Journeying Into The Heart of Thorns - Guild Wars 2 BombLive

Guild Wars 2's first expansion is out in the wild, and I'll be gliding and slaying and making a mess of the jungle dragon's carefully laid plans.

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HUEHUE 8 years ago
Guild wars 2 is not a f2p game, the core game has a f2p aspect of it but its still classified as a trial ( with no end to the trial), there is a huge gap between the f2p accounts and full bought accounts, the restrictions on the f2p are huge just look it up, its a TRIAL. the rest of the game is BUY2PLAY. because if this is the case then Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn is also free2play due to its trial system -.-, i like how you guys say you never going to do issues on Black Desert Online due to its payment system, which is going to be BUY2PLAY but you talk about gw2 as if it was a SWTOR. please get your games right. and yes i play gw2 i bought the expansion bla bla bla call me fan boy its not the case here.

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