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HeroesGo is a dungeon crawler styled MMORPG by Joymaster. In HeroesGo players can choose from 4 gender locked but distinct classes, each with their own set of diverse subclasses. The gameplay revolves around players completing various dungeons while utilizing both auto attacks and spells to perform intricate combos which deal massive AOE damage. HeroesGo features a large assortment of enemies with some dungeons containing multiple pathways to explore.

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Discussion (35)

RenTheRose 11 years ago
(ignores the trolling above)
the only aime themed game i like that was a rpg was lucent heart online (that has been shut down) this basicly looks like a crapyer version srry but i would rather go on festa online then play this game this seems like another shadow

Angelicxx 11 years ago
I love it ,how people say"They don't like anime games"yet in still they possibly played scarlet blade..smh *sighs*

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ExHuman 11 years ago
I like those kind of games. Who ever likes slashers, dungeoncrowlers, combo-style combat should enjoy this game
About art style:
Allthough personaly I like art style of City of Steam, Path of Exile or - when it comes to anime - Rusty Hearts, its not reasonable to critisize game that has different style. Yes it is based on kawai anime, but as it, its actualy not bad. Main target audiance is kids after all.
PS: I used to be disencourage by Elswords art style, but was nicely surprised by the gameplay when finaly tryed it

idontlikemyname 11 years ago
wtf dragon nest version 2D the animations the city the dungueons looks so similar

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Zombie 11 years ago
Gender Locking...
Not having customization on characters...

Stop being lazy game companies, Have fun when the game fails in about 3 months.

John 11 years ago
oh look another Kiddie Looking game *rolls eyes*

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GrueOfDoom 11 years ago
The Breaker class looks like Sora.

mr jodedor 11 years ago
Bad game, old, and the look of the characters and "costumes" (never change only weapon) its horrible

EvilRocker 11 years ago
Link too the website

Rockmeo 11 years ago
lame i guess . they tried to cpycat dragon nest with lame amount of gprahics lel .

waiting for pso2

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Takerukun3 11 years ago
okay its fking sora... omfg!

Andy 11 years ago
Looks incredibly generic. I think it's safe to assume that any game with gender locked classes is complete garbage.

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gogola188 11 years ago
Mounted. this game is good and fun to play :))

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EE 11 years ago
Thank you for not saying m**nted.

And I agree, the art style is meh....would have been better as 2D sprites!

fromm__hell 11 years ago
i like this kind of games but someone has to make one that isn't anime looking.

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