Heroes and Generals: War is Hell (BombLive Ep. 21)

On this week´s episode of Bomblive, Spunkify tries his best to combat the invading German forces in the persistent MMOFPS Heroes and Generals. Watch him score some lucky kills with his trusty M1 Garand and ride around on his trusty bicycle!

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Discussion (19)

Conscript 11 years ago
The game is good in itself, but it's just not noob-friendly.
You get shot from such large distances where you can not react or defend yourself, and the German teams seem to be at a large disadvantage in medium-close range thanks to their bolt-action rifles fighting semi-auto rifles on the Allied team.
It seems that it must be a headshot to kill with the bolt-action in close-medium range, while an Allied soldier can shrug it off and 2 shot you.
You sometimes slide across the ground, but I am not sure if it's a glitch or if it adds to a realistic "stopping" mechanic.
The performance is overall bad, and the balance does not seem all that great above...
What I hope is that the developers add 2 more factions, like the British or the Soviet Union, so it will add some variety to which faction to choose.
Since the game is moving towards open beta, I hope the developers will create a better tutorial or an extended tutorial for the players, and as well improve the performance, and add a few more weapons or factions.

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FD_Stalker 11 years ago
this game is not good enough for me, especially when I play Red Orchestra 2 32 vs 32 battles these days.
I don't know the process of this game right now because I haven't this game since several months ago . But what I know is this game is not so [realistic]. I saw that guy reload his m1 after only 2 shoot by his One Hand while hes Swimming...

DesertFox 11 years ago
Game has no future, horrible interface,below-par graphics, ghost-town lobby, inaccurate hitmarks, not noob-friendly (You have to play at least 20 games with a successful score to play a role other than a GI w/ M1..), and while we're on there, yeah the costs to play a different are incredibly expensive, almost FORCING you to pay...

ZhaoYun 11 years ago
That was a good stream and a funny one as well i actually tryed the game and suprisingly enough my problem wasnt the hackers or anything like that or bad generals or whatever but it was the "unpopulated" maps i literaly walked(or run if u wish) 2 miles so i can eventunally get sniped by someone i didnt even ever saw his position or anything thats what it killed it for me big maps but no people so i quit after like 30m-1h i played the game

crazypenguin 11 years ago
nice but i think in this game everyone need to stay in a group of three or four people

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spell 11 years ago
mounted,but dunno how and why :P

Inflictious 11 years ago
Look's alright, But these game's are the easiest and normaly get tons of hackers .

I'll pass for that reason.

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