Is DC Universe Online Worth Playing in 2022? - Wilfredo Reviews

There's something magical about becoming your very own superhero or super villain. It's been a while since Wilfredo took the plunge and became on in DC Universe Online (DCUO) and since the game's now been out for almost 12 years, does the MMORPG hold up? Has P2W ruined the game? it even fun anymore? Join him as he decides if DCUO is worth coming back to in 2022!

In this series, Wilfredo from jumps into older MMOs to see if they are worth playing in 2022. What game should he do next?

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tekosdj 1 year ago
la reponse est non . graphisme trop vieux game play fouillis de la CB en veu tu en voila et tres repetitif.

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