Is EverQuest 2 Worth Playing in 2023? - Wilfredo Reviews

Long ago, EverQuest was THE big dog in the world of MMORPGs. The sequel was pumped and primed to expand the franchise and genre even further. However, fate had a different path for the game as a little title called World of Warcraft came along at almost the exact same time and shook the industry. Looking back though, EQ2 certainly had a lot going for it, but has time been kind? Wilfredo jumps in to decide if the game is worth return to or if it just serves as a case study of what could have been (or maybe, dare to say, could be?)

In this series, Wilfredo from jumps into older MMOs to see if they are worth playing in 2022. What game should he do next?

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Lovathon 1 year ago
it hasn't been worth playing for agessssss let alone now. the company has gated majority of content behind the membership and unless you're willing to pay, you'll get whatever dribbles of content they do allow you to see/play but will have no one around to enjoy it with. it is sad because the game is massive and the lore/content is deep, even going to everquest 1. the only benefit to paying the sub, is having it connected to 4 games total, but unless you play those too, there are better choices to either pay for or find for free

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