Is Star Trek Online Worth Playing in 2022? - Wilfredo Reviews

Star Trek Online has been around for quite some time and over the years, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment (now Gearbox Publishing) have made many changes. Were they all for the better, though? In this new series, Wilfredo from jumps into older MMOs to see if they are worth playing in 2022. What game should he do next?

This series marks Wilfredo's first dive into full video creation so make sure to show him some love in the comments if you want him to continue this series!

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OldGlory 1 year ago
Nice video. As for suggestion i should recommend Lineage2, not just because its my first and favorite old MMO but because no1 else is doing this type on YouTube video. But because that game is old and have changed A LOT, and it has like 3 different server types a bit of research is needed.

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