be fine(PS. just kidding because one of you will think im being serious)

Mechroj 10 years ago
Anyone who plays firefall just add me : Mechroj
its an amazing game even though its in beta

vermion 10 years ago
there is a free halo mmofps made by fans coming soon here is a link:

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ZhaoYun 10 years ago
i cant say much since i never actually played hello for the "options" or as u guys call them "copies" of halo but what i can say is that all of those games are really good shooter idk if better or worse than halo but ik the options mentioned here are good and as far as the "omg these games have nothing to do with halo" well maybe ur right but if u so "pationate" about halo just buy halo or if u bought it already just play it again and finish it 10 times or whatever

With that said i would like to say to you spunk good job bro i apreciate you actually sat 1,2,3,4,5 hours to actually give your suggestions to people who actually think about this and not just complain about your opinion

Theres always people who will like and dislike something its cool nothing can be done about it hopefully all people dont like the same thing

Great job and keep going

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Zariarn 10 years ago
Even if Halo was ported to PC, I wouldn't buy it. I'd rather play any of these F2P titles and all that they offer than pay $60 for Halo.

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Miltakis 10 years ago
finnaly a new clone attack !

xcr00k3dx 10 years ago
The only one that is relatively similar to Halo that you mentioned was Tribes... And, at that, Quake Live, Marathon, Warsow, or similar arena shooters would have been better choices. =|

Other than the Marathon Trilogy (which was by Bungie, themselves), I don't think anything in the Free2Play universe will truly offer a Halo-like experience. It really is a unique experience in both gameplay and storytelling. Not only that, but multiplayer is so customizable that almost every detail can be tweaked and molded to exactly how you want to play. I mean, really, theres an entire professional gaming league that's sprung up around a small joke made in one Red Vs. Blue episode.

I love Halo, and honestly I'd love to see a free to play clone, but I don't think anything can really capture the Halo experience. F2P developers and producers don't have the time, money, or the love for their projects to do it.

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Elesion1337 10 years ago
Nice video man ! I'm liking the concept of the CloneAttack series :D

And to those complaining that these games are not clones ... Spunkify clearly states at the beginning of the video that the games featured are not replicas but will have the same feel/certain features in common with the game ;)

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Spunkifierrrr 10 years ago
Respect bro :)

Phil 10 years ago
Are you serious? Blacklight is NOTHING like halo, are you insane?! AND PLANETSIDE 2!!!!!!!!????? You didn't mention that FreeFall, but you mentioned Planetside 2 as a Halo clone?! I. Am. Speechless.

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essam 10 years ago
that's good

NOPE.avi 10 years ago

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